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Diet by the stars

Diet by the starsAll the beautiful half of humanity always wants to look irresistible, to be attractive and desirable. Surely any girl or woman had a desire to change her figure at least a little, so naturally the idea of ​​diet appeared to many.

But diet is not just a set of actions to quickly lose weight, but a properly chosen and balanced diet and diet. Currently, a large number of various diets are offered, thanks to which you hope to get in shape, lose those extra pounds, strengthen your health.

But perhaps having tried many different diets, you did not see any changes in yourself, even despite the fact that you exactly followed all the recommendations of this or that diet.

Any diet is a test for your body, so it is desirable to approach this issue more seriously, and not on the advice of a friend. First of all, think not about the result being told to you, but about how your body will react to it.

To understand the reason for your failures, we turn to astrology for explanations and perhaps in the next attempts, you will manage to get more tangible and excellent results.

The horoscope is a map with planets on which the moment of birth is recorded.

Each sign of the zodiac has its own planetary content, its quality and element. A planet, getting into a certain sign, acquires updated qualities, passing through the definitions of the very sign of the Zodiac.

What does astrodiet mean? The horoscope affects not only the formation of your character, health, your aspirations and opportunities, but also the choice and need of certain foods and vitamins for your body.

Products that fit and are well absorbed by one person can be completely unsuitable for another and even bring harm. When building a horoscope, you should pay attention to the ratio of elements in it and, by certain indicators, determine which products and vitamins will be most suitable for your body to function normally. For example, if in the horoscope of a person more planets are in the element of Air, then they should eat more vegetables and fruits.

With a small number of planets in the elements Earth, you need to add meat, milk, cheese to your diet in order to balance this element in relation to others.

When building a horoscope, you will receive information about how quickly or slowly your body can burn food, whether you need additional physical exertion, how you react to certain foods and what vitamins your body needs.

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