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Aggressive people are more successful in their careers

Aggressive people are more successful in their careersWho do you think is easier to make a career: to an aggressive person or an accommodating true professional?

Alas, professionalism alone will not be enough. Aggressive managers, who are afraid of employees, often achieve success in their careers than their more competent rivals, a study showed.

And all because people are impressed by aggressive leaders: they seem to them powerful and domineering.

Scientists at the University of British Columbia have found that aggressive people dominate others and this makes them stand out from the crowd very easily.

During the study, 200 participants were divided into small groups that were supposed to solve various problems.

The workflow of each group was shot on videotape so that scientists could track how the participants behaved.

The results showed that people who looked more dominant had a greater influence on the solution of the problem and were considered by the participants as more authoritative.

Professional skills did not help other participants to become central figures to which everyone would listen.

Researchers say that the results can explain the longevity of aggressive leaders in business and politics — no matter how well they cope with their duties, people consider them to be authorities.

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