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Which stone suits the twins

Which gem is suitable for Gemini: this air mark is very many-sided, and it is very difficult to single out one particular gem that fits all members of this mark. Therefore, from the variety of talismans waving favorably on this sign, choose those that you like the most.

Which stone suits the twins

Patronizes twins Mercury, but all the time of his reign can be divided into 3 sections, whose representatives differ in the character and style of behavior.
Born between 21 and 31 patronizes Jupiter. These people are very intelligent and selfish.

They achieve great success in art and do not like when they are underestimated. These representatives of the mark fit:

Which stone suits the twinsThose who were born between 1 and 10 are protected Mars. People born in these numbers are easily excitable, have a good sense of humor, but are aggressive. They will fit:

The sun protects those born from 11 to 21. These people are self-confident, talkative, nice to people close and pleasant to them, absolutely uncontrollable, authoritarian, quick-tempered, but easy-going.

For these twins fit:

Gems for the Zodiac sign Gemini

If you want to adjust your character, reduce the ardor and become more diligent, then you need to opt for yellow and green shades in jewelry.

Red and black colors will contribute to the development of passionate nature, loving, when they listen only to her opinion and unconditionally fulfill all whims. To cool the wild nature, use white and blue.

Citrine for good luck in all your endeavors

Which stone suits the twinsCitrine is a stone that can attract good luck in any endeavors. If the Gemini feels insecure in public or is afraid to speak in front of an audience, then before you reach the audience, take a small piece of this stone and put it in your pocket.

Citrine will greatly increase stamina. Therefore, athletes are advised to buy a statuette of this stone and keep it always with you. People of the art of wearing citrine are advised on a chain so that it is always on the chest.

It will save from envious, evil thoughts. Amulet fill you with power.

If a woman wears a stone, he will develop her intuition.

If a man — then give wealth.

Carnelian for creative personalities

Almost all twins are artistic people. This is fully justified, since the people of this sign are very talented and know how to get their way at any cost.

But while the twins tend to stop halfway and give up.

To prevent this from happening, Gemini should always carry a piece of carnelian. This stone will bring creativity to the life of this sign, fill it with ideas and will always inspire exploits.

For single Gemini it is important to wear a carnelian. Activated this stone, being enclosed in silver.

Carnelian is able to attract love, strengthen family relationships and regain the former tenderness in marriage.

The cornelian will not let you lose the joy of motherhood. Stone can bring success in business and commerce.

A ring with a stone must be bought on the waning moon, and it is worn only on the ring finger.

Feline and tiger eyes for those who do not converge well with people

If you feel that it is difficult to communicate with people or have to be in a team where everyone is annoying, try to always wear a cat or tiger eye jewelry on you.

These stones are able to endow even the most inconstant representative of the air element with patience and condescension.

In addition, the cat’s eye — reliable protection from the evil eye, damage and envy.

Moonstone Mascot

Which stone suits the twinsMoonstone is used to cleanse the twin. This stone is almost no sign of the zodiac does not fit to that extent.

The strength of the moonstone is that it is able to cool the ardor of a bright and passionate representative of this sign. It is best to wear necklaces made of this stone.

The power of this decoration can greatly improve life.

This stone is picky and inconstant, however, like the Twins themselves. Wearing jewelry with such a stone is always impossible. It is best to use it only if there is a health problem.

In such a case, aventurine is worn on the arm or on the neck. With the help of this stone, Gemini can be cured from almost all diseases.

It is recommended to keep a creative person in the house of an aventurine figurine, as it is the “muse” of all creative people.

Belomorit — understanding important issues

If you can’t make an important decision, take a white-faced decoration and focus.

The stone is able to awaken the inner sense, and you will definitely find the right solution and the answer to the question.

Best of all, if this jewelry will be a ring. You need to wear it on the little finger, then you will achieve the greatest result.

Remember that in order for the stone to work and cooperate with you, it is necessary to observe absolute cleanliness in the house. Belomorite does not tolerate confusion, and if his master carelessly treats everything that surrounds him, you can not wait for help.

