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Stone of the Virgin

The Virgin Stone is an important attribute for each member of a given zodiac sign. Finding the perfect stone for these perfectionists (especially a stone for a woman) is quite difficult, but if you can find the perfect talisman that Virgo will like, she will be immensely happy.

Virgin Stone for decades

The first decade includes people born 24 to 2 . These Virgos are under the auspices of The sun.

They are very clever, possess extraordinary intelligence and they have a good memory. Virgos born during this period need to constantly increase their stock of knowledge.
Stone of the Virgin
If a person does not get enough of the necessary information, then he begins to fall into depression. People born in the first decade are very hardworking, rather modest.

For them, first of all, it is very important to achieve harmony with the outside world. People born in 1 decade do not like change, are afraid of loneliness. For them, the best fit:

If born from 3 to 11 , then your patron planet — Venus. This suggests that value your inner peace and beauty.

However, with great reluctance to change their place of residence, habits and value system.

People born in the second decade do not like mess, inaction, and those who waste their lives. Representatives of the second decade like to be alone, but at the same time very interesting interlocutors. For representatives of this sign fit:

Virgins 3 decades are born from 13 to 23 . These people are guarded Mercury.

Such people are very practical, they always have their head on their shoulders. They value education, honesty.

They know how to sympathize well, hardworking and shy enough. Quite often Virgos born in the third decade may be too passive or lazy. To defeat such negative traits will help them:

Nephrite — the best stone for Virgo zodiac sign

Stone of the VirginNephritis is a stone capable of turning even sometimes inhuman, tough and conservative Virgo into a rather soft and good-natured person. Nephritis is the guardian of those who strive for constant perfection.

Such an amulet will bring virgins success in any endeavors, will give strength to carry out any work begun.

It is important to wear jade to those who do not all get along in love relationships. Understand that the girl is angry, you can by the fact that the talisman begins to darken.

Nephritis is very sensitive to any changes in the mood of the host and, when it is shown, becomes darker.

Is pearls suitable for virgins?

Stone of the VirginUndoubtedly, pearls are the stone that every Virgo-entrepreneur needs to have with them. This stone is able to soften a person’s harsh character a little, will allow him to establish good relations with employees and partners.

Charm is able to attract good luck in any financial affairs, and even promotes promotion through the career ladder.

It is worth remembering that pearls can help only those who are confident in their abilities. If this stone gets to the unsure Virgo, then he will not bring anything good to the new owner.

Do not use pearls, if the scope of activities associated with travel and children.

Cornelian — a pledge of strong alliance

Stone of the VirginCarnelian must be worn by those who are unhappy in love or have not yet found their soul mate.

If you want to create a strong union, you must wear such an amulet.

The carnelian softens the character of a person, makes him more patient, faithful, kind and attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex.

When you experience the often negative impact of evil forces, you should carry such an amulet with you. Cornelian will help protect against any negative influence, to concentrate its energy, to direct it in the right direction.

Malachite will fulfill all desires

Stone of the VirginIn fact, Virgo has a very big connection with such a stone as malachite. That it can be used by representatives of this zodiac sign to fulfill their desires.

Malachite will help a person get rid of indecision and negative energy that has accumulated on a person throughout the whole working day. This stone has a beneficial effect on human health, strengthens its nervous system, helps to cope with ailments.

Yellow topaz for creative people

Stone of the VirginIf you were born under the sign of Virgo, and you are a creative person, you should wear jewelry with yellow topaz.

This stone will not only inspire creative exploits, but will also cover it with a protective dome, which will save you from all envious people and enemies.

Topaz will help pacify the wrath of not only well-wishers, but also of the Virgin. People who wear yellow topaz, become attentive, sensitive and friendly.

Perfect stone for a male virgin

It is not always easy to choose the perfect decoration for the representative of the stronger sex, born under the sign of Virgo. But if you decided to still give a man a talisman, then you need to approach with all seriousness to the implementation of this mission.

Chrysolite for those who have a hard character

Stone of the VirginIf a man has a very tough character, he is rude and categorical, does not like to reckon with the opinion of others, then his character can be changed with the help of chrysolite.

This mascot makes men more patient, teaches you to think logically, to understand other people. Chrysolite will contribute to the development of thinking and makes Dev more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Jasper to save the home

Stone of the VirginJasper will help maintain a good atmosphere in the house.

To live a long time with a categorical and tough man is very difficult.

Therefore, jasper will help him to become a more patient, loyal, wise, less boring and more open partner.

Jasper can awaken in these men the best of their qualities. Will make them more caring and compassionate towards spouses.

Sapphire — whether to wear

Stone of the VirginIf a man-virgin is distinguished by excessive grumbling, constantly dissatisfied with the world around him, then he should give a decoration with sapphire. This charm will bring wisdom and tranquility to its master.

Virgo will cease to perceive the entire imperfect world negatively and will learn to understand other people.

Lapis lazuli — eliminate misunderstanding

Stone of the VirginOften, men have problems with relatives. These people are able to find a stumbling block even where there is none.

Lapis lazuli will help smooth out misunderstandings that arise as a result of diverging views on life.

The stone should teach a man to be more attentive to others and listen to the opinions of loved ones. If a man wears lapis lazuli for a long time, then he becomes more open and loyal.

There are many stones suitable for Virgos, you can choose any, the main thing is that you feel comfortable with this talisman, and he really brought benefits.

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