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How to get rid of bad habits: the secret way

How to get rid of bad habits: the secret way

The desire to get rid of bad habits comes when a person consciously wants to change his tomorrow, making it better than yesterday and today. For strong-willed people, one desire is enough to start a struggle for a healthy lifestyle, but most people need support.

A few tips will help you take the first step. How to overcome bad habits?

Psychological causes of bad habits

Habit is an action learned by the body that has become automatic and does not require much effort to perform. Some habits go unnoticed, and some simply interfere with a full live and communicate.

Contrary to the fact that we live in the most abundant times in the history of mankind, we rarely feel contentment and complete satisfaction. We are constantly striving to tickle our nerves, get more pleasure, entertainment and other ways to hide from the understanding that we are really unhappy.

So there are harmful, destructive habits. The reason may be external pressure, such as financial difficulties, emotional trauma, or the fact that we grow up in a constantly stressful environment and are subject to emotional and / or physical resentment.

We are able to become attached to anything: alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, food, refusal from food, coffee, sugar, shopping, playing, money, physical exercises. — The list is endless. The object of habit is almost irrelevant.

The main thing that underlies this habit is covered or denied by such behavior.

Psychological causes of bad habits. Any addiction distracts you from what is happening in reality.

Alcohol is a feeling that all is well. A cigarette lets you swallow the senses.

Drugs take you to another world, where you do not need to deal with the realities of this world.

Food replaces the lack of love and smoothes the cracks in life. All this dulls the inner pain, alters the consciousness or fills the emptiness in the soul. The substitute gives a feeling of safety and joy, because it is much easier than managing the pain yourself.

Without feeling inner discomfort, you maintain the illusion of happiness.

To get rid of bad habits, remember: addiction is not only a dulling of feelings and a feeling of happiness.

Thirst grows no matter how much you consume.

Then shame and guilt appear, further depression or projection of them outside in the form of anger.

Here and deep fear (in which you are rarely aware of) about where you go and what you end, and self-hatred, which eats away the ability to heal. How can you love yourself if such desperate acts are committed daily?

Sobering up, looking at life directly means facing the deepest problems that the addiction covers. To get rid of the addiction, you need to face them face to face, recognize and accept in the heart all the lost and rejected parts of yourself.

If you are able to recognize thirst and its causes, then you have a chance to break the habit. Healing is the ability to realize the reality of your feelings, instead of fleeing from them, and to love this reality.

Rejection of bad habits

First of all, define your habits and recognize that they exist and harm your health.

For example, smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, nail biting, etc. Ask your loved ones what bad habits they notice in you.

Make a list, write it down on paper, and place or hang it in a prominent place. Every day remind yourself of your goal: “get rid of bad habits” and look for ways to achieve your goal.

As a rule, habits appear as a result of some experienced situations in which a certain manner of actions is fixed. That is a kind of mechanism that launched one or another set of manipulations that have become a habit. Often, bad habits are caused by stress, anxiety and tension.

Write it down on the same sheet of paper, where the list of habits, the situation is a mechanism, remember it and when the habit appears in such cases, you can take it under control and stop it.

To get rid of your bad habits, replace them with positive ones. A habit (even a harmful one) is part of the life process, if you simply pull it out, an empty space is formed.

So that this does not happen, the habit must be replaced by another, but positive. A vivid example of this, when you want to smoke, eat seeds, chew gum or candy.

Report your struggle with a bad habit to close people. This will put some responsibility on you (for your words and deeds) and provide you with some support in keeping you from the temptations.

Reinforce your motive actions. Imagine how your life will change, when you get rid of bad habits, what a healthy and positive person you will become, etc.

Breaking your bad habits, do not rush. Get rid of no more than two at the same time, otherwise it will all end in disappointment and return to the starting point.

It took time to form a bad habit, respectively, it also takes time to eradicate it, but how much depends only on you and your desire.

How to get rid of a bad habit forever

This method of getting rid of bad habits is intended for a client who has abstained from using drugs for some time, but feels that he has to take them again.

For a client with a similar problem, such statements as: “Part of me wants to break up with her, and the other part — not” are characteristic, ”“ I feel how I tear myself apart because of this, ”“ Sometimes I can, but sometimes not ”- or any other statement that suggests the presence of internal incongruence (internal conflict) or fragmentation.

To get rid of bad habits, think about what relief you will experience when a bad habit is overcome due to your self-promised promise and determination to live happily.

A pernicious addiction is much like an obsession, and you know that you can easily turn your strong emotion into a driving force and the determination to achieve happiness. You will find this a simple task, since you know that emotions can be turned on, off, or changed in the blink of an eye. This is just like a good movie.

It can capture you, it can make you feel real fear, sadness or curiosity, and when the movie ends, the emotions go away, and you are again occupied with thoughts and feelings related to your immediate problems.

