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How to deal with lack of inspiration

How to deal with lack of inspiration

Are you a budding author? Inspiration, as always, decided to leave you in unbearable loneliness at the most inopportune moment?

Well, everyone faced this. And, as you know, if there is a problem, then there are methods for solving it.

Consider the most basic options for dealing with a lack of inspiration.

The most effective method is to … start working. It is on this principle that all famous classic writers worked.

Instead of sitting and waiting for the weather by the sea, or rather, at the inspiration table, they acted — they sat at the above-mentioned table and began to write.

Sit at the table, open a Microsoft Word document (or a notebook, if it’s more convenient for you to write by hand), turn on the timer for fifteen minutes, and start writing — by force, if it is completely unbearable. If by the time the timer turns off, you already catch the inspiration behind its colorful tail, then do not get distracted and continue to write further.

If you still have to squeeze the words out of yourself, then go to the kitchen, make some tea, relax and repeat this procedure later.

The fact is that, trying to write something, you, in one way or another, use your thinking processes. The first, perhaps, clumsy, sentences, sooner or later activate your imagination, and then the text itself will go on paper.

And then you will rewrite those first phrases if they are very bad.

Often you have inspiration … like. It only prevents the excessive dispersion of attention on VKontakte news, on correspondence, on photos of cats and much more.

In this case, there is only one piece of advice.

Disconnect internet. Yes.

Generally — otherwise you will find some kind of loophole, say, some new site, where there are absolutely unique photos of cats. After disconnecting, sit down, stock up on tea, and start writing. Until you write everything you wanted, but could not because of lack of inspiration (which actually will not come until you concentrate on the matter) — you will not turn on the Internet.

It sounds cruel, but the option is quite effective.

If you know exactly what you want to write, but have little idea how this text should look like, then you should look for outside help.

Maybe you should try to feel like a hero of your work? Of course, no one will force you to gouge out your eyes if you describe the life of a blind person.

But an attempt to blindfold with a scarf or a scarf and try to live at least one hour of your ordinary life (for example, warm up dinner, rub shelves, water the flowers) will give you valuable experience on the topic being described.

Or “find” information on the topic of your work. Re-read everything that Google will offer you like, chat with people who are close to the subject of your work.

Sooner or later you will have a huge amount of information, and your fingers will reach for the keyboard or the pen, trying to use it.

By the way, food is also quite capable of helping you. New tastes, new experiences.

However, not all food is a source of inspiration.

Much more often inspiration comes along with the music. Look for bands singing in a new genre for you or little known bands playing in your favorite style.

It is impossible to give unambiguous advice on the text — perhaps it is easier for you to write if you don’t understand what the performer is singing about, and it’s possible that, on the contrary, you like to write based on the stories underlying the songs.

You decide.

Concerning other people’s stories, here you can also find a good springboard for inspiration. Perhaps you should read the authors who wrote about your problem — not only the classics, many of the modern authors are also very talented.

Just do not take the network, better than anything that your friends have verified. Or the authors about whom you have heard positive reviews.

The only thing that should be emphasized here is not to try the techniques and plot twists that have been read in the books. Better to beat it in your unique style.

A good source of ideas can serve Pictures. You can search for ready-made selections, but it would be better to try to create such a selection that will fit your story yourself.

Enjoy the search process itself, the choice — and inspiration will not be slow to wait!

JK Rowling came up with the idea of ​​Harry Potter books when she was on the train. May help you journey?

Not necessarily in Scandinavia or Japan, a walk along unfamiliar streets of your native city or a trip to a small town next door is quite suitable.

Even if you do not see anything interesting, then perhaps the monotony of the road will tell you the idea?

Thus, you can see that inspiration can be found almost everywhere — there would be a desire. Write, combine methods, try — and you will definitely succeed!

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