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How to survive parting with a girl: tips guys

How to survive parting with a girl: tips guys

Parting with a girl can be caused by different reasons. This is both excessive maximalism and unwillingness to compromise.

As a result, the girl often offers to leave, perhaps hoping that the guy will stop her, but instead he will show excessive and completely unnecessary pride. How to survive parting with a girl and return to normal normal life?

Tell about this in the article.

How to survive parting with a girl — tips

Get ready for the fact that the first time you will be quite difficult, however, if you put a little effort and patience, you will succeed. And over time, you will even find some advantages in the fact of your break.

Think about the fact that now you have finally become absolutely and unlimitedly free. Now you can meet with no restrictions with friends, and most importantly, there are so many pretty girls around and now you can not only freely look at them, but even flirt.

And could you do it before? After all, even if you have not seen your girlfriend.

Surely you were tied by the very consciousness that you have a relationship with her.

Relationship with a girl is the same drug, and if you want to “get down” from it, you will need not to gradually reduce the dose, but to do it all at once. That is, destroy all bridges, change the phone number, do not go where it can appear alone or with friends. And do not ask anyone.

All this is temporary, but very effective measures. You will gradually become unaccustomed, and then, if you like, you can even remain on friendly terms with her.

But this — then.

In the meantime, to survive parting with a girl painlessly, you can easily do other things that you probably abandoned during this time. Work, study, sports, household chores, finally, love your grandmother, all this has long required your urgent attention.

And you can just go somewhere in the company of friends.

Well, finally, back to the beginning of our conversation. There are really a lot of beautiful girls around. Communicating with them, you will surely be able to press a little those sad thoughts that are now filling your head.

It is possible that you and watch some replacement for your ex.

It is possible that this will only be a temporary relationship, since your feelings are still too keen and, of course, any other girl will now seem to you not at all like the one with whom you broke up. But, in any case, it is better than to languish in melancholy and sadness.

And maybe you will look and — who knows?

How to behave after breaking up with a girl

For some reason, many believe that the guys do not suffer after breaking up with their lovers. Even as they suffer! Only diligently hide this fact.

Are you in a depressed state because of a break with your beloved? You have no chance to start all over again, but because you need to learn to live again and trust people?

In this case, our article will be useful for you!

First tell yourself that you forgive and let go of your soul mate. As long as an insult lurks in your heart, you will be sad and angry. If possible, talk to the girl and tell her that you do not hold on to her and wish her happiness.

Believe me, it will become much easier for you to survive parting with a girl, and you will have the opportunity to find your soul mate without remembering past relationships.

Think of the situation as a rewarding experience. Surely from each case, you can extract something that will help you in the future to build new relationships.

For example, you will understand that you need to be more attentive to your partner and more often talk about your feelings.

Feel free to contact a psychologist. Yes, sometimes relationships with parents or friends are not so trusting as to share the most intimate. Then you just need to contact a specialist, because it is very dangerous to hold in yourself pain and resentment — sooner or later it will all come out, and will result in a nervous breakdown.

You can speak frankly with a psychologist, get tips to help cope with depression after a break.

If you think that short links will help you forget, do not neglect new acquaintances and novels. By the way, the more you communicate, the higher the likelihood that you will meet your soul mate and be able to more easily survive the separation from the girl.

It is useful to switch your attention from a failed relationship to something else. For example, you can plunge headlong into work, go on a trip, start a home renovation.

Excellent results are provided by volunteer activities. You will help other people, and the feeling that you are doing a good deed will help to cleanse the soul of the accumulated negative.

Besides, volunteering is, again, new acquaintances and unforgettable impressions.

What to do after breaking up with my girlfriend

Meetings and the following partings are an inevitable part of our multi-faceted life. But if meetings cause us a lot of positive emotions, then not everyone knows how to survive the separation.

A lot of mental and physical strengths are spent on this, disappointments from the past life turn into only nascent relationships, preventing them from being truly fulfilling. It also happens that a person can refuse from new meetings altogether, for fear that they will cause him a new, even more pain.

Of course, if new meetings take place immediately after you have gone through a separation from a girl, they cannot bring anything but disappointment, because the person is still very vulnerable, and he inevitably puts himself in a dependent position.

Naturally, dependence on a partner cannot lead to anything good, as a result, a new disappointment and a new gap.

First of all, do not seek to start a new novel immediately. In order to survive the separation from the girl and healed the wound that you received, a sufficient length of time is necessary. And do not try to rush things.

Although turning into a hermit, not leaving her tower, where she voluntarily imprisoned herself, is not worth it.

Load yourself so that you have absolutely no time for bitter thoughts. To do this, everything will fit — enhanced work, philanthropy or sports.

Or maybe you will discover a new interesting hobby.

By the way, sports activities will help you not only to get positive emotions, but also significantly improve your figure, and, consequently, improve your self-esteem. What you really need now is not to turn into a sad uninteresting guy.

Expand your circle of acquaintances. This does not oblige you to anything, but new people have no idea about what happened to you, and, therefore, they will not constantly remind you of the sad past.

If you are not able to cope with your emotions and independently survive the separation from your loved one, use the help of a psychotherapist. This is absolutely normal and people around the world have long been doing just that, which allows them to achieve significant life success.

Think of your old friends with whom you have not seen for a long time. To survive parting with a girl, plunge into communication with other people.

Now is the time to visit them again and renew the old friendship.

Well, finally, pay attention to yourself. After all, before that you only did that you gave all your energy in order to maintain relationships.

Now is the time to correct this defect.

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