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How to improve the interaction of family members?

How to improve the interaction of family members?For most people, the family is a quiet haven, shelter from everyday life storms. Under her cover, every member of the family feels calm, protected and peaceful.

A good family is exactly the place where a person can gather and prepare for the daily trials and surprises of the outside world. But in order for the family to truly become a harbor, you need to know how to establish interaction in the family.

Family Psychology Tips

First of all, you need to create an atmosphere of comfort and complete security in your family. In order to achieve this, absolutely every member of the family, whether it is an adult or a child, must know that within the family they can be condemned, but they will never be allowed to do this to anyone from the outside circle.

Parents have the right to punish their child, but a stranger does not need to talk about it. The bad deeds of family members need to be discussed only within the framework of their family and to solve problems as well, without taking out personal quarrels from the hut.

You also have the right to contact a specialist regarding the solution of certain family issues, but this should also be done only in agreement with other family members.

You should be very careful, because trust is built over the years, and is broken into dust in an instant;

The second important point is that each family should have its own personal traditions. Puzzle your household — instruct them to find any rituals that could suit the whole family.

Alternatively, you can borrow them from other families, either peep on the Internet or on TV. For example: a weekly Saturday council is a great tradition.

During such a meeting, it is possible to solve the accumulated problems, set tasks for a new week, plan a joint vacation for resurrection — such a procedure brings people closer together. Everyone should have an equal right to express their opinions, but the final decision should still remain for adults.

Such tips will teach your children to express their own thoughts and lead a discussion.

How to improve the interaction of family members?

— Think about creating self-improvement tasks for each family member and ask your loved ones to control each other.

Such an emotional impact brings together quite strongly. And, besides, the intended goals are much easier and faster to achieve under the close supervision of such a number of eyes, besides relatives;

— In conflicts between adults and children, you should mediate, but only when they cannot solve the problem on their own. Nevertheless, let the conflicting parties find their own way out of the unpleasant situation.

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