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Guest from the Future: The Real Story of Strange Time Travel

Guest from the Future: The Real Story of Strange Time Travel

This story happened a long time ago when I was about 15 years old. The summer holidays came and my parents decided to send me to the village for the summer.

My grandmother and grandfather lived there, they were already old, and they needed help. Together with me went my cousin Lena.

She is about two years older than me, but surprisingly, we never felt this difference in age. We liked the same movies, we loved listening to the same music and playing various board games.

I remember once we watched some fantastic film, where the hero had an incredibly developed intuition. Of course, we immediately wanted to try to test ourselves.

Started with ordinary playing cards. One of us took the map, showed the other her shirt, and it was necessary to guess — the color of what color.

At first I showed the cards to Lena, she guessed something, then she was mistaken, in general, nothing unusual.

The situation has radically changed when it is my turn to guess. You will not believe, but I managed to guess almost all the cards, except for two.

Truly called the color suit.

In any case, I myself did not believe in such a result. And Lena was also amazed.

At her suggestion, I tied my eyes with a thick kerchief, and she showed me a different number of fingers on one hand. I had to guess how much.

And again the result was amazing. As my sister said, I never made a mistake.

For some reason, the right figure immediately appeared in my head.

Then Lena went to the bookcase, she touched the spine of a standing book with her finger, and I had to say what color it was. My eyes, of course, were still blindfolded. Of the 10 books I correctly named 8.

Of course, I did not believe that I possessed such abilities. I decided that Lena was kidding me, so I decided to cheat and check.

I slightly moved the handkerchief, so I began to see books and specifically called the wrong color. If she touched the blue spine, then I called red, if brown, then green.

And vice versa.

But — no, if I called the color wrong, Lena said so.

Everything was honest, she did not deceive me.

And it was very strange.

Then I again tightly tied a bandage and began to listen to what is going on in my head. And then I stopped to make mistakes again.

Do I need to talk about the impression it made on my sister?

As for me, I was completely shocked. For some reason, before, I did not notice such a gift.

Therefore, I decided to stop these tests. And we started to play some board games.

And then they decided to do homework, especially since it had long been necessary to cut wood.

Birch trunks were folded in the yard, we took them from opposite ends, put them on the goats and sawed them with a long two-handed saw into small blocks.

We fun sawed wood because we liked this job. Birch sawdust smelled so good, and besides, in the evening we could make a fire from them and bake potatoes there.

However, there were many trunks, and within an hour I discovered that I had rubbed a rather painful callus. Then Lena put a cleanly washed sheet of plantain to her, which she tore off right there in the yard, bandaged my finger and offered to rest.

I decided to take a nap after lunch, and when I woke up, the evening had already gone down, the cow returned from the pasture, and her mooing could be heard in the window.

Actually, it woke me up. On the table were the cards we used and the boxes of games we played during the day. But Lena was not in the room.

I decided that she was somewhere in the yard, and ran to look for her.

So it turned out. She washed her face under the column.

She asked me where I was.

I was surprised — because I warned her that I would sleep a little. But did not pay much attention to her words, offered to demolish the sawn birch wood blocks in the barn.

Lena looked around and I saw her eyes widen.

— Is that you, all she filed?

The question seemed strange to me — did she really forget that we sawed firewood together. Or is she joking? I asked so.

Lena sat down on a bench and said that in the morning she had gone to Aunt Tanya, who lived nearby, and that she had not been at home all day.

Here I was really surprised. Who among us is crazy? What about firewood?

And all of our games with guessing and all the rest?



Guest from the Future: The Real Story of Strange Time Travel

As I listed all of this, my sister’s eyes opened wider and wider.

But then au Saia Tanya came into the courtyard and began to thank Lena for helping her with the garden today, they say, she would not have managed without her. Rising on the porch, she disappeared into the house, and then we heard her heart-rending cry.

Having exchanged glances, we also ran into the house after her. Aunt Tanya was sitting on the floor and was very pale.

Her lips were shaking, and when she saw us, she rolled her eyes and lost consciousness, making such a movement before her, as if she wanted to cross herself.

I left Lena with my aunt, and she ran to the village council and called an ambulance. She arrived only an hour and a half later, and the aunt was taken to the hospital.

She remained unconscious all this time, came to her senses only in the morning. Doctors said that she had a hypertensive crisis.

Aunt Tanya spent about two weeks in the hospital. Grandmother visited her every day, but she categorically did not want to see us with her sister.

It offended us a little — after all, we didn’t do anything wrong for her.

However, when she was discharged after all, we decided to visit her. On the way we went to the store, bought some sweets for tea.

She met us, it must be said, not too gently, but the kettle still set. And only then, when we got into conversation, she told us what happened on that ill-fated day.

It turns out that when she entered the house, Lena came out of the back room to meet her. Lena, whom she had just seen in the yard with me.

In addition, she looked just awful — her long blond hair got off and was completely wet — with water dripping from the floor. The dress was torn, there was a bruise under the eye, and the neck and hands were all covered with scratches and stains.

Seeing her, Lena signaled to her that she was silent, pressing a finger to her lips. Of course, Aunt Tanya did not become silent, she let out a wild cry that we heard, after which that second Lena just melted into the air.

Tea after this story seemed cold and tasteless to us, and the caramels began to get stuck in the throat. We considered it best to rise, said goodbye and left.

On the way, Lena asked me what I thought about it. But I just shrugged.

What to say? That day was filled with strange things for me.

We remembered it for some time. And then it was not before.

In the end, a terrible story happened to Lena.

She returned home in the evening, someone attacked her, severely beat and raped. The girl’s insensible body was simply thrown into the coastal reeds.

Fortunately, there was small, Lena lay face up, so she did not drown. Local fishermen stumbled upon it, returning from a night check of the donok.

Again, we met with her only during the autumn holidays. Lena almost never left the house, she did not communicate with anyone, what had happened to her had to be experienced, and this was not easy for her.

But she seemed to me happy to see me. After the traditional tea with the cake that I brought, she took me to her room. And there…

She started talking about how she lay unconscious after the attack. And then she had a strange dream.

Very bright, rather, it was not a dream, but even a vision.

She saw that the two of us were in our village house, in our room. That we are watching some movie, and then she shows me the cards that I have to guess to her.

And that is surprisingly great for me.

Then we switched to fingers, then — books, then we started playing board games.

Already at that moment my hair began to move in horror on my head. And still, twenty years later, I feel terrible about this.

And Lena continued.

In the dream, she saw how we sawed wood with her, and I rubbed my thumb on my hand. She ran, plucked a plantain under a lilac bush, washed it well under the tap and tied my finger.

Then she went into the house, after a while Aunt Tanya entered him. At that moment, according to her, Lena remembered what should now happen next, and therefore instinctively put her index finger to her lips.

Aunt Tanya screams — and the vision ends.

As for Lena, gradually she was able to recover from what happened. A few years later she happily married, she has a wonderful husband and three lovely children.

In my life, fortunately, no more amazing stories happened. Well, except for the fact that a couple of times I slowed down on the road, because I knew for sure from somewhere that because of the turn, a car should now appear — the way it was.

Or I intuitively felt when a layer of snow had to break off the roof. But these cases are too insignificant, they could well happen with any other person.

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