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Which stone is suitable for Taurus women and men?

Which stone is suitable for Taurus women and men: this question is asked by everyone who is trying to acquire not only a beautiful decoration, but also an effective amulet for Taurus. To choose the talisman you need to seriously and carefully consider which stones should be worn by the representatives of this zodiac sign and which should not.

Which stone is suitable for Taurus women

When choosing a gem for Taurus women, be sure to pay attention to what positive qualities this jewelry will emphasize, and what negative traits of character will be suppressed. This is very important, as an incorrectly chosen talisman can negatively affect a person’s entire life.

Warding Taurus Women — Turquoise

Which stone is suitable for Taurus women and men?Use this stone is desirable only for girls. If you are not yet married and have not met your beloved, then you should take a closer look at the sky-blue stones.

If you often carry such an amulet with you, you can protect yourself from rash actions, lies and unfaithful friends.

If you are already married, then you should choose turquoise green hue. Such decoration will help to maintain the family hearth, to preserve love, comfort and will attract wealth to the house.

It is necessary to wear green ornaments to those who want to have a child, since this particular stone is considered to be the main symbol of women’s health and fertility.

Magic «Sacred Cow Milk»

Which stone is suitable for Taurus women and men?It is this translation that has the name of pearl agate (cacholong). This stone must be worn by all Taurus, who want to keep comfort in their home.

Magic talisman is able to give a woman a large offspring.

Cacholong is important to wear, not only before conception, but throughout pregnancy. The charm provides easy childbirth and health of the future baby.

This talisman is considered a symbol of material well-being and wealth.

Therefore, it will contribute to the realization of women not only to the mother, but also as a specialist. As a result, the lady will be able to realize themselves in any field. This stone talisman Taurus can only be worn by women.

Since it will not be useful for a man.

Men Taurus Stone — what to choose

There are a large number of precious, semi-precious stones that can be used by male Taurus for various purposes. These stones can be used for magical rites or for personal protection, to achieve their goals.

Black agate — concentration and wisdom

Which stone is suitable for Taurus women and men?If you notice that it is very difficult to concentrate, spray, you cannot find yourself, then you should always wear black agate jewelry on yourself. This amulet will help to concentrate on the most important, to achieve the desired goal.

Even if you completely ceased to believe in yourself, consider that nothing comes out and you can not control yourself, then this amulet is able to detect your hidden potential and develop it. It is especially important to have with you such a talisman for those who are engaged in business.

Amazonite is a magnet for money

Which stone is suitable for Taurus women and men?If you think that you have been underestimated at work, you receive little, money does not go into your hands, and conspiracies to attract wealth act with insufficient force, then you must get yourself jewelery from amazonite.

This stone helps to attract wealth to the life of the person who wears it.

The owner of this charm will become more confident and learn to make responsible decisions.

Sardonyx to attract women

Which stone is suitable for Taurus women and men?Sardonyx is a stone of orange or dark brown color, which is a variety of onyx. Amulet will help even the most insecure man to find a common language with the opposite sex. This amulet does not like loneliness very much, therefore it attracts love into the life of the owner.

Lonely Taurus learns to communicate correctly with girls and will always be in their sight.

Zircon — a true male stone for Taurus

Which stone is suitable for Taurus women and men?Zircon is quite common among women, although it is actually considered a man’s stone. It is suitable for straightforward and confident people.

The stone is able to give its master wisdom and help find answers to exciting questions. Zircon does not allow evil tongues to spread gossip about its owner and protects the owner from any negative impact.

What stones do not fit Taurus

Taurus is probably the only sign of the zodiac that can use almost any stone as a talisman,

Which stone is suitable for Taurus women and men?

except one. The exception is amber. Only this amulet negatively affects Taurus.

Moreover, the impact is so strong that troubles begin to immediately pour on the owner of amber.

Which stone is suitable for Taurus women and men?

Which stone is suitable for Taurus women and men?

If you are still presented with a jewelry with amber, then you need to get rid of it. The stone should be left on a deserted place, previously cleared from its energy with water.

So the amulet will no longer have a connection, and even if someone finds it, it will not be able to get to you through this decoration.

Come very carefully to the choice of talismans, if these jewels contain precious stones. Remember that each talisman has its own energy and has an impact on the person who wears the ornament. Such influence may be negative or positive.

Therefore, buying amulets is only after you decide what kind of stone really fits.

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