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How to survive parting with your loved one

How to survive parting with your loved oneParting with a loved one, many are experiencing very hard. This is understandable — it is difficult to understand and accept the fact that the beloved is gone, and you will no longer be together.

But this is no reason to think that life is over, that you will not find happiness in this life anymore.

You just need to know how to survive parting with your loved one, and learn how to enjoy life again, open the way to a new relationship and give yourself the opportunity to find happiness again. And it is not so difficult as it seems at first glance.

How to survive parting with your loved one — tips

Humble yourself. Already do not return.

You just need to accept the situation and learn from it a lesson.

Sorry. Anger and resentment poison life.

So forgive your loved one, let him go. Understand that he just met someone with whom it would be more interesting, who would give him real happiness.

Love is the desire to make your lover happy, no matter who he is with.

Love yourself. It is very hard to survive the separation if you do not love yourself. Learn to value yourself, your life.

Understand that no one will love you if you do not love yourself. Appreciate yourself, give yourself gifts. Know that no one is better than you.

At the very least, imagine that he will regret having abandoned you — after all, it is better not to find him anyway!

Do not hold your pain. Tell about the feelings and experiences to the girlfriend, relatives.

This will help you speak out. You can even go to a psychologist.

Well helps and diary. Write in your diary all your thoughts, feelings, experiences — this way you can also speak out and throw out the accumulated emotions.

And you can talk with your reflection in the mirror, your favorite cat, dog — although they will not say anything in response, but you will have a feeling that they understand and support you.

Cry. You can not hold back tears — cry, it helps a lot, and you will feel better.

The main thing — do not overdo it, so that there is no real hysteria.

Get rid of things you love. If you have any of his things left, just throw it away so that nothing reminds you of him.

Travel. Take a trip to where you have long wanted to go, change the situation.

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you, but which you just did not notice before.

Find a favorite activity. Do fitness, sign up to some club of interest. This will help you meet new people, get distracted.

And who knows, maybe you will meet your soul mate? After all, common interests — this is what holds people together.

How to forget a loved one after breaking up

When an irreparable situation happens in a love relationship, when you are broken and there is no way back, when it seems that in this world nothing holds you anymore — the only consolation you can hear at this moment: Time will cure a wound, be patient. This phrase seems meaningless to you, nothing will happen, as before and time has nothing to do with it, but … fortunately this is not so.

To survive the separation with your loved one, someone needs more time, someone less, but still the spiritual wound gradually stops hurting and only aches from time to time, and some people never even know about it.

Sometimes we ourselves wonder why we were so tormented and what was special about this person?

And how shameful then to remember that we were even going to commit suicide.

Of course, it all depends on how strong the feelings were and how long the relationships were. If we are talking about young people who have met for a year, this is one story and a very different one, if people who have been married for 10 years or more, who are connected by children, relatives, etc., have parted.

I personally regard the expression “time heals” not as an assertion that everything will be forgotten over time, but as an assertion that time gives us the opportunity to adequately assess the situation and set priorities correctly.

A day after the break, many young people almost want to lay hands on themselves.

A month later, they begin to piss very much, after six months they are still hoping for a renewal of relations, and a year later, they simply recall with a longing in their hearts the failed romance. Absorb the life already, thank God, no one is going.

If we talk about spouses who have been divorced, then for the first six months the abandoned spouse does not even think about new relationships, it seems that nothing will ever happen again.

But, a year later, for example, a person begins to realize that the sun is still shining, birds are singing, the grass is green — in general, life goes on!

Each case is naturally individual. Hobbies are forgotten faster, true love will never be forgotten.

If a person loves for real, then over time he simply does not so acutely experience the pain of separation, quite simply, he learns to live with the thought that a loved one is not around.

How to cope with parting with your beloved

Of great importance is exactly how people parted. If it was mutual cooling of feelings or one fell out of love with the other, then everything seemed to be clear.

But very often people part because of some circumstances beyond their control.

At the same time, some cannot even explain to each other what happened. Some understatement remains, and the person does not perceive the separation as a break, he continues to hope and wait …

In this case, a person just needs to dot the «Y». He needs the last conversation, the last meeting.

Until that happens, he will torment, hope, wait — no matter how much time passes.

If we consider time as the “doctor” of our souls, then one hundred percent recovery is possible only if it was a short passion and in the case of, for example, an unrequited love. Oddly enough, but love that has not found reciprocity is forgotten most quickly, however, if there was no relationship with the object of adoration.

Just in this case, the person after some time begins to realize that there is no chance, and tries to switch to something or someone. It’s enough to be distracted and after some time the former love and the question of how to survive parting with your loved one will cause only a nostalgic smile.

I would probably agree with this statement: “everything changes, nothing disappears” and this is true. If this is love, then over time we realize that it was not love that was experienced at all.

If this is love, then over time we will get used to the fact that this love has remained unanswered, we learn to live with it.

In fact, everything depends on us, we can remember, but at the same time continue to live a full life, we can draw conclusions from past mistakes, and we can only live on the past. “Years teach what the days don’t know,” don’t forget about it!

How is the separation of loving people

Rupture or divorce, sooner or later, have to endure absolutely everyone and no one has yet managed to avoid it. How to survive a divorce and separation from your loved one, to get out of it is not a mentally injured person, but on the contrary, to grow up and get stronger spiritually?

To do this, first of all, it is necessary to reject those illusions that have hindered you so far. How often can be heard.

What a person repeats in despair — I cannot live without him or her, I will die now, I will not be able to survive this.

The main task is to learn how to live independently and survive the situation that you cannot change.

Sa big problem is that your mind at such moments just completely refuses to accept the fact of separation from your loved one as a given.

This is exactly what needs to be done.

Understand that your relationship is not a comma, but a period.

Stop clinging to your soul for this person, release him. This does not mean that you should throw it out of your memory — no, this is hardly possible, and sometimes it happens that unfaithful husbands return to their old hut again.

The trouble is that both he and you will already become completely different people by this moment, between whom a new relationship may begin. And they may not start.

But what should be thrown out of your head is a false obsessive thinking that your life is over, you will never find such a person again and that you will no longer be able to love anyone. As soon as you manage to overcome these thoughts, your suffering will end.

In order to quickly endure the separation with your loved one, take such thoughts as personal enemies that do not arise in your head at all, they are implanted there from the outside.

Try to forgive not only the person who left you, but also yourself.

After all, the longer your resentment will last for him, the more you will come back again and again with thoughts to the person you broke up with.

And what does it mean to forgive yourself? It means not blaming yourself for what happened, and if you are not guilty, then why should you be unhappy?

This is unfair.

In addition, if you are unhappy, it means that you believe that you can be made that way, and this is a rather infantile feeling that is not in the face of an adult. It is better not to feel sorry for yourself, but to allow yourself to fully enjoy all the pleasures of life that it gives us.

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