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Days of Unexpected Luck in August

There are such days when everything falls from the hands and it seems that luck has completely left. In astrology, only a few planets are responsible for unexpected luck, such as Jupiter, the Moon and Neptune.

While favorable aspects are formed between them, many people see this “white line” in life. These days, try to get the most out of unexpected opportunities.

Days of Unexpected Luck in August

4 — favorable connection of the Moon in Taurus with Uranus

This day is especially favorable for the financial and partner spheres. At work, there will be an unexpected turn. All decisions will be correct.

In the material sphere, happy opportunities are expected all the time. You can reorganize life. All undertakings in this period will have a lucrative success.

The material condition will significantly improve. The day is favorable for joint deals with representatives of the opposite sex and creative activity.

Tip of the day: listen to your intuition in making decisions, thereby increasing your own chances of success.

Days of Unexpected Luck in August

8 — The Sun in conjunction with Mercury and the Trine of the Moon with Jupiter

On the day when the Sun will be in conjunction with Mercury. Many will be accompanied by clarity of mind and thinking. At the same time, new contacts will appear, the ability of persuasion and suggestion will improve.

The period is favorable for business trips, borrowing money or credit. In the career sphere, such qualities as self-confidence and assertiveness will be pronounced. Mental abilities are activated as much as possible.

Communication with the authorities and influential individuals will be easy. The conclusion of lucrative deals will be the most successful.

Since on this day the moon is favorably aspected by Jupiter, there is a chance of financial success.

25 — The Sun in Virgo in Trine to Uranus

Days of Unexpected Luck in August

This favorable aspect will bring a significant improvement in the life situation to many. Before people open up new opportunities. On this day, there are great chances to win the lottery or any game.

Time will be successful not only for the material sphere, but also for health. The Trigon of the Sun with Uranus is characterized by a surge of vitality and energy. 25 unexpected luck will come to many, there will be success in transactions.

At this time, you can acquire new business connections. Most ideas and projects will receive support from others.

The transit trine provides great opportunities for future advancement in business and career.

27 years — Moon in Pisces in trine to Jupiter

Days of Unexpected Luck in August

Another good date, since it is on this day that the Moon in Pisces is aspected by the planet of happiness and luck, Jupiter. The harmonious aspect has a beneficial effect on the areas of training, labor, career, and communications. Any work goes harmoniously and successfully.

This is a great time to conduct negotiations, because the people around are positive and sympathetic. 27 will be presented many gifts and you can win in gambling.

Due to the excellent mood, heightened optimism, many will feel full of strength and energy. Success will also be accompanied in such matters: charity, business activity, publishing, real estate and food business, transactions abroad.

24-27 — Earth trine Sun — Uranus — Saturn

Days of Unexpected Luck in August

This transit will bring unexpected and sometimes unusual events. Original thoughts, innovative solutions and perhaps even insights will appear. The period is favorable for public events, non-standard acquaintances, disputes and discussions.

When adopting a new unique approach in business, you can achieve incredible success. Days are good for organizing meetings, group events and political activities.

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