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Children’s crying from the basement: the story of the terrible secret of the village house

Children's crying from the basement: the story of the terrible secret of the village house

Olya, my girlfriend, was a pretty lonely person. It so happened that she did not have a family — she did not marry, she did not have children.

However, as far as I know, it was not at all a burden. You know, there are people who seek solitude, enjoy it.

Here is my friend was one of those.

Therefore, it was not surprising that when she retired, she decided to rent a house somewhere in the village. I searched for ads on the Internet until I found exactly what I wanted: a wooden house at some distance from the neighbors, with a small garden and garden, not far from a forest and a river in which you can swim in the summer.

Soon she moved there. We occasionally called up with her, and she invited me to visit her, see how she got settled, and at the same time rest a couple of days from work.

She told her that everything was fine with her, that she could buy goat’s milk in the village, that she had fresh air, and in the forest she came across a glade full of strawberries.

In general, Olga was delighted, I even thought that I could see her smiling while talking to me on the phone.

I, too, was glad for her, although I could not get to visit her — then at work there was a problem, then at home, you know, as is usually the case.

I only promised to come, but I put everything off and put it off for various reasons.

Suddenly this idyll was broken. Once at the beginning of the summer, Olga called me, and I immediately realized that she was alarmed with something, something was wrong with her voice or something else.

I asked what happened to her. At first, she refused, said that everything was fine, but finally she said that she really wanted me to come.

— Do not think that I am crazy. But in my house something really happens that I cannot explain, especially by telephone.

You know — there is a hatch under the stairs, I told you about him. He leads to the basement, which I almost never use.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I clearly heard a baby crying at night. This, of course, is nonsense — I have no children in my house, there is nobody to cry here.

And yet — this is so. At first I thought it was possible that someone was crying on the street.

And then I realized that the sound was coming from the basement.

Of course, I immediately went down there, I decided that one of the local children could somehow get into the house and get into the basement. But there was nobody there. It was empty.

But the crying stopped. I went back upstairs and carefully locked the hatch on the lock, covered it with a carpet on top.

To sleep again, I had to take sleeping pills. For the next couple of nights, nothing of the kind happened, and I already decided that all this was a game of my imagination.

Children's crying from the basement: the story of the terrible secret of the village house

But after two days I heard the cry again, now it seemed to me that it was heard much closer. This is repeated several times.

I’m really scared. I really need someone in the house to hear it and somehow explain what is happening.

From her tone I realized that Olga was very serious. And I promised her that I would come next Saturday right in the morning.

Sorry, I’m late.

On Friday, my phone rang again and the familiar number flashed on it. But when I answered, an unfamiliar male voice rang out on the other end.

The man called himself Nikolai Mikhailovich and said that Olga bought milk from him.

This time, for some reason, she didn’t come for him, and Nikolai Mikhailovich was surprised — after all, Olga was a very careful customer. After waiting a bit, he decided to reach it.

I knocked on the door — no one answered him.

However, the door was not locked — he pushed her and entered. The house was all quiet, but in the corridor he saw an open hatch to the basement. There he found Olga — she was dead.

She also had a very strange position — she was sitting on the floor and holding her throat with both hands, as if she wanted to strangle herself.

My number was the last one in the call list, so he decided to call me and report what had happened. Of course, after I called the police.

Olga had no relatives, so I had to go to her funeral. The police closed the case because they did not find anything criminal in her death — the autopsy confirmed that Olga really strangled herself with two hands on her throat.

You will say that this can not be, it really was amazing, and, however, it was so.

Of course, I spoke with Nikolai Mikhailovich. He blamed himself, saying that he had to warn my girlfriend that you should not buy this house.

It turns out that about 10 years ago a tragic story happened here. He belonged to a single woman who had a five-year-old daughter.

Once, for some reason, the mother pounced on her and strangled her, and then for some time hid the body of a child in this basement.

In the end, everything was revealed, and the woman was arrested on charges of murder. But before the trial, she did not live, hanged herself in the cell, where she was kept.

No one knows why she did it — they say that she had bouts of madness.

After the death of the owner, he inherited the house to her cousin, but he did not need him, especially after what had happened in him. Therefore, he decided to sell it.

I’ve been looking for a buyer for several years — local people didn’t want to buy it for obvious reasons; And finding someone from the outside was not so easy.

Until Olga appeared, she was very fond of solitude, and to whom he seemed just perfect.

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