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How to behave with your beloved man

How to behave with your beloved manHaving got acquainted with a man, sooner or later for some reason, we are just bursting with information about all our former hobbies. Some do it so that the partner has a hand on the pulse, they say, I have always been successful with the opposite sex, but I need a real man and maybe you are the same … maybe ..

Others are just trying to be completely honest, since this is my chosen one, that’s one and only — he should know everything about me, still others think that it’s better to tell now about all his adventures than something unpleasant will come up, etc. And yet, dear ladies, think carefully, but does your chosen one need such truth? Even if you speak badly about your ex, diminishing his dignity and extolling the virtues of the present, your chosen one will still feel like just another prey.

The first thing that comes to his mind is that you have a bad taste! Still you would constantly communicate with some idiots and villains.

The partner will definitely think, but will he become another mistake?

If, on the contrary, you will tell, with some burning machos you had novels, then think about what man would like to be just a substitute for your, perhaps, true unforgotten feelings?

So, rule one — no talk about your former partner. Silence is gold. It does not work?

So you can not wait to conduct a comparative analysis of the former and the present? Well, so who’s stopping you? Invite a friend to visit and share your impressions!

Here she will listen, sympathize, and understand.

Rule two: do not focus your attention on the income of your elect. Every man really wants to be appreciated for his personal qualities and talents, and not for his car brand or his position.

Having a bank account and a luxurious apartment in the city center is only a great addition, but not the main advantage of your chosen one. And then, who will give you a guarantee that, having married a rich and promising one day, the fairy tale will not end? After all, your companion’s attitude toward you is much more important, what he tells you, what actions he does for you, etc.

If you still can not wait to count the bills in his wallet, at least do not ask him about it directly. Choosing another trinket for yourself, do not ask your partner how much you can count on. Such behavior can break your relationship.

A man wants to see next to him that woman who will need him in sorrows and in joys and in wealth and in poverty. Knowing that you are, above all, concerned about his income, he will never dare to have a serious relationship, and even more so to marry you.

After all, there can always be someone richer than your beloved, the one who can buy you.

Rule three: never speak badly of his family. Even if his mother calls you a plain girl, and in every possible way tries to ward off a good-for-nothing son from you — for you she is a wonderful mother on the planet, well, except for your own mother, naturally.

Buy his mother gifts for the holidays and be sure to remember her birthday! If she does not want to communicate with you, continue to send congratulations through your partner and give her signs of attention.

Remember, you are not doing this for her at all — your goal is to reach your lover, and he will appreciate it, believe me! And at the time of another quarrel and clarify the relationship with his parent, he will take the final decision in your favor, but what else?

You are such a wonderful, attentive, not conflicted love your mother so much, and she does not appreciate you or your relationship to her!

Rule Four: Never compare your man with your girlfriends’ chosen one. Here, they say, look at how Oleg Sveta is getting dressed, he is so business-like, and you definitely would have gone! And economic, and attentive what, oh happy Sveta she is behind him, like a stone wall.

Do not be surprised when you finally begin to compare with Angelina Jolie, clearly pointing to its benefits. You deserve it in full. Further it will be worse, over time you will find out that you are completely unable to dress, do not cook well, etc.

Your elect must feel that he is the man you need — not Zhenka Svetkin or someone else, but he!

Rule Five: Do not flirt with your partner’s friends. It is clear that flirting is inherent in a woman by nature, he gives us the opportunity to feel attractive and to increase our self-esteem.

Moreover, we want to like friends of the beloved, but not for the purpose of seduction, but simply so that he can be proud of us. It’s so nice when the environment of your chosen one is delighted with you.

That’s the way it is, but a man does not understand all the subtleties of female flirting, in his understanding, the goal of a flirting woman is to seduce! Therefore, in the company you, of course, darling, but all attention should be given to his faithful!

Rule Six: Respect the partner’s private space. You ask, where does the care of a loved one end and the violation of his personal space begins?

The sovereignty of each of us lies in the possibility of being alone with ourselves, dreaming, thinking about something, without sharing our feelings and thoughts with anyone. Therefore, having moved to live with your beloved, do not rush to sit down at his computer, change the screen saver on his desktop, dig in his folders, view SMS in the phone.

Between a man and a woman there should be no relationship a la «Tamara and I walk a couple.»

This is utopia. Men are especially keenly experiencing encroachment on their personal space, this lowers their self-esteem, they begin to feel henpecked.

A man needs a woman friend, not a woman owner, think about it.

Rule number seven: never tell your chosen one that you cannot live without it! Just do not confuse with love confessions.

You can confess your love as much as you like, but you shouldn’t constantly repeat that you don’t understand yourself without it, that you have been waiting for such love all your life, etc. A man is a hunter, it is much more interesting for him to conquer a woman, to conquer, than to see her every day at his feet.

Such confessions give rise to a man’s confidence in the forgiveness on your part; you wouldn’t live without him! So do not be surprised if your faithful just goes another time to the left. At the same time, he will surely ask you for forgiveness and even repent, because he never doubts for a minute that he will be forgiven.

Always remain a mystery to men, let him only realize that he is the whole world for you .. and. let him doubt it!

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