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How to stop procrastinating for tomorrow: simple ways

How to stop procrastinating for tomorrow: simple waysWhy do we tend to put things off tomorrow? What scares us?

The very fact: you need to start doing it. Of course, when deadlines are tight, we still begin to move, but it often turns out that it is already too late. Sometimes it ends sadly — the loss of work, the failure of the exam, a family scandal.

How to stop postponing tomorrow and end this habit? There are simple ways!

How to learn not to postpone tomorrow

Psychologists name three reasons for this behavior. A person who postpones everything for later, not only does not know how to organize his time — he is afraid to proceed to action.

To offer him to buy a diary is the same as asking a person who is depressed to “just look at the problem from the positive side.”

If you want to stop postponing tomorrow, honestly look into the eyes of your fear. Infinite respite is a strategy of behavior.

He is aware that it is difficult for him to begin to act, but does not notice the hidden meaning of his behavior — the desire to defend himself.

This strategy allows you to avoid confrontations with internal fears and anxieties.

«Descendants» are afraid to be unsuccessful. But the paradox: their behavior, as a rule, leads to failures and failures.

Putting things aside for tomorrow, in the closet, they amuse themselves with the illusion that they have enormous potential and still succeed in life.

They are convinced of this, since from childhood their parents have repeated that they are the best, the most talented. They believed that they were exceptional children, although, of course, in their hearts they could not help but doubt it.

Having become adults and postponing the solution of their problems, they are still guided by this ideal image of their own “I”, because they are not able to accept the real image.

We decided to stop postponing tomorrow? Look for reasons in your childhood. The opposite scenario is no less dangerous: when the parents are always dissatisfied, the child loses all desire to act.

Later, he will face a contradiction between the constant desire to become better, more perfect and limited opportunities.

To be disappointed in advance, not to start doing business is also a way to protect against possible failure.

Some people follow a completely different logic: they refuse to obey any requirements. They regard any conditionality as an encroachment on their freedom: they don’t pay, say, a bus fare — and so they protest against the rules adopted in society.

Note that they will still be forced to obey when, in the person of the controller, the law requires them. D. Burka and L. Yuen explain: “Everything happens according to the script from childhood, when parents controlled their every step, not allowing them to show independence”.

As adults, these people reason like this: «Now you can not follow the rules, I will manage the situation myself.» But such a struggle leaves the wrestler as the loser — she exhausts him, not eliminating the fears coming from a distant childhood.

4 ways to stop procrastinating for tomorrow

1. Stop self-flagellation

If you keep thinking that you are not capable of anything, your indecision will only intensify.

Remember: inertia is also a sign of internal conflict: one half of you want to start an action, and the other discourages it.

Listen to yourself: resisting action, what are you afraid of? Try searching for answers and write them down.

2. Start to act in stages

If you want to stop postponing tomorrow, divide the task into several stages. It is much more efficient to disassemble one drawer of a table than to convince yourself that you will disassemble everything entirely, only tomorrow. Start with short intervals: «From 15.00 to 15.15 I will decompose the accounts.»

Gradually, you will begin to get rid of the feeling that you will not succeed.

3. Do not wait for inspiration

Some people are convinced that they need inspiration to get down to business. Others believe that they work better when deadlines are tight.

But it is not always possible to calculate the time it takes to solve a problem. In addition, unforeseen difficulties may arise at the last moment.

4. Reward yourself

To stop putting off for tomorrow is a great way.

The reward, assigned to oneself, often becomes a good stimulus for change: read one more chapter of the begun detective story, having finished to disassemble the papers; take a vacation (at least for a couple of days) when you hand over a responsible project.

How to plan time to stop procrastinating for tomorrow

In our frantic age, it is difficult to have time to do all the planned activities, I want to work efficiently, meet with friends, stay with close people, go to a concert, go to the gym, etc. But, alas, many do not have time to do half of the intended, but as a result of a bad mood or worse, chronic fatigue syndrome due to high psychological stress associated with lack of time.

Plan your work. In order not to waste time thinking over the course of the day, it is necessary to train yourself to plan your next day for what kind of business. We decided to stop postponing tomorrow?

At first it will be difficult for you, you will consider that the preparation of a plan takes a lot of time, and it is very tiring to stick to it during the day.

But look, who achieves the greatest success, only those who have everything planned and painted, they always know what they should do at the moment, and what they will do tomorrow. The plan is the basis for saving time and you can make sure of this if you start living according to plan.

Do not postpone the case. Never delay matters you can do now.

If you want to stop postponing tomorrow, do not look for excuses and excuses for yourself, all this is a human whim. Begin at once to perform a specific job, and you will not notice how quickly you retract, and laziness will go away by itself.

The main thing to start!

Find what steals your time. Everyone has bad habits, which ceases to pay attention.

So a person has habits that steal time from him. Take a closer look at yourself from where you spend a lot of time, maybe you do a lot of shopping without need (shopping), maybe you like to talk on the phone for a long time, maybe you spend too much time watching popular TV shows, etc.

Each person will find a “funnel” in his life, which takes time.

Having found the cause, try to eliminate it as quickly as possible, because by replacing the useless exercise with the useful, you save your time.

Set yourself a time frame. If you adhere to a clear schedule and not be distracted by unnecessary actions, you will save a lot of time.

Enjoy your actions. Having planned your time, go straight to the intended goals and enjoy what you are doing right, because the end result will not keep you waiting.

By adhering to the above rules, you can find a solution on how to organize your time, and at the same time not be too tired.

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