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How to deal with their shortcomings?

How to deal with their shortcomings?Often we suffer from manifestations of stubbornness, impatience, self-deprecation, greed, voluntary martyrdom, arrogance and self-destruction. These shortcomings do not allow us to enjoy life and poison its most pleasant moments.

How to cope with your own negative traits?

Usually the flaws do not go alone. If you are a martyr in the soul, most likely you are impatient. Arrogant people are often greedy and stubborn are arrogant.

It is not necessary to fight all your shortcomings at once. There is a high probability that a new one will appear on the place of the disappeared person.

If you find more than five of the signs below, then it’s time to start fighting with your own negative traits.

Arrogant people almost always look great and are self-disciplined. And this will agree rather advantages than disadvantages.

However, they risk becoming lonely. In addition, they very badly experience failures and avoid sincerity in communication.

And all because they are not confident in their depths.

Signs of arrogant persons:

— Do not need advice and rely only on themselves. Arrogant people cannot stand criticism and are always sure that they are right;

— Never ask for a debt;

— Observe distance in relations with colleagues and subordinates;

— Enjoy someone else’s envy;

— They consider themselves worthy of every compliment;

— Do not like to praise others;

— Often they are lonely, as they hardly go to rapprochement;

— They do not like being compared to anyone;

— They believe that their parents did not like them;

— Do not like to lose;

— They do not know how to express their emotions and do not like emotional natures.

If you are familiar with many of the features mentioned above, then it’s time to start fighting your own arrogance. Do not be afraid to be frank!

Laugh and do not keep all the emotions in yourself! Do not be afraid to be funny and relaxed! Praise those around you!

Show interest to people! Do not be afraid to ask for advice! Try to even treat criticism with humor!

Do not take every remark in the bayonets! Keep it simple, and you will have more well-wishers and friends!

People who are prone to Samoyed are usually modest, unpretentious and unpretentious. However, low self-esteem, lack of initiative and loneliness often poison their lives.

Signs of people prone to Samoyed:

— It seems to them that everything they do is worse than others;

— They always prepare themselves for the worst;

— blame themselves for all the troubles;

— Do not defend their point of view, agree with the criticism in his address, and then worry for a long time because of injustice;

— They obey circumstances and do not seek a better life;

— Often have various unpleasant habits, for example, bite your lips or cover your mouth with your hands, which usually accompany the nervous condition;

— They believe that they did not meet the expectations of their parents;

— Often suffer from a sense of their own uselessness;

— They believe that their appearance is far from ideal, and even sometimes they are thinking about plastic surgery.

— They do not like to communicate with unfamiliar people, they are afraid of public speaking.

If you find most of the above character traits in yourself, it is vital for you to change your attitude towards yourself.

Stop scolding yourself and start praising yourself!

You can even try to record your progress and pay more attention to your appearance. Learn to love yourself and the world around you, and soon the world will respond to you in return.

Try to use every opportunity to increase your self-esteem. Tell yourself that you can handle any problem in no time. Consider failures and mistakes as an annoying misunderstanding and invaluable experience.

Learn to make decisions and set yourself a goal in life to which you will strive to achieve. Do not program yourself for failure and you are lucky!

Impatient persons, as a rule, are courageous and resolute. However, they also have such negative traits as incontinence, expressiveness, aggression, nervousness.

Signs of impatient people:

— As a rule, they walk fast, constantly rush off somewhere, even during rest they cannot relax until the end;

— Lose things, forget to turn off electrical appliances;

— They knock their fingers on the table, stamp it with their foot, and gesticulate. He cannot do the same thing for a long time, they do not sit still for a minute;

— Do not like to wait, often annoyed for no apparent reason;

— Often come to meetings before the appointed time;

— Accidentally hit or break things;

— It seems to them that everything around is clumps;

— They do not have enough time all the time;

— Do not like lengthy reasoning;

— They never fully heal, rarely take sick leave;

— It happens that at first they speak, and only then think.

If all this is familiar to you, try to relax even for a moment and slow down. All this haste is bad for health.

You need to learn to enjoy life, otherwise it will fly past you.

