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Guest marriage is becoming more popular.

Guest marriage is becoming more popular.A new study shows that more and more people prefer to live separately, despite the fact that they are in a relationship. And even find a lot of advantages in this!

Researchers from the Universities of London and Bradford interviewed people who have long-term relationships and found out that many of them live at home even after marriage.

A third of them admitted that they simply are not ready to change their lives so drastically, another third explained this by the need to fulfill some other obligations besides marital, the rest live apart because of the fact that it is more convenient for them to go to work or study from their homes.

And only 1 percent lived apart in order to feel more free and to be able to hide something from their partner.

According to the authors of the study, this is explained by both economic reasons, since Everyone is forced to work hard, and with the greater caution of today’s youth.

Fewer young people believe that they will meet their half in 20-30 years and live with her all his life, “until death do us part.”

People have become more pragmatic and not in a hurry to gather and start living together.

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