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How to originally congratulate a girl? 10 ideas

How to originally congratulate a girl? 10 ideasSo, since you are reading this article, then probably you are a man in love and soon your favorite holiday is: 8, a birthday, you have an anniversary of relationships, etc. banal way you can present it.

In general, if you are thinking about an original greeting for a girl, then this article is for you.

How to originally congratulate a girl — tips guys

This option is perfect for girls with a cheerful, perky character. First, you will need to create an action script and decide what exactly will be the final, for example, a gift with fireworks or a romantic dinner.

Then you need to figure out how to direct it to the right place.

You can send SMS as you progress through the quest, or draw arrows on the asphalt with chalk. You can even attract friends, ask one to be a driver and take to the first destination, where the second person will be waiting for her with a poster depicting another right place, etc.

This method of congratulations must be prepared long before the holiday.

Start making small video reports about your days, take a look at your favorite in different places and angles. And immediately before the action, mount a small touching film and upload it to video hosting.

On the morning of day X, just send her a link to the resulting movie. A lot of emotions and happiness — provided.

Congratulations outside the window

Here you just need to get up as early as possible and write a congratulation on the asphalt under the balcony. Paint, of course, is not worth it, it is better to do with chalk, which is then easily washed off.

To originally congratulate the girl in the evening, you can make pleasant words with the help of small floating candles. They will need a lot, more than a hundred, but believe us, the effect produced on a girl is worth it.

Well, after the preparations are over, all that remains is to call her mobile phone and ask to look out the window.

Romantic dinner on the roof

This is another great greeting option. It is only necessary to find an open safe roof with a beautiful view and decorate it.

Buy champagne and cakes, make a blanket and a couple of pillows so that your chosen one does not freeze.

After that, ask your friend to watch out on the spot so that no one steals food and decor, and go after the girl yourself, along the way inventing how to lure her to the roof. You can, for example, say that today we expect a wondrous starfall, which is definitely worth a look.

And when, having risen, she finds a surprise, and asks where the falling stars can be answered, looking into her eyes that one of them fell to the earth many years ago especially for you.

How to congratulate the girl on the anniversary — recommendations

Every girl should be pleased when on the anniversary to make her some gift. Before you make a gift, you should remember what day you make it.

After all, the anniversary is a very important day for those in love and that is why there should be no blunders. How to do it in the best way?

Before you make a gift to your beloved, it is better to know in advance how it relates to such days. To do this, ask indirect, not direct questions.

But never ignore this date.

After all, then, the quarrel will be very big. After all, the girls are very much waiting for this day and attach very great importance, so you should not be indifferent to such a day.

So, plan everything well to make the holiday go with a bang.

To originally congratulate the girl on the anniversary you need to decide exactly how you want to congratulate her. Maybe it will be a cultural evening, and maybe a romantic one. Everything is in your hands, so go ahead.

As soon as you have chosen which key you decided to celebrate, then you can think over the scenario.

Each girl will be very pleased if you make a date at the place where you first met. Or you can drive to the most significant places for you.

Also, girls love to take pictures, arrange a photo session and the girl will be crazy. And finish with a nice dinner in the style of romance, in a good restaurant.

Also, you can remember the gift that the girl wanted for a very long time. Give it to her, make the dream a reality.

It can be anything.

Lingerie, jewelry or perfume.

The main thing is to give what she really likes, and not to get rid of.

Do not do much unexpected surprises. After all, all girls react to everything differently. Very carefully hint what will be waiting for her.

But at the same time, do not say directly what you are going to do. So you can originally congratulate the girl on the anniversary, while not causing her negative.

Even if it seems to you that the idea is not very good, you should not worry, therefore, about it. It will be very important for your girlfriend that you have not forgotten about this day and made a surprise for her, albeit an unfortunate one.

This is not the main thing, the main thing in fact that you remember about this memorable day.

In general, the anniversary is a very important day for lovers. After all, this day, the day of memories, which is remembered for a lifetime. Never forget about him, try to make him perfect for your beloved, originally congratulating the girl on this day.

Believe me, it is very important for her that not only she, but also you remember this day.

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