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How to get rid of anger, How to overcome anger

How to get rid of anger, How to overcome angerFor most people, it is not a secret that suppressing and restraining one’s anger has a negative effect on the human body. And the more the external expressions of anger are suppressed, the more destructive it is. Anger can not be won, hiding it deep inside, getting rid of anger can only be learned to properly manage their emotions.

We devote this interesting practice to this article.

How to get rid of anger and irritation

Often, if you are treated rudely and unfairly, you want to pay back with the same coin. After all, anger is the same feeling as joy, happiness, fear.

In life there are situations in which we give emotions the will, and in relations with people problems arise.

The most important thing is to prevent disagreements from flowing into an open conflict situation. To do this, there are a number of specific techniques that reduce your emotional level and allow you to get rid of outbursts of anger without hysteria and screams.

Immediately, we note that it is truly possible to get rid of the anger within yourself only if you are aware of its negative influence.

First you should try not to show anger for a while. One of the easiest methods is to count to ten. You can also move away from the stimulus.

This will reduce the level of adrenaline in your blood. It also follows when a feeling of anger appears to engage in physical activity;

Try to lead a discussion.

When anger appears, try not to turn the argument into meaningless screams, and in no case do not become personal. After all, this causes a loss of trust and a real enmity is born.

If you decide to get rid of anger by humiliating your interlocutor, this only gives you short-term satisfaction, but not a victory. After all, your interlocutor will respond to you as soon as possible;

Try to catch the meaning of your words.

When such words as “always” or “never” appear in your dialogue, try to stop right there. After all, they are always perceived as a hidden threat and manipulation;

After all, it is possible that in something you can be wrong. However, this can be understood only when your irritation subsides and you manage to get rid of anger attacks.

Try to look at the situation with different eyes. You should also grasp the logic of the words of the person who is near at that moment.

Listen to each other!

This method is only suitable for communicating with very close people. He is very effective on a loved one and immediately causes positive emotions.

After all, it is very hard for a person who expresses his love. And it manifests itself in the arms;

For tactless behavior, ask for an apology. These words will help you;

Try to prepare yourself before you start communicating with an annoying person. It should be clear what you want to achieve.

If you want to quarrel, try to calm down and breathe deeply, as well as prepare your speech in case the interlocutor tries again to ruffle you.

Spend some «cleaning» in relationships with loved ones, talk to them. To get rid of anger and verbal aggression, from mistrust and misunderstanding, find out with the help of family members the causes of the most often emerging conflicts and try to find any compromise solutions in these areas.

Due to this, the energy of anger that has come from outside will be transformed into a desire to make the life of dear and beloved people better and calmer.

Empty trivia, unworthy of your attention will annoy you less and less, and anger will begin to recede, because it is strong only when you feel offended, unhappy, unprotected and maybe even wrong.

Remember the important condition: «never say» you always. «and never accuse, sticking labels:» you are a loafer «,» I have always known that you are a liar «, etc. Call only your feelings:» I feel hurt when you are. «,» I felt terrible when you were. «further list the actions of your partner.

He should know: you do not blame him for anything and do not pass judgment on him, you tell about your feelings.

Often behind anger is a carefully hidden insecurity. Observe how other people behave in anger.

Remember your own feelings at the moment of irritation. And if someone tries to put pressure on you, try to observe your emotions as if with the eyes of others.

This should lead to success.

One of the popular ways to get rid of hidden anger is to count to ten before somehow reacting to an annoying situation.

Instead of counting to 10 before answering, try for a few seconds to think about what you need to do today. This allows suppressing internal resistance to the upcoming work and directing negative energy into a peaceful course.

How to overcome anger and anger

First of all, determine what exactly angered you and caused a surge of anger. It is likely that anger hides something more serious than a careless word. Try to understand your own feelings, because anger is easy to accept disappointment or resentment.

Think carefully before you start talking about it or piling on yourself a sense of guilt and trying to overcome your anger.

After all, you should be aware that no matter who gave rise to it, the result is always the same. Anger often adversely affects health, and is also a provocateur of diseases.

And what is most surprising, it does not particularly have to wait.

After all, we are often angry for nothing. Also in a state of anger, we often cannot make an adequate decision.

How to deal with anger

It should be noted that anger could not become familiar to some people who sometimes cannot cope with themselves. However, he is our companion.

And what should we do about it and how to get rid of anger?

It is necessary to discuss only those moments that are directly related to the situation that “hooked” you. Do not remember past insults.

Try to avoid phrases such as: «You never» and «You always.» These words only heighten the atmosphere and exacerbate misunderstanding.

If you do not know how to overcome anger, select words with care. No need to challenge.

Your goal is to solve the problem, so do not add oil to the fire. If you want to hurt a person or get revenge on him in your own words, you can hardly achieve reconciliation and understanding.

Never leave the problem unresolved, it is quite unsuccessful.

The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to solve this problem later.

Be decisive and sincere. You can start a difficult conversation for you like this: “I don’t like this situation very much, but I would like to (a) discuss it with you right now.”

No need to hope that the problem is completely solved in your favor. Any relationship is always built on compromise. It is unlikely that there will be two people on the ground who think the same way, so your life will have to look for a compromise and defend your own opinion.

At the same time, do not try to overcome your anger by hiding your offenses in the depths of your soul.

Remember that it rarely happens that one person is absolutely right and the other is absolutely wrong. If you acknowledge at least a little responsibility for your words and behavior, then another person will also be able to admit his guilt.

Try to put yourself in the position of another person. It is necessary to respect the interlocutor.

In this case, there is hope not only to overcome his anger, but also to understand its cause.

If you are not ripe for direct conversation, try writing a letter. In it, you can clearly and without undue emotion explain what you feel.

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