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How to survive the black bar? Wise advice

How to survive the black bar? Wise adviceIn each person’s life, sometimes there are difficult periods that test the strength of his faith in himself, as well as in the will to live. In this article you will find a small tutorial that will tell you about how to survive the black stripe in life.

We hope that it will help you find support during life’s trials and overcome the circumstances.

What to do to survive the black stripe in life

Every person throughout his life constantly faces the so-called black and white stripes, which, as a rule, replace each other. But what if the whole life suddenly turned into a black stripe only?

In our article we will try to give basic answers to these questions.

To survive the black band, you need to conduct a serious analysis of the situation. If you are pursued daily by any minor troubles, and you do not see a way out of this situation, so soon you start thinking that failures are following you, and it is impossible to get rid of them, since you are a real loser.

Psychologists call this condition a loser syndrome.

If you are looking for a way to survive the black bar, you need to get rid of it. However, if we thoroughly understand what is happening, the situation may not be as deplorable as it seems to us, but the fact of a series of minor troubles can annoy us much worse than one major failure in life.

Thoughts come that there will be nothing good in life. It is terrible to commit any act, having decided in advance to yourself that all your actions are doomed to failure, if you really have no luck in life.

Thus, in a situation of choice, a person with a loser syndrome subconsciously chooses what is worse for him. Fearing to miscalculate, he stops assessing the situation adequately, worries too much and as a result makes even more mistakes.

The consequences of this are problems in professional and personal life. The circle closes, a person does not see a way out, do not realize that most often the system of bad luck depends on his own actions, and not on some evil rock.

10 wise tips on how to survive the black strip

No need to know about the cause of the problem to solve it.

Most people believe that it is extremely important to learn about the roots of a problem before you begin to solve it. For this reason, this process may take a very long time.

Sometimes this phenomenon is called “paralysis of analysis”, which plunges a person deeper into the abyss of hopelessness and depression. However, an understanding of the causes is not always capable of bringing about any changes.

To survive the black line, do not engage in constant self-digging, but instead think about how you can influence the situation, as well as adequately survive a difficult period.

You can spend no more than 20% of your time on the negative, but focus on the positive in the remaining 80%.

Of course, it is very simple to feel sorry for yourself, to complain and be ready for failure, but this cannot help yourself in overcoming despair. Such a destructive attitude only aggravates your position.

It is necessary in each situation to learn to find something useful or good.

Always remember that at least one thing you succeed in life

If you are looking for a way to live through the black strip, no matter how hard life seems to you, do not forget that at least you manage to do something right, otherwise you simply would not be alive

Problems are often contrived

If you constantly feel that you do not have a normal personal life, decent work, an understanding family, you often feel sadness and apathy, then maybe you just do not want to notice that something good is always present in your life.

Your life should not be limited only to problems

Remember that you — not a cripple, do not live on the street and not the last loser. You are solely responsible for your own life, and it should not be reduced to problems.

If you cannot do something, try to do it differently.

If you really want to change your life and experience the black stripe, learn not to repeat your mistakes and do at least something different.

Start living in the present

You should not think all the time about how to survive the black stripe, try to find pluses in the present

Imagine how you would like to see your future.

“For what can I thank life?” — answer this question

To express and feel gratitude is to acknowledge the existence of positive features of your life and the realization of this can inspire you to subsequent achievements.

Solve everything, only gradually

To survive the black stripe, remember that the human brain is built very surprising: it is characteristic of him to overestimate the importance of negative factors and positive phenomena. And it should be used with the aim to block bad emotions and memories from their own failures.

How often each person notices that one phenomenon becomes more important than all the others.

Therefore, the success of solving one failure out of ten will set off, inspire confidence. In this case, the decision of five will create a prerequisite in order to fully understand the problems.

And the decision to act further after solving half of the difficulties comes on its own, since it is a positive emotion that overlaps the importance of the negative.

How to survive the black stripe in life

It is noteworthy that different life difficulties are perceived by each person according to their convictions and character. Therefore, it cannot be said that the same circumstances and difficulties will cause different people the same emotions and experiences.

This is wrong, as is the assertion that there are concrete effective methods to end the chain of failures and unwillingness to act for the sake of something or someone.

If you are looking for a way to survive the black line, analyze the cause of your failures and try to identify the fact that limits you to the circumstances. It is likely that among the detailed reasons there will not be the one that, individually, can greatly reduce the motivation to live and try for the good of something.

Therefore, to solve problems is more differentiated, because of each successfully completed case, there is a desire to deal with the rest, which also enthralls.

The following rules will tell you what to do to survive the black line.

Review your criteria: what exactly do you call failure?

Change your focus. Learn to find your positive moments in each situation and pay attention only to them.

If you are looking for a way to live through the black bar, use reframing. Rethink your failures.

Best to do it on paper. For example: “I was fired, but my new job is closer to home,” “I did not manage to go to university, but I would not have to get a profession that was not interesting to me,” etc. Get used to notice the different sides of the events that are happening to you and look for positive moments in them.

Live in harmony with yourself. With the help of misfortunes, fate seems to make a person understand that he is not doing the right thing, chose the wrong person, and so on. What should I do to survive the black line?

As soon as you give yourself an honest answer and begin to act in harmony with your own inner voice, bad luck miraculously ends.

Do not focus on the failures in life, that you attract them even more.

Start small: at the end of the day, write down what good you got today and try to keep this list getting longer.

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