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Stone Demantoid — properties, zodiac sign, photo

Demantoid is a green pomegranate, which is found only in the Ural Mountains and therefore is considered the most valuable of the whole family of pomegranates. This is a bright sparkling stone, whose reflectivity is even higher than that of a diamond.

Its color with a slight yellowish tinge is unique among green gemstones and is wonderfully combined with the green sparkles of Mexican fire opals.

Stone Demantoid - properties, zodiac sign, photo

Photo stone Demantoid

The word «Demantoid» can be translated as «like a diamond» (it. Demant — «diamond», Greek. Idos — «like»). Demantoid is a rare variety of transparent bright green garnets.

This color is caused by impurities of iron and chromium; and the yellows are titanium compounds.

Demantoids were discovered in the Urals in 1874 on the Bobrovka River. After the presentation of these stones at the Paris exhibition in 1893, a “demantoid boom” began in the world. And nowadays the price of jewelry with demantoids is quite high: one carat is usually estimated at $ 100-600.

The size of the Demantoids rarely reaches 1 cm; large stones are rare. The play of light on the edges of a stone is determined by high light refraction.

There are minerals with the effect of «cat’s eye», which is created by fibrous inclusions.

There are stones with beautiful golden «sparks».

Demantoid field

In addition to Russia (Ural, Kamchatka) Demantoids are found in Italy and Africa.

The magical properties of Demantoid

Connoisseurs of the mystical properties of stones believe that the green color of Demantoid contributes to a sense of calm and peace.

Medicinal properties

Due to the healing green color Demantoid beneficial effect on the organ of vision. It is also well known that this color calms the nervous system.

There is evidence that the properties of Demantoid lowers blood pressure and helps in the treatment of various skin diseases.

To suit the stone Demantoid

Because of the soothing, nourishing qualities, demantoid is sometimes called the «diamond of the heart.» He awakens the priestess, the creative person, by the spell.

By affecting the solar plexus chakra, it encourages us to express our feelings through art, giving our works such an impact force that they are able to transform the viewer.

The gemstone demantoid and fire opal join forces, becoming allies to help you overcome possible obstacles to artistic expression and maintain your creative momentum. The combined support of demantoid and fiery opal will help overcome the self-doubt, the victims of which sometimes become artists.

The properties of Demantoid make it possible for the eternal artist hidden in us — the artistic Self, to go beyond our ordinary perception of ourselves. And this eternal artist becomes a conductor of creative energy that flows through him, as if through a bamboo tube — a terrific sublime experience that makes the artist feel a sense of gratitude and humility.

Iron-containing Demantoid also makes the heart stronger. He helps us to experience unpleasant feelings, forcing us to dive deeply, completely and sincerely into them.

The message of demantoid is this: all feelings, both positive and negative, belong to the inalienable human experience, and if we strive to find the cup of our true essence to the very bottom, we must allow everything in our heart.

When we resist a negative feeling, it grows, demanding recognition.

If we open ourselves to feeling, calmly and boldly dive into it, it melts, changes, leaves — and we find ourselves in a space of peace, happiness, or a deeper understanding.

The influence of Demantoid on the chakras

Cardiac, affecting the cardiovascular system, chest, spine and arms; this chakra causes love to people, promotes openness, sensitivity; strengthens the will to transform the world.

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