Sapphire — harmony and sophistication

Which stone suits the twinsThis stone is able to bring life to Gemini peace, tranquility, chastity. Although sapphire for some reason is not considered a talisman of Gemini, it is he who can teach this sign to get out of difficult situations and help to avoid conflicts, to win disputes.

If you wear jewelry with sapphire, life will become more measured and calm. If you are looking for a way to slow the turbulent flow of life, then this is the ideal way.

It is best to wear jewelry with sapphire to those who are engaged in oratory.

Magic stones helpers for the sign Gemini

Among all the stones that are recommended to wear Gemini, there is a special category.

This includes jewelry that is desirable to be worn only by those representatives of the sign who are interested in the subtle worlds and practice magic.

Amber — a stone of male Twins

Which stone suits the twinsAmber is a stone that gives wisdom and peace. It is he who can force the restless Bmale lynx think over your actions, make the right decisions and take responsibility for your actions. Amber can be used by magicians, mediums and psychics during rituals.

It is he who is able to establish a connection between parallel worlds.

Alexandrite — look into the future

If you want to see the future, interpret it and not make mistakes, alexandrite is necessary. This stone is endowed with many magical properties, which are easily transferred to its owner.

Alexandrite is able to warn a person that trouble will happen to him. In this case, the previously cold talisman begins to heat up sharply.

This makes it possible to understand that the wrong action is being performed, and you need to think everything over again in order not to get into an unpleasant situation.

Alexandrite is a stone that really has character. He is looking for his own master. A weak, weak-willed, craven Gemini cannot wear it.

The stone checks each person.

If you are not ready to pass the test or break down, then all that is to be expected from alexandrite is a sea of ​​failures. Or managed to get out of this abyss of misfortunes, then, you can be sure, alexandrite will protect from any negative impact and will only actively attract happiness to your life.

If you decide that this stone is what you need, get yourself either 2 rings with this stone or a set (earrings and bracelet, ring and pendant). Worn decoration only in pairs.

It is advisable not to abandon this accessory for the military, sailors, actors and speakers.

Pearls are powerful protection against any influence.

Which stone suits the twinsPearls are rarely recognized as a magical stone and they forget what kind of power it actually has. In the hands of Gemini, pearls become a powerful tool of protection.

This is one of the most powerful talismans, with which you can protect yourself from black sorcerers, spirits, demons, vampires, any other evil spirits.

This talisman not only protects its owner from any troubles, but also teaches them to be more cool and restrained, not to take all adversities to heart.

Magic coral

It is a powerful talisman, but the strongest protective functions are activated when the decoration is worn on a child. It is the little Gemini coral helps to anticipate the danger, to feel the approach of misfortune and helps protect against negative impacts.

Only boys can wear red coral. Girls are allowed to wear white.

The choice of talismans for women should be approached with great care.

Gemini — unusual stones talismans for representatives of the air element

Emerald and ruby ​​are not considered ideal stones for Gemini. However, jewelry with these stones can greatly affect the lives of representatives of this sign.

Emerald — wisdom and prudence

Which stone suits the twinsThe effect of emerald on representatives of this sign is rather weak. Yes, if the person himself chose this accessory, he was attracted to him, and the emerald recognized him as the owner, then the stone will become man’s best friend.

He will be able to reduce the nervousness of the Gemini, improve memory and add wisdom.

But if he was not chosen by himself as a person, and someone gave him and gave him, then you will not feel any effect. In some cases, even the reverse process is possible, and the stone will annoy the person.

Quite well able to affect the emerald on those who are very weak energetically. If a person constantly lacks his own strength, then the stone will be able to charge it and serve as a source of inspiration.

People with very strong energy and, at the same time, easily excitable, are not advised to wear emerald. In this case, the stone and the person will fight with each other.

Do gemini need to wear a ruby

Which stone suits the twins

Which stone suits the twins

  • bring success in love affairs;
  • allow to see the future;
  • improve performance;
  • rally the family;
  • arouse thirst for knowledge.

Gemini stones, like their owners, have character, therefore, before starting to work with them, make contact with the chosen amulet. Only in this case, it will provide you with reliable protection and help you cope with problems.

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