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Stilbite stone — properties, who suits it, photo

Stilbite is a low-temperature hydrothermal tectosilicate, which often forms in basalt gas cavities and various metamorphic rocks. In this article, you will learn the various properties of a stone, to whom Stilbitbit is suitable, as well as its deposit.

Stilbite stone - properties, who suits it, photo

Stilbite stone photo

The name of the mineral, derived from the ancient Greek words stilbe — «shine», «gloss», stilben — «shine», «shine», hints at the characteristic surface of stilbit. There are two forms of this mineral: richer in calcium (referred to as stilbit-Ca) and richer in sodium (stilbit-Na).

Stilbite belongs to the so-called zeolites, which are deservedly considered natural filters. It is used in industry for water treatment, including wastewater. Individual stilbit crystals form a structure resembling a sheaf of straw.

As a result, a kind of channels arises, allowing only water molecules and low-molecular ions to pass through.

Magic properties Stilbita

Connoisseurs of the mystical properties of stones believe that white and yellowish samples of stilbita are able to develop intuition and help their master in self-realization.

They also contribute to creative thinking and creativity.

Medicinal properties

Stilbite is able to absorb calcium and magnesium ions, filters using this mineral soften water. Stilbite perfectly «absorbs» and organic compounds, their weight, delayed by stilbite, can reach 90% of the mass of the mineral itself.

Stylbit is also considered to be a “cleaner” and “detoxicator” in relation to the human body.

Influence Stilbita on the chakras

On the parietal chakra, which feeds the glands of the brain; promotes the development of spirituality; throat, controlling respiratory and hearing organs, and skin; the activity of this chakra contributes to self-affirmation; cardiac, affecting the cardiovascular system, chest, spine and arms; this chakra causes love.

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