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How to make a divorce? Causes of divorce

How to make a divorce? Causes of divorceIn a fit of feelings, many say: I am divorced! However, in fact, divorce is the lot of strong people, because it is very difficult to divorce: it will have to change your whole life.

How to get a divorce in the event that the spouse is opposed to the rupture of relations and in every way prevents the divorce? How to make a divorce?

We will talk about this and many other things right now.

How to make a divorce?

Still, it will be good if you can negotiate with your ex-husband about dissolving the marriage and remaining in good relations, and not looking for a way to make him divorce. Explain to the spouse that in any case, your family can no longer be saved, and his refusal of the divorce will lead nowhere.

Only in this case it is not necessary to threaten the husband or to blackmail him — this will cause rejection and, therefore, will significantly complicate the search for a compromise.

If both spouses agree to a divorce, then this process takes a minimum of time and effort — the registry office simply submits a request for divorce, along with a receipt for the payment of the state fee.

After that, you will need to wait until you are issued a certificate of divorce. Yes, do not forget to also present a marriage certificate.

If you lose it, you should get a duplicate in advance, so you do not spend time on it.

In Russia, forcing a divorce to a spouse is not very relevant, because it is often enough for the divorce to agree only one spouse. However, in some cases it is required that the other party also agrees with the dissolution of the marriage. For example, this happens if a sick child grows in a family, a husband or wife is declared incapable, etc.

Situations are different, and be prepared for the fact that the court does not immediately meet you.

As a rule, a term is appointed during which the spouses can make peace. Standard terms — 3 months.

However, the dissolution of the marriage may occur earlier, if there are objective reasons for this.

For example, a spouse may suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction, regularly beating his wife and children. Also the reason for the divorce is adultery.

By the way, take the trouble to find evidence that will help speed up the process of divorce, if necessary — so you can quickly win the court to your side, and you will not be painfully looking for ways to make your spouse divorce.

If the spouse is incapacitated or is in prison, the marriage also terminated fairly quickly.

But if there are children in the family, it is harder to get a divorce. Know that most often the court leaves them with their mother, but lately the fathers have also begun to seek the truth.

How to make a husband divorce you

How to make a husband divorce — the question is quite complicated. You thought for a long time and concluded that your family can no longer exist in the form in which it is now. There is no wish to save the relationship, and it is simply impossible to do it.

Meanwhile, the spouse is categorically against divorce. How to proceed?

We hope that our advice will help you decide on a plan of action.

First try to talk to your spouse calmly, and not force your husband to get a divorce.

Without claims and aggression, tell him everything that concerns you.

Tell me that love has passed, you want to live your life. There is no need to blackmail your spouse — this will only make things worse, because many men are stubborn and from the principle they are ready to go against the most varied requests expressed in a similar manner.

If the conversations didn’t work, just pack up and leave. Are you afraid that your husband will not let you out so easily from the apartment?

Then just wait until he leaves for work, and quickly pack your bags. For more confidence, take a friend, girlfriend, parents with you.

By the way, these people are also able to help you convey to your husband the need for divorce. Talk to your buddies and parents — let them also try to influence the spouse and force her husband to divorce.

You can divorce today even without the consent of the second half. To do this, make a statement, submit it to the court.

Attach a receipt for the payment of the state fee and a marriage certificate. If the judge decides in your favor, you will need to contact the registrar to his employees put certain marks in the passport.

More complicated are cases in which a divorce is filed between spouses with minor, incapacitated children. But it is important to remember that how to force a husband to divorce you, you can not think at all if he suffers from alcohol or drug addiction — here the court will be entirely on your side.

Of course, you can always force your husband to divorce you, if you treat him very badly. Ignore your spouse, do not do housework, come late — these and other actions will show that you do not appreciate and do not love your husband.

Perhaps after that, his eyes will open and he will give consent to the divorce.

Finally, we note that if you have even the slightest doubt about whether you are doing the right thing when filing a divorce, stop and think again: can you save your family? We hope you make the right decision!

How to make wife divorce

How to force a wife to divorce if you do not see the future of your relationship? Maybe you love another woman and plan to start a family with her, but because you need to dissolve the marriage, but your spouse is against?

In these cases it is very important not only to know the basics of the current legislation and use them to protect one’s own interests, but also to find an approach to the spouse in order to obtain her consent to a divorce.

Are you sure you decided to divorce or are you still in thought? Ponder why you even wanted to think about parting with your spouse, is it possible to change something?

What about trying to build relationships and avoid divorce?

So you decided to divorce. The best way to get a wife to get a divorce is to just talk to your wife.

Say you do not love her, that you plan your life differently. If you have a woman in love, dedicate your spouse to this — she is entitled to know the true reason for your decision to divorce.

No need to think about how to get your wife to get a divorce. Even if the spouse opposes the dissolution of the marriage, you can always file an application to the court.

And be sure to tell your wife that you did it, so that she would understand: if you made a decision, you will do everything you have planned. By the way, it is quite possible that the wife will not scream, threaten, make a tantrum — many women at such moments also understand that they are very tired of relationships and are ready to just let go of their loved one.

By the way, remember that usually the court gives the couple 3 months to reconcile. But in some cases it is possible to dissolve the marriage immediately (for example, if the wife has a drug addiction, etc.).

Remember that your wife should not be given false hope. If you decide to leave, leave.

Do not say you can come back.

You can act by the method of the opposite, to force his wife to divorce. Your wife does not agree to divorce? Do everything that she became the initiator of the dissolution of marriage.

Specially scatter things around the apartment, do not eat what your wife is preparing, come home whenever you want. This is a cruel but quite effective way.

Ask your parents or friends to talk to your wife — often the opinions of strangers are perceived with less hostility. So, perhaps, after listening to the advice, your wife will agree to a divorce.

If you want to force your wife to divorce, and the wife insists against it, do not forget to use the above tips — you will not be mistaken.

Causes of divorce

Sometimes love just goes away and this is the main cause of divorce.

It is known that relations are initially based on passion and romantic feelings. However, later all this passes, and love passes into another form — more mundane and calm.

It scares many. It seems that feelings have died away, and without crazy passion you cannot exist together.

In fact, it is not. Especially since you can always warm up the interest to each other, develop and strengthen your love.

It is quite another thing when love disappears completely. Man is not a machine, and therefore it is not surprising that he cannot fully control the appearance or disappearance of his feelings.

So it can happen that you wake up in the morning and realize that the person lying next to you has become a stranger. To live in a marriage without love and quietly hate each other — this is perhaps the most terrible thing that can be.

Sometimes the reason for divorce arises from the first in this form — people can get divorced because of adultery. For example, one partner does not forgive deception.

As a result, the couple breaks up. A reverse situation may also occur when the wife is ready to forgive her husband, but he loves the new woman so much that she wants to leave for her.

Another common cause of divorce is the deterioration of family relationships due to the fact that a man abuses alcohol or drugs. If you find yourself in a similar situation, run without thinking and do not think about any feelings.

Remember that such a man is dangerous. Think about your life — you should live it with pleasure and not think about the bad.

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