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What properties does rose quartz stone have and who is suitable

Rose quartz is a pale pink stone with a dramatic milky tint. Quartz crystals are characterized by translucency or full transparency, as well as glass luster.

Mineral fascinates with its attractive appearance, plus it has strong healing and magical properties, which we will discuss in more detail later in this article.

What properties does rose quartz stone have and who is suitable

General Stone Information

The first name «rose quartz» was invented by miners from the Ore Mountains. Scientists put forward the assumption that the initial name of the stone was quite a complicated word “Querkluftertz”, which eventually decreased to “Querentz”, and after some time — to “Quartz” or “Quarz”.

Today, most of the rose quartz crystals are mined in Brazil (Minas Gerais) and Madagascar. In addition to them, the suppliers of stone (in smaller quantities) are the following countries: the United States of America, Japan, Namibia, India, Russia (in particular, Karelia and Altai), France, Kazakhstan, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Poland.

The magical properties of rose quartz

  • The stone is personified with love, beauty, tenderness and spiritual harmony. The use of jewels with pale-pink gems follows those people who do not experience the joys of life, suffer from a lack of love, as well as from various spiritual experiences.
  • The stone successfully “heals” any internal wounds. He is also able to set you up for a wave of love, to open you to this bright and deep feeling.
  • With a mineral you can share all your feelings and feelings. He helps a person to fully manifest his personality, accept and love himself. It increases self-esteem and eliminates self-doubt.
  • Rose quartz is on guard of family happiness, it will ensure a successful marriage to lonely women. To do this, you must wear a bracelet with this gem on your left hand. The stone will add to your attractiveness in the eyes of men, give happiness, as well as relieve emotional distress.
  • The mineral is irreplaceable in stressful situations, as it contributes to the removal of psycho-emotional overstrain, eliminates excessive aggressiveness, adjusts a person to a wave of love and goodness.
  • Normalizes the relationship between people.
  • Fills with vital energy, increases sensuality.
  • Modern magicians often use pieces of pink quartz to identify areas in areas where negative energy accumulates. Mineral is very sensitive to evil spellcasting. It can be worn as a powerful amulet that protects against the evil eye and magical effects. In a number of states it is believed that products with rose quartz prolong life.
  • Quartz helps get recognition and success. Contributes to the disclosure of their hidden abilities and talents, creative inspiration.

As a talisman, pink quartz will provide its magical assistance to people of art. So, poets and writers should place on their desktop a small ball made of this stone.

What properties does rose quartz stone have and who is suitable

The healing properties that rose quartz has for anyone

Rose quartz has an extensive range of beneficial effects on the human body. At the same time, any products with stone — bracelets, beads, earrings, necklaces,

  1. Radiation from this mineral helps to cure many pathologies of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Using jewelry with quartz, you will become less aggressive, eliminate the increased irritability, successfully cope with stress factors.
  2. The stone also normalizes the work of the excretory organs.
  3. Contributes to the normalization of blood pressure.
  4. Qualitatively improves the composition of blood.
  5. It has a positive effect on the functioning of a large number of organs (especially the pancreas comes to normal).
  6. Fights diabetes.

It should be noted that absolutely all types of quartz have a healing power, manifested in varying degrees.

But it is not self-treatment that is meant, but initially a trip to the physician and the use of a crystal as an aid.

Interesting stone information

  • Rose quartz has an impact on the work of the heart chakra (anahata).
  • Has a receptive energy Yin (inclined to absorb energy).
  • The mineral is associated with the names: Love and Veronica.

The use of stone in the form of a talisman

Crystal protects the people of art. Therefore, they are advised to always keep a small piece of it in their workplace in order to develop their talent and always have enough inspiration.

And if you want to attract love in your life and have family happiness, you should wear a necklace or pendant with rose quartz.

What properties does rose quartz stone have and who is suitable

The energy of the mineral is quite powerful, it fills a person and influences the formation of his inner world. This is, above all, a talisman for people who are in a state of depression, who do not enjoy life and because of this do not reach the inner depths of their hearts.

Along with all the quartz, the mineral of pink color is characterized by dynamic intensity and healing power.

In addition, he has a vibration of silence, the symbol of which is a delicate pink shade.

The crystal will give its owners a cheerfulness, a good mood, but at the same time it will add some sluggishness, “thick-skinnedness”, which also should not be forgotten, choosing for yourself jewelry with it.

If you do not remove products with rose quartz for a long period of time, you risk being in a tempting and attractive, but unrealistic world of illusions.

In addition, do not forget also that the stone has the ability to intensify the process of growth of different formations.

Which of the signs of the zodiac fit

It is easy to guess that the planet-ruler of rose quartz is Venus, the goddess of beauty and love. The other two planetary co-rulers are Neptune and the Moon.

Based on this, it can be concluded that the mineral is primarily suitable for Libra and Taurus, which are also controlled by these planetary bodies.

But Pisces, for which Neptune is responsible, can also count on the magical help of the mineral.

In general, the gem is allowed to be used by representatives of all zodiac constellations, because it has almost no contraindications.

The stone is not inclined to collect the negative and gently adapts to the nature of its owner. It is noteworthy that rose quartz responds calmly to a change of owners, so it is allowed to present it as a gift, transfer it from one family generation to another, sell it or even borrow it.

In each of the cases described, the pink quartz amulet will work to protect its new owner, successfully manifesting its healing and magical properties.

Finally, we recommend that you view informative video material from which you will learn even more useful information about such attractive and mysterious rose quartz:

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