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Diet during pregnancy reduces the unborn baby’s IQ

Diet during pregnancy reduces the unborn baby's IQPregnant women who follow diets during pregnancy are at risk of having a baby with a low level of intelligence, scientists warn.

In addition, these children are more likely to have behavioral problems.

A new study showed that the reduction of vital nutrients and calories in the first half of pregnancy have an impact on the development of the brain of the unborn child.

Although the study was conducted on animals, the researchers say that the conclusions are likely to be true for humans.

The author of the research, Dr. Thomas MacDonald, said: “This study is further evidence of the importance of good health of mothers and their diet.

Our findings again confirm the opinion of many scientists that poor nutrition during pregnancy can change the development of fetal organs, in this case the brain. The lack of certain vitamins in the mother’s diet will have an impact on the life of the offspring, potentially reduces IQ and leads to the child’s behavioral problems. ”

Past research has shown that tight diets, hunger and a lack of important minerals and vitamins during pregnancy can harm unborn babies.

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