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Stone carnelian: magical properties and to whom it suits

Stone carnelian has a bright solar energy. This is a stone of the sun and love, the patron of family happiness and loyalty.

He is able to awaken strong feelings and at the same time protect against the effects of magical spells.

Stone carnelian: magical properties and to whom it suits

Stone history

Carnelian is known to mankind since ancient times. Products with this stone are found during excavations in tombs that are more than 20 thousand years old.

In ancient times, carnelian belonged to the most expensive gems and surpassed even sapphire and topaz in value.

In ancient Greece, it was believed that the mineral stops bleeding, relieves the wearer from aggression and negative emotions and improves mood.

In the countries of the East, he was considered a stone, prolonging life and promoting health. And the red color of the mineral symbolized blood and vital energy.

In ancient Russia, jewelery with a gem was worn with the purpose of awakening strong feelings and meeting the second half. It was believed that the stone is a female and male type.

Ornaments with a pink or orange stone were worn by girls, and dark red stones were considered masculine.

In Egypt, the stone was considered a symbol of the great goddess Isis, who was a symbol of femininity and motherhood, the patroness of magical knowledge. On the carnelian ornaments, a goddess symbol in the form of a three-leaf clover was carved.

The name of the stone comes from the old Russian «having the face of the heart.» Refers to a group of chalcedony with a fibrous structure.

The gem usually has a radiant red-orange or salmon-pink color. It seems that the stone seems to be lit from within. There are also dark red and almost brown specimens.

Stone color is uneven. The mineral also has weak radioactive properties.

Carnelian deposits are located in Eastern Siberia, India, Mongolia, South America and on the island of Madagascar.

Use as a magical talisman

Gem is the patron saint of creative individuals, as well as people engaged in various crafts and commercial activities. The talisman with this stone will fill the owner with the energy of the Cosmos, will contribute to the discovery of creative potential and the development of talents.

Traditionally, carnelian is considered a strong love talisman. It contributes to the emergence of strong feelings and at the same time protects against love spells, adultery and casual relationships.

Carnelian — a type of carnelian of a dark red color, considered to be a love spell. He has a magical connection with Venus.

Since ancient times, it has been used to evoke love feelings, to awaken sexual energy.

In addition, it contributes to the restoration of justice and the successful resolution of litigation.

Stone carnelian: magical properties and to whom it suits

The magic talisman with this stone protects against natural disasters, lightning, accidents and disasters, premature death.

In addition, the mineral has the following magical properties:

  • It prevents the emergence of quarrels and conflicts, sets up a peace-loving mood.
  • It improves mood and promotes success in all endeavors.
  • Protects from envy and the evil eye.
  • It gives eloquence and insight, develops hidden abilities and talents.
  • It stabilizes and restores the vital energy of Qi.

You should not wear a product with a stone that has inclusions of white or black color, which violate the overall pattern of the mineral. In magic, such a stone is considered to be «dying», carrying negative vibrations.

It is also not recommended to wear carnelian in the form of pendants, necklaces or beads, as it can cause outbursts of anger and aggression. It is best to buy a ring or ring — in this case, it has a calming effect, improves heart function.

The healing properties of carnelian

Cornelian is one of the few stones, the healing properties of which are recognized by official science. Due to its minor radioactivity, it promotes the healing of any bruises and wounds.

In ancient times it was believed that carnelian cures nervous diseases and mental disorders due to its cheerful orange color. It is also used to facilitate childbirth.

Today, the mineral is used for such purposes:

  • For the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and improve blood circulation.
  • For diseases of the thyroid gland it is recommended to wear cornelian beads that fit snugly to the neck.
  • Promotes resorption of tumors. Although some lithotherapists do not recommend using it for the treatment of malignant neoplasms.
  • In diseases of the internal organs, a stone sawn into plates is applied to the sore spot.

Medicinal properties can only be a natural mineral.

Who is the carnelian?

Carnelian is suitable for almost all signs of the zodiac, with the exception of Scorpio. The carnelian will have a stimulating effect on it, provoke aggressive behavior.

This mineral is associated with the elements of Earth and Water, its planets are Mercury and the Sun. It is ideal for people of creative professions, contributes to the disclosure of abilities and talents.

  1. Aries are best suited scarlet carnelian, which improves mood and helps to realize creatively.
  2. Taurus is recommended to wear products with carnelian — a type of carnelian. This will pacify their stubborn nature and provide additional energy support, help to find love and strengthen relationships.
  3. Gemini gem will help develop creativity, increase their efficiency and endurance.
  4. Cancers are best suited to the cream-colored mineral, which will contribute to the development of intuition and subtle perception.
  5. Leo carnelian will support in the field of relations and solve material difficulties.
  6. Virgos need to choose jewelry in a frame of platinum or silver. This will help protect against envious glances and improve their intuitive perception.
  7. Scales under the influence of the mineral will become more confident and decisive.
  8. Sagittarius carnelian will help to cope with various troubles and hardships, will become a reliable talisman.
  9. Capricorn mineral will help unleash creativity, increase self-esteem and charge optimism.
  10. The mutable Aquarius will help to become more insightful and eloquent, protect them from detractors.
  11. Pisces can buy a beautiful decoration with carnelian, but carnelian is not the best choice for them. Capricious Fish usually choose pearls.

Stone carnelian: magical properties and to whom it suits

How to distinguish a real stone from a fake?

Very often the natural mineral is painted to make it look brighter and more attractive. It has no effect on its healing and magical qualities.

To distinguish a natural mineral from glass or plastic, use these tips:

  • A fake is always more transparent than a natural mineral. This carnelian has a matte surface.
  • A fake is easy to scratch or cause mechanical damage.
  • Plastic carnelian is lighter than natural.
  • When tapping a real stone sounds loudly, and plastic — muffled.

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