You have proven that you can do without drugs, and you know how much better you feel, how much better your life has become since you continue to do without them. Your addiction, which seemed so strong, has been overcome and suppressed by your determination to live happily.

You understand that in cases where you used to be addicted to drugs, it is easy to turn your strong addiction into a powerful determination to achieve happiness, you have an incentive to solve problems and make plans that will allow you to secure a prosperous and happy future.

You know that you turn your attachment to the determination to succeed, and it will be easy to do because you are stronger than your addiction in your own brain. Having decided to get rid of all the bad habits, you will be more and more aware that it is you who are sending inside your body, and you will be on guard so that nothing harmful for the body will get into it.

This will happen easily and at the subconscious level.

And the less you use drugs, because they harm the body, the better you will feel, and the better you will feel, the less you will reach out to them.

Remembering how badly the use of drugs affected you, and knowing how much better, fresher, more vigorous, more energetic and agile you are, why should you yearn for what was with you before? It seems that there is some part in us that is in a state of conflict with what we know on a conscious level, well and well for us.

Consciously, you know that turn your addiction into determination to achieve success and happiness, that it is right and good for you and that it is easy to achieve. But still, I admit that some part of you still needs drugs, and neither you nor I should be dismissive of this part of you.

It may seem very powerful, so go now to the depth of your brain, look as deep as you can, even deeper as you go deeper and deeper with your every breath.

I wonder how quickly the next minute you will be able to feel that part of you, which I call “addiction on a subconscious level”.

I do not know how you will feel that part of you that needs drugs, or what special language will give you the opportunity to communicate with this part in a convenient and safe way. I ask you now to look for answers to some important questions that you need to find out in order to turn this addiction into a determination to achieve success and happiness.

Now take some time to find in the very depths of yourself the answer to the question: what benefits, what advantages do you associate with the fact that you are experiencing this addiction? Have you, through this addiction, achieved anything that any part of you wanted?

For some time you managed to get rid of bad habits, you are no longer taking drugs, so the addiction to them is purely psychological, not physical. Did this addiction help you avoid something unpleasant or harmful?

And I ask you to continue to proceed from the assumption that your subconscious addiction helped you in some way or brought some benefit in some way. So, being in a comfortable and safe state, find the answers to these questions. (PAUSE.)

Now remember these benefits and these benefits. And now know that there are other ways to get the same benefits and the same benefits that this addiction usually gave you, and these methods are much more useful for you.

Now please dive as far as possible into your brain for a while. Let your creative part and the part that can solve problems and analyze situations, develop some alternative behaviors.

These alternative behaviors will give you all the benefits and advantages that you have received in the past from using drugs. You can easily replace them with your addiction and drug addiction.

Spend as much time as you need within the next two minutes to check this part of you and all the other parts of you, make these alternatives acceptable, make them look acceptable, sound like acceptable and feel like acceptable for this and all other parts of you.

If you feel something that can be interpreted as a “no” signal, for example, it can be increasing tension or irritation in response to your alternatives, you need to go deeper into yourself to find new acceptable alternatives that you may will have to look for even deeper.

You may need to take into account certain benefits or benefits that you did not suspect earlier to get rid of bad habits. To let me know that you have completed this process, lift your finger. (PAUSE.)

Now, please, go to the depths of your consciousness, and let your imagination show you yourself in those times and in the places where you took drugs in the past. Look at yourself when you have learned and apply your new alternative behavior patterns that your creative mind has built for you.

Imagine yourself in this and in all other contexts in which you would have previously succumbed to a pernicious addiction, and now behave in a completely new and useful way for you.

If you experience some difficulties, you may need to go back to the depths of your consciousness and find some other suitable alternative.

You may need to consider some kind of future context that you have just learned about. When you have coped with this task and have drawn in your mind all the future contexts in which you are using new alternative behaviors, make a movement with your finger to let me know about it.

And now I would like you to thank that part of you for this successful collaboration, and I also thank her. On a conscious level, you may not have any idea how much work has been done, but be absolutely sure that your subconsciousness is perfectly aware of this and even may have decided to do some work on some other habits that you have. , and you will be pleasantly surprised when you see how easy it is to get rid of bad habits.

And now the last. All of us, each person functions better when he is a whole, and not the sum of separate fragments of himself.

Therefore, I would like you to call on all parts of yourself to unite and once again become one person, the way you were at the very beginning. In unity and harmony much more power.

I want to congratulate you on having done a great job. And now, when you listen to my voice, you feel that you can concentrate on this sound, because all other sounds fade in their insignificance, when you now enjoy peace and quiet in that particular place that belongs only to you.

You relax and immerse yourself, feeling in your arms, legs, all over your body a pleasant and natural heaviness.

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