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How to make a guy fall in love: secret ways

How to make a guy fall in love: secret waysThe man is a predator by nature. And always looking for a goal that will be more interesting to him. And in order to make a guy fall in love, girls have a huge arsenal of tools and ways in which you will always be desired and unforgettable.

The main thing is to use such methods correctly.

How to make a guy fall in love: secret ways

There is not a single woman who would not want to be desired and loved. But before that, you need to make the guy show interest in your person.

Of course, each person is individual by nature. And the main thing is to choose the right key for the heart of the guy you like.

Remember some patterns:

— A man is always calculating. It acts consistently and almost always predictably;

— By itself, a man likes to solve logical problems. And that is precisely what his enthusiasm depends on;

— Intrigue for men has always been the basis of long-term attraction and fantasy.

It’s pretty easy to turn a man around. But do not immediately celebrate.

After all, turn your head — does not mean falling in love with yourself. And it all depends, as we have already noted. it is from his character.

Of course, every woman knows how to turn a guy’s head. But we will once again try to remind you what to do.

How to make + so that the guy fell in love

The most important thing is your appearance and appearance. It has long been the regularity of the proposition that men love with their eyes.

Slim and pretty, frank outfit always attract the eye. But do not forget that over-bloodiness in dresses is not always welcomed. Modesty is also in fashion.

The main thing is to make a guy fall in love, there must be a balance in this. Highlight your strengths and try to hide flaws. And success is guaranteed to you;

Communication is also an important moment when meeting. Communicate more, ask questions, joke, smile.

This is the basis of everything. After all, if a man sees that they are interested, as well as you with a sense of humor — later he will be yours. And the best thing to know in advance is how he breathes; interests, hobbies, etc;

The next step is intrigue. So that the guy fell in love, try to make sure that he has achieved you himself. No need to often call and write sms.

Let him do it himself. Do not immediately agree to all offers. Remember that you need to let him know that it’s not easy to conquer you;

And, probably, the most important moment. After you have successfully turned his head, you need to keep him.

It is believed that men love with their eyes. Believe me, it is scientifically proven that this is true.

And this love begins with women’s legs, so we advise you to replace your usual dress pants with a short skirt. Put on graceful stockings and high studs — a defeat in the heart you provided;

Clothing for the upper body also matters — a perfect silk blouse with a carelessly unbuttoned top button. Say no to shapeless sweaters and wilder sweaters;

Prefer a light make-up and a natural hairstyle — hair should fall gently on the shoulders; you should not do high fleece, covered with a ton of lacquer — this has long been a moveion;

Jewelry must also be present — put on a thin chain that will favorably emphasize the elegance of your neck. In addition, an elegant bracelet on an open wrist can also make his pulse beat more often than usual;

Of course, to make a guy fall in love, do not forget about the scent, but use not the usual perfume, but perfume containing pheramones. In general, they are identical in flavor to ordinary ones, but the volatile substances contained in them contribute to the active arousal of men.

During the dialogue, look a little above the nose, and from time to time — in the eye. The timbre of the voice should be low and soft — it turns men on.

A seductive smile is another tool, but do not overdo it. Everything must be used in moderation;

Pay special attention to your posture and manner of walking — it should be feminine, soft, light;

Create situations yourself for your coming together to make a man think about you;

Give your favorite erotic dance or massage with aromatic oils.

Beautiful underwear and lighted candles will complement the decor. So making a guy fall in love will be easier;

Include an erotic movie for sharing — this is also how it excites men. Do not be afraid of experiments in bed (sex toys, photo shoots, etc.);

Special attention to the erogenous zones of men: many people like when their hair is gently twitching or stroking the back of their heads during passionate kisses. Remember the neck, earlobe, back, buttocks and, of course, the genitals.

How to make a man remember you

How to make a guy fall in love: secret ways

If a girl is in love, she can immediately reveal all her cards to the elect, offering not only care, love and tenderness, but also revealing the most intimate secrets. Do not be overly gullible: for example, by confessing to him an unearthly love of football, which he, as it turns out, cannot tolerate, you can once and for all put an end to your romantic relationship.

To make a guy fall in love, do not give in to the first impression, even if your chosen one has a very attractive and disposing appearance.

Even if in your thoughts you already choose a wedding dress, a resort for a honeymoon, and think about how many children he wants.

Probably, he will probably even want that from you, but such questions will put into a stupor even a lady with experience.

Just enjoy your romance! Accept gifts and courtings from him, be responsive and grateful, have sincere joy for every minute spent together.

Of course, this does not last forever, but you will have something to remember.

As long as you can be a mystery to him. You should not immediately acquaint him with all your friends, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, etc.

It is also not necessary to ask him for help in repairing or transporting things to his parents’ cottage. If you are really interesting and important to him, you do not need to remind about yourself.

Stay personal to make a guy fall in love

— Do not let him offend you. If he did it on purpose or by accident, do not disregard this fact.

Let him be clear that you will not tolerate a bad relationship.

Difficult situations happen with many couples, so they need to be solved, not silenced;

— Always remember your interests. You should not run to him at the first call, if you are seriously busy.

To exchange a seriously ill girlfriend, yielding to his whim to see, is extremely stupid. At the same time, it is not necessary to clarify what matters you are puzzled about;

— Whatever the relationship, always be yourself. No need to hold the attention of men at any cost.

If suddenly he forgot about you, then it is not yours, and you will surely meet a person who will truly appreciate you.

You have a young man sunk into the soul, but you can’t get to be alone with him? Is it much easier for you to charm and seduce him in an intimate setting than surrounded by a heap of acquaintances and friends? Are you embarrassed to invite him to visit you in the open?

Then you come to the aid of small women’s tricks. So, how to make a man miss you with hidden hints?

The easiest way to make a guy fall in love is to touch his master’s skills, ask for help around the house.

For example, say that you need to rearrange the sofa and hang a bookshelf. Take into account its capabilities — no need to ask him to do major repairs in the house, so you can only frighten him off;

Call your boyfriend and tell him that you need to help bring things. Suppose you bought on the market, but didn’t calculate your strength a bit, and now you can’t even pick up clogged bags with products.

A fragile lady who finds herself in a similar situation always evokes a desire to help her. Otherwise, drive with a broom of a negligent gentleman. If the guy nevertheless agreed to help you out, invite him after this to go for a cup of coffee;

Ask him to help deal with the new home appliances. Today, every second guy is a computer master.

Let him help you with installing software or tell you how to work with this or that device.

Tricky even more to make a guy fall in love

Send the rumor to your friends that you have learned to cook something unusual, exotic.

And during a conversation with a guy, as if by chance, invite him to dinner, try the same dish. A man’s heart can be opened by feeding his stomach.

But you should not treat him exclusively with food, otherwise he will think that your home is a place where it can be fed free and tasty. Be a good conversationalist and show yourself as a diversified personality. Then the guy will be interested with you;

Arrange a party at home and invite all your mutual friends and acquaintances to it. Be a kind, sweet, and hospitable hostess. After such a warm welcome, the guy will repeatedly want to come to you again, but already one;

Always watch yourselves, take a great interest in some original hobby. Do not limit yourself to knitting, embroidery and other women’s activities — guys like that are of little interest.

Always be cute, smart, irresistible, be friendly to others — then every guy will rush to you at the first call.

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