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How to stop postponing business, How to keep things together for a woman

How to stop postponing business, How to keep things together for a womanEach of us sooner or later accumulates the “car and cart” of unsolved cases. This burden takes a lot of energy from us, makes us irritable and prevents us from moving forward towards our intended goals.

Why is this happening and how to learn to stop postponing things? Why do we, knowingly that sooner or later we will need to return to the unfinished, still accumulate a heap of unresolved issues?

Why postpone the case for later

Only we ourselves can give the answer to this question. We may lack experience, or knowledge, or time to solve a particular issue.

Sometimes we undertake something, because it is inconvenient to refuse us, we convince ourselves that we need to do this and subsequently regret it.

The worst thing is that the unsolved problems firmly sit in our minds and emerge, from time to time, in a given situation. Unsolved tasks, unfortunately, bring only unpleasant emotions, they each time remind us of our insolvency, frivolity, weakness and inability to keep a word.

So what should be done to stop postponing things for tomorrow? First, assess the sober situation.

Sometimes we cannot complete what we started not because we don’t want it, but simply because we lack the strength and talent for it. If you have such a task, which turned out to be too hard for you, find someone who can assist you in solving it.

Reassign it or get rid of this task once and for all. Admit to yourself that this business has lost its meaning for you, and you can leave it completely painlessly.

Second, learn to say no. If you learn how to refuse unreasonable tasks in time, they will not fall asleep on your shoulders and you will be able to stop postponing your daily business.

Sometimes we are afraid to say no, because we don’t want to offend anyone with our refusal. But «no» can be said in different ways.

You can say how to chop off — without giving any explanations, but you can explain that “no” is not because you do not want to help, but because at the moment you really do not have the time or opportunity to do this, or you simply do not have enough competence .

Pending time

It is better to sincerely admit one’s inadequacy in some matter than to encourage and wishful thinking, and the result of such behavior is one — and you will be disappointed and will be disappointed in you. This tactic is applicable not only to the affairs and tasks, but also to the things that surround us.

We stubbornly do not want to get rid of the old, although no one needs it for a long time. For some reason, we feel sorry for throwing broken things that we will never be able to use. Probably few people know that all this rubbish, which we store at home, is blocking everything new that could come to us.

Old things are not only a physical problem, it also has a psychological meaning. Getting rid of the old, we make room in our lives for the new.

Very often, memories are connected with things, events, people. Through these things we continue to cling to the old, not allowing the new to come into our life.

To the new knocked on your door, say goodbye to the old!

Easy way to stop postponing

Let’s do the general cleaning together and try to complete all the work begun, get rid of unnecessary things and say goodbye to the old relationship.

Having dealt with all this mess that is going on in our apartment and in our soul, we will attract long-awaited abundance.

Go through your home with a notebook and pen and identify those items that you no longer need and that you can part with. These may be unnecessary documents, old letters, non-working equipment, old magazines, clothing that has long been out of fashion, etc.

If these things have not been used for several years now, leave them without regret, they are clearly not useful to you. These things also prevent you to stop postponing.

And now let’s clean up our heads and our souls. Remember you have unfulfilled promises, if they are still relevant — try to fulfill them all the same.

If time is gone and your promise has lost all meaning — say goodbye to him and let it no longer torment you! If there is an unfinished relationship in your life, if you broke up something to someone without saying something, call that person and let the last conversation take place.

Forgive all your offenders, because living with an offense in your soul you are poisoning life, first of all to yourself, this offense does not allow you to sleep and fully enjoy life.

It may happen that you will find yourself in a situation where you really need someone’s forgiveness … do not forget: you will forgive and forgive.

Get rid of old attitudes and beliefs, thank everyone who did not have time or forgot to say thank you. Do it and soon harmony and happiness will fill your life!

How to do everything a woman — tips

The pace of life today is constantly accelerating. We are periodically, very little time in the earth’s day to finish, at least a few urgent matters.

It becomes quite clear that it is not possible to do absolutely everything, after such an understanding come to us chronic stress, exhausting fatigue and an incredible, unpleasant depression.

Hope to have time to finish everything else. According to previous studies of many scientists, the efficiency of the main number of people, as a rule, does not exceed 0.7% per day. For many leading top managers of various companies, this figure is slightly higher, about 1%.

In reality, people who practically have time for everything can use the time allotted for them elementarily more competently.

In order to tame naughty seconds, as well as minutes and hours, as well as stop postponing business, you need to learn how to plan. Short-term and long-term plans are the first step towards success in your business.

It is quite possible to deviate from the list of affairs for the day only in a special case. After one week of daily planning and a certain strict accounting of your time, it will be possible to analyze your effectiveness with a view to significantly improving it.

The next thing you need to do to keep things going for a woman is just to get rid of the various so-called time eaters. Here, again, to your aid comes your list. In this list, you need to mark absolutely everything that you spent precious time during the whole day: whether it is watching the show, talking with a friend on the phone, just sitting on the Internet.

Then do the counting of time spent on things that you do not need, complaints about lack of time will disappear by themselves.

The third leading secret of your success in how to do everything a woman is considered to be a timely solution to absolutely all the problems that arise, but until the moment when they become a real obstacle to a simple life. In particular: it is more expedient to prepare winter shoes at the very beginning of autumn, and not just when the first snow fell on the street and it turned out that there was absolutely nothing to go to work.

We advise you to stop postponing the case. After all, if you accumulate them, they have one extremely bad thing — just to accumulate and grow terribly, like a snowball.

In addition, for greater and effective productivity, you need to learn how to delegate most of your powers. Indispensable people, as you know, does not happen.

Doing quite a few things is quite possible to entrust to your husband, children, or your subordinates. And imagine that life will not collapse from this, but a lot of time will be freed up for much more solid projects.

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