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How to refresh a relationship, How to shake a relationship

How to refresh a relationship, How to shake a relationship

In your joint marriage, there must have been moments of unbridled passion, kisses on the staircase, and unrestrained lovemaking even at lunchtime. Where is all this gone and is there a way to return everything to its former places and revive that very fresh feeling?

Mad rhythm of life, constant fatigue, which eventually develops into a chronic one, leads to the fact that we lose interest in those things that we used to dream of at night.

We are no longer interested in intimate relationships and intimate quality, and we are increasingly coming home after a busy day just falling asleep.

How to refresh the relationship with her husband

The first recipe refers to couples who mutually desire to brighten their family life. To do this, fit joint trips to rest, going to the movies and even visiting the sex shop.

Nothing brings people together like getting pleasure together.

Do not assume that your spouse will consider you a perverted kind, if you ask him to diversify the sex life. It is not necessary to offer directly, you can act smarter and leave open to a wanderer on the Internet, which tells about the benefits of sex toys.

The second recipe is suitable for unrestrainedly romantic natures, for whom the entourage and emotional background of dating always took first place, and only then there was the process of receiving pleasures and communication with a loved one. Book a hotel room, hand over your favorite envelope with the address, time and room key and go to the world of pleasure for two.

The third recipe is for those who are able to give a thousand and one advice to everyone how to refresh their relationships, but are afraid to use them in their lives. Write a declaration of love to your beloved and hang it on the fridge or put it in the mailbox.

Put his favorite candies with a small envelope in his food container for work, in which he will have a card with a warm wish for a pleasant day or a declaration of love.

You can not wait for Valentine’s Day, but come up with your own calendar of holidays, decorate it beautifully and give these days moments of joy and pleasure to each other.

How to refresh family relationships

Sometimes work forces us to go on business trips, and if they become very long, then after each return we have to try again to awaken the feelings of love in our other half.

You have to give gifts, write long love letters by mail and e-mail, and also learn by heart the phone numbers of gift delivery services in order to make your loved ones happy even at a distance on holidays.

Nothing is impossible and sometimes love from separation for a period of time only grows stronger and deeper. This is because when we do not have the opportunity to touch a loved one daily, hug and kiss him, make him pleasant surprises, then the value of these intimate moments increases for each of us several times.

Each couple has a moment when it seems that love is going somewhere, and tenderness is dulled. In fact, long communication simply needs periodic «life-giving injections.»

How to refresh feelings in a relationship

Go somewhere for a weekend

This does not mean the usual foray into the country or to parents, and a small excursion to still unexplored places. You can travel to the neighboring small cities, rent rooms in small cozy hotels, and explore interesting places together.

Unexpected little things can perfectly refresh any relationship. No need to be limited to important dates or holidays to give your partner a little surprise.

Hide your favorite chocolate under your pillow or put a cute card with words of love into the book that your chosen one is reading.

You will not believe, but such an easy method, almost the best answer to the question: how to refresh the relationship. Experts have noticed that being at home, the couple spends only 4% of the time on conversations about personal affairs and problems. Short gatherings in the kitchen greatly help to renew interest in each other.

Enough every day after work to ask: how was your day?

Go to bed only together

This advice is given by almost all psychologists. Studies have shown that absolutely all happy couples do not go to bed separately — even if they need to wake up at different times in the morning.

Touch each other

Communicating with half is not only verbal dialogue. Do not hesitate to touch the chosen one as often as possible, because the easiest gestures will help to refresh the relationship — sit down, hug, put your head on your shoulder or gently rub your hair.

It has long been proven that men who are just kissing their wife before leaving for work live a few years longer than those who do not.

Take care of yourself

Do not forget about the appearance and run yourself accustomed to a long, stable relationship. Join the gym together or run in the morning, go to the hairdressers and spas.

Explain in love

Maybe it will seem to someone banal or even vulgar. In vain!

As often as possible, remind your mate how he or she is dear to you and say how much you love each other. In fact, this is the best way to refresh your relationship!

How to shake a relationship?

How to refresh a relationship, How to shake a relationshipA very good relationship is very difficult to maintain in the same form. So you need to pay very close attention to this.

After all, if the interest in you disappears, the problem will arise very large, and separation may also occur.

Reasons for cooling relations:

  • As they say — bytovuha jammed. And it is true. Monotony and routine over time bothers you;
  • There is no diversity in sex. This is especially bad for the female half. And therefore, they often look for diversity on the side;
  • Employment at work. This happens for one simple reason. Material well-being is first of all;

All these and other reasons often stand in the way of relationships and their withering. How to get rid of this, and what needs to be done so that feelings of love and understanding reign again with greater force?

You just need to shake up the relationship!

The best ways to shake up a relationship

Want to refresh your relationship? Then you should not be afraid of various experiments in intimate life.

After all, diversity can greatly help you. As many professional psychologists say, that such partings are due to the fact that there is no diversity in sex.

If nothing comes to your mind, then read the special literature or search the Internet. There too, just something you can find.

After all, this is an experience that can be useful to you in further actions.

How to shake a relationship? Of course, this may sound very trite, but having lunch in nature can help you a lot in this problem.

If such an event is boring for you, you can go hiking, for example, climb a mountain or arrange a date on the roof of a house.

After all, if you yourself show such initiative, this is a very good sign.

If your second half is very busy for such events, then you can go on a day off to the city, to any base. To make a fire, barbecue and a tent.

Try to diversify your life and when eating together. Suppose — arrange lunch on the roof or in the mountains.

These new sensations will help you discover new feelings and renew old ones.

Try to spend the weekend away from home. Nature, hiking, bonfire night, meet the dawn is a great and enjoyable time for both of you to spend and harmonize your relationship.

After all, the most important thing in these actions is not where you will be, but that you will be alone. This is, above all, romance, kisses and so on.

In general, it is very useful and will help you well in the relationship.

To refresh the relationship, try to surprise your loved one. After all, if you have a trait — unpredictability, then this can greatly please the soul mate.

Try to amaze your partner more.

Diversify every night with something. For example: candlelight dinner, sexy clothes, going to the cinema for an evening show, etc.

Psychologists have said a very interesting thing, that after loved ones got married, they stop caring for themselves. Of course, this is not quite, but still, they are not so demanding on themselves than it was before.

This can greatly worsen your relationship. Everything will start with quarrels, and may even end parting.

Always experiment with clothes, wear something new and original, so that your loved one likes it and surprises him.

Try to look after yourself every day. After all, it is often the bytovuha that makes us constantly the same every day — clothes, appearance, all this has a detrimental effect on relationships. So visit beauty shops more often, change clothes;

To shake a relationship, try to experiment more in sex. It is because of this that such crises often occur. However, it is not necessary to change everything dramatically.

Everything should happen gradually. Read the special literature, you can even watch movies on this subject;

Try more often to give each other gifts and make surprises, pleasant, of course. Send your favorite bouquet of flowers to work with a note about how you love her.

Or make a gift when you walk. It will be very unexpectedly pleasant to your second half;

Even such an act, how to write on the asphalt that you love her, will not go unnoticed;

Of course, the extinction of relationships is temporary. If you define it correctly and go through this step together, then in the future your feelings will become even stronger for many years, and your life will be more joyful and happier.

In general, you can shake up and refresh your relations, return them to their former course; most importantly, you should not forget that this difficulty is given to you for a reason, if you can cope with it, then you can do it well and then you will not part.

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