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How to deal with the inability to bring things to the end

How to deal with the inability to bring things to the endDo you remember how you were born? I mean the birth process itself? Of course not.

Well, that’s really known from the stories of moms, so what kind of injuries were received during this process, and how did the process go. Well, precisely, physiologically or caesarean, was there any choking, etc.? I am not going to give you an excursion into medicine, but I want to share a very interesting fact.

Maybe he is no longer news, but few know about him. Just a few. Namely, the process of childbirth and injuries at birth play a key role in the conduct of our lifestyle.

Paradox? Rave?


Maybe. I probably thought so too, until one interesting point. There is one training called “birth experience”.

Everything is built there so that the participants physically conduct an imitation of passing through the birth canal. And when you get into this very channel, everything in your head mixes up, and you feel like a baby that was born … a number of years ago.

So, experiencing the second time your birth, with this mind, with this life experience, you can track the system, how we walked into this world, and how we walk along it.

There are people who, during their birth, got some physical injuries. It could be dislocations, fractures.

And they remain for life. That is, the injuries themselves of course heal, but we know that nothing happens just like that. And these injuries carry with them certain information, even for the life of such a crumb.

I know a case when a man came to the training, and said that he, at birth, had a shoulder injury. After the passage of the Generic Canal training, the shoulder straightened and the attitude towards life became more optimistic.

It seems that nothing unusual happens there. But many people, when discussing sensations, said that during the passage of the canal, they reached the middle of the road, and after waiting, when the “doctors” would help them.

Could this mean that in life these people do not bring the matter to the end, but wait in the middle of the way, when will they be pushed forward?

I think yes. When they were asked this question, everyone admitted that such a feature was inherent in them. But how to deal with it?

How to make yourself a tireless getter of your goals?

Is it worth it?

I know for myself that I was always hard in the middle of the road. And I often quit what I started because I burned out.

But when, nevertheless, with someone’s help, or by gathering all his strength into a fist, he achieved what he wanted, then there was no limit to the joy and pride in himself.

Passing this training did not help me get rid of this property, but it helped me understand why this is so! And now, when I start to «go out» in the performance of any business, I remember that you need to put very little effort and the result will be unsurpassed.

But in order to use such help, you need to feel for yourself the reason for your behavior. Of course, not everyone will be able to pass this, or similar training.

But many people believe that the ability to not bring the case to the end is a big problem.

I would like to help them. Let’s try.

To begin, everyone who wants to get rid of this «disease», should conduct a survey in front of himself. Ask yourself what’s stopping you from reaching your goal?

Estimate approximately, on what part of the path, do you experience this condition?

What do you need to achieve what you want?

It should not answer someone, but yourself. If you tell this to anyone, you can be telling, in order to justify yourself. And lying to yourself is ridiculous, you still lose.

Many people admit that they do not go to the end because they are emotionally burned out. Putting a lot of time and effort to achieve the desired, the goal becomes black and white, not having basically nothing that could attract to achieve it.

Therefore, sometimes you should turn to a close person who will remind you what guided you when you got down to business. Or, in the beginning, write down your emotions, all the positive aspects of the outcome of the case, your plans and hopes on a piece of paper.

Then, when the big “bummer” comes, take this piece and try to go through it all over again.

But without conditional, the driving force of all your deeds, is and will be willpower. And she needs to pay tribute, because it is she who does wonders in healing the terminally ill, in achieving the unattainable, in the fulfillment of desires.

But in the absence of it, people often feel insignificant and, accordingly, unhappy.

How can we do it so that our willpower sleeps with us every night, and take a shower in the morning and cook dinner? Unfortunately, for lazy people, willpower develops only by its use. It multiplies only when it is used.

Start small. Squat 10 times each morning.

Of course, if you are an athlete (or a woman), and squat 100 times, you should not reduce your load. Do what you do not want to do, but it is beneficial. Read the morning or evening prayers, engage in creative work with the child, develop in an interesting, but inaccessible area.

Choose yourself what you can train willpower. Then increase the standard.

Of course, you can ask someone from your loved ones to help you. But it’s best to hope for yourself.

Now you can check how strong your willpower is. Stand up straight, stretch your arms forward and spread them apart. Position your thumb so that it is pointing upwards.

And lay down for exactly 10 minutes. This test is for you, so I recommend not to read further until you fulfill the conditions. What feelings did you have during the test?

Did the inner voice say: Why do you need it? This is just a ridiculous game.

Here at the right moment, your willpower will work at 100%. Lower your arms.

Then it could something itch. And if you continued to hold hands, it itched even more.

In general, you can now judge for yourself the strength of your will power. How much you survived will be your assessment to you.

Even such a complex problem as a feature not to bring the matter to the end can be overcome. Regardless of where it was acquired, in the birth canal or on the path of life.

And be careful, because while working through this problem, you can cool down in the middle of the way, and you will have a desire to drop everything. Read our recommendations again, and I hope they will help you.

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