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How to stop being jealous of her husband? Psychologist tips

How to stop being jealous of her husband? Psychologist tipsJealousy is a painful and exhausting feeling. Not surprisingly, tired of their suspicions, many women begin to think: how to stop being jealous of her husband?

After all, jealousy does not save from adultery! If there is a desire, then every woman can stop being jealous of her husband towards all women and girls.

How to stop being jealous of your husband?

If you decide to give up strong jealousy, then you will need to find a hobby that can distract you and stop being jealous of your husband. Also, you will need to love yourself and then you will realize that it is better for you, he cannot be found.

Patience is what everyone needs. Well, do not forget about the nerves.

They should be your steel.

If you choose not to be jealous of your husband, then you will have to understand that cheating in small quantities is even useful. Of course, normal jealousy is quite normal.

After all, if you are jealous of a person, then there is a lot of love between you. But still, everything is necessary in moderation.

After all, jealousy can grow into something more and then the couple can break up.

How to stop being jealous of her husband?

First of all, you should have a good talk with him.

Why are you jealous, so he stopped making certain movements towards girls? After all, if you don’t like something, it’s best to discuss everything well and then the problem will disappear.

But always be polite, because this conversation will be important for both of you and he will be able to solve a lot.

It is very important that there is trust between you. After all, when there is trust, then the relationship between people is better. Do not follow and monitor every step of your husband.

Give him freedom. After all, everyone should have personal space. In no case do not read the personal correspondence, do not look for anything in his phone.

After all, if you, knowing the essence, read the message, then you can be very upset. And in the end, you will understand that the quarrel happened because of a trifle.

Every time, consult with a man what he thinks about this or that occasion, communicate more with him. To stop being jealous of your husband, you need to establish a special relationship of trust with him.

And the last. Take care of something, distract from problems, get a hobby, in general, take care of yourself.

How to stop being jealous of her husband? Psychologist tips

“How can I get rid of the painful feeling of jealousy and suspicion that overwhelms me. The reason is simple — the husband is constantly on a business trip.

He does not give the slightest reason to doubt his loyalty, but completely foolish thoughts are constantly creeping into his head. Well, you understand what I mean. Tell me, please, how to stop being jealous of my husband and what should be done to stop this anguish once and for all and be more self-confident.

Rimma Slabko.

How to stop being jealous of a husband, psychologist Elena Poryvaeva answers:

Unfortunately, you did not say whether you work yourself. If not, then an interesting job in your case is the surest way to stop reflecting on the topic “what my husband is away from home doing”.

And if the work is also creative, then all the more you will never be bored.

Of course, there are no ready-made recipes for how to stop being jealous of a husband, and what helped another woman may not suit you at all. But trying is not torture.

Make it so that work eats such a piece of your life, so that there is no room left at all for extraneous and unnecessary thoughts.

We are all living people, and in order to feel good, we really need to feel the movement of life in ourselves and around us. Of course, if you come home and there is no one at home, then for this time life seems to stop or, at least, very significantly slow down its progress.

So give it a boost. You will kill three birds with one stone: foolish thoughts will not go to your head, and you will increase self-esteem, and time will pass quickly in the absence of her husband.

Go to the fitness club, to language courses, take dance lessons, sewing, drawing.

Set goals for every husband trip. For example, set a goal for yourself — by his arrival, tie him a warm sweater for the winter.

And surprise him when he returns. Go to the courses of Oriental cuisine, learn how to make sushi and hit your half, which came from a regular business trip, with your culinary skills.

Or start at home a small revolution in the style of «throwing trash out of the house and calling old friends.» You can even start to engage in artistic creativity — buy brushes, paints, watercolor paper and a tablet and paint yourself, whatever you like, take off stress.

From this process you can make a very exciting game, and do not care that you can not draw — draw what you feel, and not what you see. If you are no stranger to the gift of writing, try yourself as a freelance writer in any magazine or newspaper.

You never know?

In a word, look for and discover talents in yourself. Take your time, even from morning to evening you will have a lot of diverse and interesting activities. Let loneliness and moments of peace be desirable, and not forced, in the absence of her husband.

How to stop being jealous of her husband? Develop, grow as a person, because there is no limit to perfection.

The main thing, remember — you do it, first of all, for yourself.

And returning not just home, but to an interesting, educated, talented, unpredictable (in a good sense) wife, her husband is always much nicer. And the best cure for your low self-esteem will be his eyes, full of pride for his wife.

And in general, it is not clear what you are panicking, because not all travelers are looking for comfort on the side.

How to stop being jealous of ex-husband

Even after a divorce or separation, it is difficult to come to terms with the idea that a person who has been so close to you for his relatives and relatives may suddenly become a stranger’s husband or lover. How to stop being jealous of your ex-husband, especially if he went to another woman, and you were left in bitterness and loneliness?

Jealousy in itself is an absolutely natural feeling that shows that a person is not completely indifferent to you. But to be jealous of a former guy, even if you do not show this feeling in any way and do not bring discord to his current family, is destructive for you herself and is absolutely meaningless.

The trouble is that you still have not managed to release this person from your soul and realize the fact that there is an end to your relationship. It may be necessary for you to take some more time to accept this fact, because it is difficult to expect that a wound in the place of a torn piece of your heart heals immediately.

Try to stop being jealous of your ex with the help of our advice.

· Do not in any way try to somehow discord the relationship between your ex-husband and his new girlfriend.

Firstly, in this way you only expose yourself in a stupid light, and secondly, you still will not be able to return the past, but only rebuild that person against yourself.

And besides, as long as you do not give him freedom, you will also consider not free and yourself, which means that it will not give you the opportunity to build your own life.

· As a rule, jealousy forces us to draw in the imagination of an ex-boyfriend along with another. As soon as this happens to you, immediately switch to something else. Surely you had pleasant moments in life and not related to your ex.

Try to call in your mind these very pictures.

· Was your relationship with your ex-husband so unclouded? Usually, memory plays with us a kind of joke.

Over time, all the bad goes into the background, and only good memories remain in the memory. So do the opposite. Forcefully push back all the good and remember only the bad moments that you had to go through.

You will even feel sorry for his new girlfriend.

· In general, spend less time thinking about this person. Is he no longer in your life?

That’s good. Dedicate it to something much more enjoyable — caring for your own appearance, traveling, relaxing on the sea — anything.

As soon as you completely exorcise the thoughts of a former husband, jealousy will disappear immediately. That’s how you’ll be able to stop being jealous of your ex-husband.

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