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Stone Steatite — properties, who suits the photo

It feels greasy to the touch, it is so smooth. In essence, steatite is a dense type of talc, untreated talc ore. The color of the mineral may be white, gray or brownish with a greenish or yellowish tinge.

Less common is red or dark cherry steatite. From this article you will learn the various properties of the stone, to whom Steatite is suitable, as well as its deposit.

Stone Steatite - properties, who suits the photo

Photo of stone Steatite

«Fat» is not the only distinguishing feature of this mineral. Although it is dense, it is so soft that it leaves a streak on dark cloth. Steatitis can write as chalk!

Steatite was already well known to the ancient Egyptians. Archaeologists regularly find products from it in the tombs of the Old Kingdom.

It is curious that after heating to 1000 ° C, steatite acquires such high hardness that they can be drawn on glass.

Mineral deposits

Where do they get steatite? It is found on all continents of our planet.

The largest deposits of stone are in Finland. In Russia, deposits of steatite have been discovered in Karelia.

The magical properties of steatite

Medicinal properties

Residents of Finland consider Steatite their national stone and call it tulikivi — “hot stone”. It is an ideal refractory material that heats up quickly and slowly cools. A piece of steatite, dipped in hot water for only 5 minutes, cools down within an hour!

Thanks to this property Steatite is a natural hot-water bottle. In Finnish and Karelian medicine, steatite is used to treat radiculitis, sciatica, osteochondrosis, traumatic injuries of the joints and other similar diseases, for the treatment of which uniform and prolonged heating is useful.

Effect of steatite on chakras

Sacral, energizing the rectum and the musculoskeletal system; promotes the will to live; causes a feeling of confidence and sustainability.

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