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How to determine the feelings of a person according to his behavior

How to determine the feelings of a person according to his behavior

Virtually all people would like to identify the feelings that this or that person has for them. After all, even if they often say something pleasant to you, give gifts or even somehow flatter them, this does not always indicate the sincerity of a person’s feelings.

How to define them?

How to determine a person’s feelings when communicating

Unfortunately, no one can ever be completely sure of the sincerity and honesty of his partner. There are cases that a person speaks to you in an even, pleasant voice, and everything seems to be converging, everything is smooth, but somewhere deep inside, in the soul, a suspicion arises that something is wrong.

A cold, terrible thought creeps into your subconscious that they are using you, manipulating you, or simply impudently cheating. Are his feelings towards you real, or will he fly off like dry leaves at the first opportunity?

How to determine the feelings of a person?

There are different opinions on this topic. Some people turn to astrology, fortune telling and magic in order to clarify and define a person’s feelings.

But to be completely sure of the result of such a check is not realistic, since 99% of psychics and sorcerers are simply charlatans and extortioners of money. Therefore, it is best to try to independently determine the feelings of people of interest to you, not necessarily to ask anyone else about it.

To understand the person and determine the feelings of the person, you just need to be more close to him, communicate, observe, relax with him. In this case, you can at any time catch in his words, actions signs of insincerity.

Especially often they manifest themselves in unexpected stressful situations, or in cases when you need any help.

If a person is truly honest and sincere with you, you will understand this. You will see how he tries to help you, to solve your problem, and in the end you will have to feel it inwardly, with your soul.

Since really a real, sincere person, can not cause any negative feelings, even after many years of communication. Having listened to the advice, you may find the answer to the question: How to determine the feelings of a person?

So let people live, help, love each other not for money, not for glory, but for pure, sincere, selfless relationships.

How to determine a person’s feelings through gestures and facial expressions

Man’s feelings are like a closed book. Until you open it, nothing is clear and not known. But the book can be taken and read in two or three days, and human thoughts, feelings sometimes try to understand and solve all your life.

And if they tell you that they love, it’s not yet a fact that it is sincerely said. After all, how many times a person has already been burned because of these words.

What to do in such cases, how to determine the feelings of a person? For this, life invented us facial expressions and gestures.

They very often can reveal the true face of the human word. Now we will reveal to you the secrets of gestures and facial expressions that will contribute to your understanding of truth or falsehood.

We look at his smile. It is not always possible to understand by a smile when it is sincere, and when a person knows the psychology of communication well and applies it to seduction.

It’s all about the centuries. When a person truly smiles at you and speaks about feelings, and at the same time the corners of the mouth and eyelids simultaneously stretch — then this is true.

Artificially this will not work, since all this happens involuntarily;

It will help to determine the feelings of a person his look. The truthfulness of his words and actions is carried out with a constant eye-to-eye look — you can be almost 99% sure that it is. Those who try to hide something from you are constantly trying to look away from you, especially to the left;

Look also at the corners of the mouth. He talks about his passionate love and how you need him, but at the same time, when he listens to you and one of the corners is raised, it means that everything he told you is a true lie.

It is better to leave him immediately. When the corners of his mouth down, and he tries to say that everything is fine and do not worry — all with an accuracy of a turn. He doesn’t like something;

Psychologists say that crossed arms are a sign of a closed person, and he does not want to communicate with you at all. So remember this gesture to determine a person’s feelings;

Signs of insecurity and shyness can be checked in this way.

Encourage someone you know to stick with you.

And if after that your interlocutor says that now I will figure it out, but he himself is tense and licks his lips — then this is not true.

If you own all the knowledge of gestures and facial expressions — you will be able to determine with great confidence the feelings of a person and understand any person. And none of your friends will upset you anymore.

The main thing is to clearly notice any gestures and analyze, and the lie will eventually open.

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