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Stone Grossulyar — properties, suitable for, photo

Grossular called garnets light green, yellowish, copper-brown or brownish colors. Color saturation is determined by the concentration of iron ions in these minerals. If there are very few of them (less than 2%), the grossulars are almost colorless.

Chromium impurities give groslyaram bright green color. The name of the stone comes from the Latin name of the gooseberry (ribes grossularia), since the crystals in its shade resemble its fruits.

From this article you will learn the various properties of the stone, to whom Grossular is suitable, as well as its deposit.

Stone Grossulyar - properties, suitable for, photo

Photo stone Grossulyar

Transparent gem quality stones are called “noble groslyarami”. Opaque green stones have their own name.

They are called hydroglossulars.

Mineral deposits

The best grossulyars supply the world market of Sri Lanka and Burma. Grossular is found in the Austrian and Swiss Alps.

In Russia, the Grossular deposit was discovered in Siberia on the Vilyui River.

The magical properties of Grossular

Medicinal properties

Lithotherapists use Grossular because of its properties for the treatment of nervous disorders.

These varieties of pomegranates are useful to combat anorexia — loss of appetite, as well as unreasonable fears.

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