Try to divide the case into groups in order of importance. First, do the most urgent, and then everything else.

Try not to grab for several cases at once. During the day, take a minute to relax.

Choose yourself a leisurely activity for the soul, for example, start knitting. Instead of rhythmic music, try to enjoy the sounds of nature.

Time management is your best friend. Make a plan for a month or a whole year and be sure to leave it time for rest.

Learn to live for today.

Each of us has met such eternal martyrs in his life. They have valuable character traits, such as dedication and altruism.

However, they often focus on failures and enjoy their own misfortune.

Signs of “great martyrs”:

— They are often in a state of depression;

— They love when they sympathize;

— They are considered to be underestimated and disliked;

— Often feel driven into a corner. They survive for any reason, and then they get sick;

— Slouch, try, as if, to appear below their height;

— Their psychological problems often come from childhood. Parents still do not get tired of reminding them how many problems they delivered as a child;

— Constantly expecting something bad;

— Often, after quarrels, they do not talk long with the offenders.

If it constantly seems to you that you are not understood and disliked, may it be better to stop feeling sorry for yourself and change your disgruntled facial expression to a smile?

Speak directly about your desires, but do not play performances.

Surrounding is not up to guessing your needs and desires.

No need to get involved in self-sacrifice, so you should learn to say «no.» Try your daily pleasure.

Do not use “you never” and others with negative coloring in speech, it is better to say “I ask you”, “I want so much”, etc.

Admit to yourself that you are trying to manipulate people, causing self-pity. You can simply ask a loved one for help, and not tell him for half an hour why you can’t do something yourself.

Start keeping a diary in which you will try to analyze your words and deeds. Make a list of your desires and the reasons why they have not yet been implemented.

More optimism and very soon there will not be a trace of all these reasons!

The greeds are able to enjoy life, but all this pleasure poisons their insatiability.

Signs of greedy people:

— Greedy people do not like to lend;

— They love to eat and can calmly die the last piece of yummy;

— They love shopping and can not resist the next purchase;

— Traded on the markets and in stores;

— Envy more fortunate people;

— Everyone is perceived as potential rivals;

— Greedy people are usually jealous, because they perceive partners as their property;

— At home go in anything, but buy status things;

— Parents limited them in childhood in many ways, and now, having the opportunity to buy everything your heart desires, they come off the whole coil.

If you notice that you are not strangers to greed, you should temper the appetites. Tell yourself that what you already have is enough for happiness.

Do not suffer from the absence of something, better enjoy what you have.

Fatalists are often willing to sacrifice everything for their loved ones. They go to all, not caring about their own health and even life.

— Fatalists believe that what to be cannot be avoided;

— They have pernicious addictions and do not monitor their own health;

— They love to feel a surge of adrenaline in the blood and often engage in extreme sports;

— They suffer from nervous breakdowns and do not know how to control their emotions;

— They can influence people themselves and easily fall under the influence;

— In childhood often abused;

— Unhappy with some features of their appearance;

— Often feel lonely and unnecessary;

— Do not like critics and love compliments in his address.

If fatalism pushes you into a trap, forcing you to test your strength, you should learn not to fall into unpleasant stories. Try the following exercise: before you do anything, take a breath and weigh the pros and cons.

You’ll see, you will do much less rash acts. Try to understand that you are not enough for everything, no matter how hard you try to embrace the immense.

Two opposite qualities are peculiar to stubborn people — determination and fear of change.

— Stubborn people do not like to admit their mistakes;

— They do not like to listen to advice, trying to solve all problems on their own;

— They find it difficult to make decisive actions;

— Do not tend to change their decisions;

— Many have mimic wrinkles on the nose;

— They like to sit with their legs and arms crossed;

— condescendingly refer to any authority;

— Parents in childhood often punished them for disobedience.

Stubborn personalities will not hurt a simple psychological exercise: Imagine yourself a fish in a school that swims in a vast ocean. Fish forced to swim with their relatives, and can not keep up with them.

Try to enjoy the movement and enjoy the company of their own kind. Learn to be flexible in dealing with others.

You should not think that everyone around you is dreaming of giving you a command. In addition, you should leave yourself the right to make mistakes.

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