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How to protect yourself from bad people: 10 secrets

How to protect yourself from bad people: 10 secretsThere are so many ill-wishers in our life who constantly spoil our aura and take our vital energy. But how to protect yourself from bad people and not lose your health and vitality?

Often, most bad people have energetic vampirism. It is from them that we need to protect ourselves.

In this article, you will learn the secrets of how to protect yourself from bad people and detractors.

7 secret ways to protect yourself from bad people

In any team there are people who are initially programmed for conflict situations. When they appear in the team creates an aura of irritation. With such subjects it becomes uncomfortable even to close people.

They need to develop a protection strategy.

To protect yourself from bad people, you will simply need not to come into conflict with it. You should also respond to his actions, because at the same time you begin to lose vitality. Try not to respond with evil to evil either;

If possible, save yourself from communicating with the irritant.

In no case do not look into his eyes, because this is one of the most vulnerable places. If possible, try to look away;

If you want to protect yourself from bad people, if possible do not open energy to strangers. When communicating with a suspicious subject, try to keep your arms crossed on your chest, or lock, placing it near the solar plexus;

But after all, a person who takes vital energy may be a relative. They are like stickings trying to load you with their problems and experiences. It can also be an ordinary whiner, for whom the main thing is to find someone who could listen to him.

In this case, try to avoid such people, in every way to avoid talking with them.

A very good way to protect yourself from bad people is to protect yourself psychologically. Many psychologists recommend to introduce barriers that can be mentally built between you and the interlocutor.

In this case, you gradually get the feeling that you are slowly moving away from him.

The most appropriate defense against bad people is self-irony and condescending attitude. Try to mentally regret this person, imagine him in the form of some unfortunate, with a bunch of troubles and problems.

In this case, your fear of this person will slowly go away.

There is such a method to protect yourself from bad people like heat. For this you need to take a hot shower every morning. In this case, the body slowly gets rid of irritation.

Next, drench yourself with cold water. This procedure will help to wash away all the accumulated irritation and helps protect against bad people.

How to protect yourself from detractors

Now the word detractor is more and more often replaced by an energy vampire, or by a person who causes damage to you, the evil eye. And indeed it is, because notice there are such people, after intercourse, with whom you develop weakness and irritability.

Most likely, when communicating, this person did not want to wish you anything good. On the contrary, communication with him caused some reaction unusual for you.

And how nonstrangeable if you are a successful person, then the number of ill-wishers you only grows.

And when dealing with them, all your protective mechanisms are subject to significant wear. Yes, and not worth it with them, some will disappear, others will come, and you will not restore your health.

If you want to protect yourself from ill-wishers, you need to follow some tips on how to protect yourself from ill-wishers and then everything will be fine soon.

To protect yourself from detractors, simple ignoring will be most effective. But it is often not so easy, because by and large they are colleagues, relatives and other people close to you. It would be surprising if there was a completely unfamiliar person among your detractors.

But all the same protect communication worth. Otherwise, if you do not do this, then you will be knocked out of potassium every day.

Learn to communicate with detractors. If you still feel irritable when talking with a person, then try to transfer it to another topic, or stop it altogether.

If this does not work, then take control of the emotions and try to lower the tone of your voice and its emotional color. And it is better to smile and transfer the conversation to another topic, it may unpleasantly surprise the ill-wisher.

In our life sometimes there are situations where the first two tips are not suitable. As an example, you can take a situation where you are standing with your boss on the carpet.

But here you can fight with the ill-wisher. In this case, just consciously try to “fly away” from this place and remember something pleasant.

Or just imagine, as in childhood, that you are in the house.

And most importantly, treat everything with humor, because it is a very powerful force from any detractors.

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