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Children under 2 years old can not watch TV

Children under 2 years old can not watch TVMany parents think that toddlers benefit from watching special children’s entertainment or developmental TV programs. Is it really?

American pediatricians decided to look into this issue.

During the survey, 90 percent of parents said that their children under the age of 2 were watching TV shows. On average, children of this age watch television programs from one to two hours a day!

And at the age of 3 years, almost a third of the children already have a TV in their bedroom.

Parents who believe that educational television is “very important for healthy development” are twice as likely to leave their children at television.

Pediatricians decided to find answers to two questions:

1. Do video and television programs really have any educational value for children under the age of 2?

2. Does the children of this age have any harm to view these programs?

The main findings of scientists were as follows:

Many programs, videos for babies and toddlers are sold as “educational”, but the facts do not confirm this.

Children under 2 years old do not always understand the meaning of what they see.

Games are more valuable for the developing brain than electronic media. Children learn to think creatively, solve problems and develop thinking and motor skills at an early age through unstructured games.

Free play also teaches them how to entertain themselves.

Young children learn best by interacting with people, not with the screen.

Watching television before bedtime can cause poor sleep habits, which can adversely affect the mood, behavior and training of the child.

Young children with intensive use of the media are at risk of delayed speech development.

Therefore, the American Association of Pediatricians recommended parents not to familiarize their children under the age of 2 with a TV — instead, parents should play with their children.

Only games are effective in understanding the world and developing various skills, but not TV, the scientists concluded.

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