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Getting ready for the holidays without stress

Getting ready for the holidays without stressYou spend your holiday days cleaning, cooking and running around the shops. You do not know what to grab on, there is not enough time for anything, you worry that you do not have time to make the intended one.

So it should not be! This year, plan everything in advance, and you will see that preparing for the holidays can be enjoyable.

Make a good plan

Like every year, you would like everything to turn out perfectly: the apartment shone with cleanliness, and the table sagged under the weight of delicious dishes. But think about the cost of all this. After all, you have many responsibilities, you work, you are engaged in the house.

Maybe it makes no sense to strain so? After all, on holidays, first of all, I want to stay with loved ones and relax.

May this year be guided by this thought.

Before you catch up in a panic for everything, take a few minutes to draw up a plan of action. On a piece of paper, write what you want to do before the holidays.

The best points are: washing curtains, cleaning the closet in the hallway, etc.

Most likely, you will get a list of the ideal hostess, who has three weeks of vacation at her disposal.

Think about it, do you really need to make everything out of the list?

Make a courageous decision and cross out what does not affect the festive atmosphere (for example, cleaning in the storeroom). Next step: cross out what you have already done in recent months (cleaned up the mezzanine, cleaned old stains on kitchen cabinets, etc.).

Well, how? Now the list looks real.

Take a calendar and accurately plan your business for the coming days. Think about what you can do in the evening when you return from work, and what will have to devote a few hours. Really evaluate your strength.

Do not plan a lot of things for one day. It is better then to do something over the plan, if the strength remains, than to see the unfulfilled items on the list — it’s so unnerving.

All you have done is cross out. You will feel satisfied when you see the work progress.

Try to keep as few cases as possible at the last moment.

In the list, mark what you should do yourself, and with what your relatives can help you.

Even if you are sure that you yourself will do better, still ask your family for help.

Remember: from working together you can get a lot of fun. In addition, all family members, especially the youngest, will be happy to help you prepare a holiday.

Gather family council

When you have already planned everything and thought it over, tell your thoughts to your family. Gather all together and arrange the calendar in your hand as to who will do what and when.

Clearly plan the sequence of your joint actions.

If you do not, then do not be surprised later that everything will fall on your head. Surely the last few years you have coped with everything yourself and taught home simply not to disturb you.

Instead of looking at them or making hints reproachfully, speak directly. Explain in detail exactly how this task should be performed. And if the husband and the children do what you asked them about, appreciate it and praise them.

Look at the stock of Christmas tree toys together. Maybe you need to buy something or do it yourself?

Remember that children have a lot of free time and small assignments they can perform after school.

Decide what amount you are willing to allocate for holiday expenses. Count the number of guests you are going to invite. Make a list and estimate how much each of them can eat (for example, five dumplings and two pieces of fish).

To be sure, cook two or three servings more.

This, of course, does not mean that guests should be given a well-defined amount of food. Just with such an approximate calculation, you can be sure that you do not cook ten times more than necessary.

Some dishes can be exchanged with relatives. If, for example, you cook a delicious herring under a fur coat, and your brother’s wife bakes a roll with poppy seeds, arrange that each of you will cook a little more than your specialty dish, and you will change.

If a common family dinner is scheduled, let everyone bring something.

In order not to live in the kitchen for several days in a row, some of the more labor-intensive dishes (for example, cook jelly in advance).

The idea that you have to go shopping can deprive you of sleep. Here the plan must be very accurate, you can buy gifts for loved ones and wrapping paper in advance.

Only better hide them!

Divide food purchases into those that can be made in advance, and those that have to be left at the last moment, such as vegetables and fruits.

It’s best to go with your family to a hypermarket or wholesale store two or three weeks before the holidays and buy canned food, beverages and non-perishable foods. A day or two before the New Year, buy fish and meat, vegetables, fruits — anything that has a short shelf life.

And on a holiday, it will be necessary to buy roofing bread and a cake that children can make.

X hour is coming

If you implement your plan completely, there will be very few things left for the holiday. Lay the table, fill the salads and bring marafet. Two hours before the arrival of the guests take a shower to relieve fatigue.

And then you will only. enjoy the holiday!

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