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How to find happiness in love in October — astrologer’s advice

How to find happiness in love in October - astrologer's advice

Venus is responsible for love, marriage, beauty and creativity in astrological fields. A special case is when it enters a retro loop, such as in October, changing its Scorpio sign, in which it will be from 5 to 31, to Libra in the month of November.

Everything that happens in the retro phase requires careful analysis. During this period, the planet manifests itself unhurriedly, hidden, which does not indicate its defectiveness. On the contrary, retrograde Venus exacerbates the need for partnership and beauty.

In this month, a reassessment of existing relationships takes place, a person begins to delve into himself, in his needs and feelings.

Spheres of life, subject to the Goddess of love, will develop in strange and devious ways — what seemed important before may suddenly lose its value, and things that have never been paid attention become significant. Therefore, if there is an opportunity, it is worth strengthening the love relationship to 5, and then at the time of the entry of Venus into the sign of Scorpio, the couple will have reliable rears and support.

The period of retro-Venus may not be the best of times.

Perhaps the appearance of quarrels, misunderstandings, and this is a signal to search for the next point of mutual understanding, and not the way to break.

There will be many trials this month, and patience and endurance will not interfere. Do not criticize your loved ones, forgive them their weaknesses, do not be too demanding.

This is especially true of the period from 8 to 12 and from 27 to 31.

How to find happiness in love in October - astrologer's advice

11 the planet forms a square with Mars, which does not contribute to harmonious interactions.

But 15 Venus will join in connection with Mercury, which will help her more quickly and correctly find a solution to emerging problems and reduce the degree of conflict. And if you survive this difficult time together, your relationship will get stronger, become better, acquire another foothold for long-term development. Remember — if the feelings fade away, it will not be easy to return them.

Do not make spontaneous decisions, but show restraint not in feelings, but in emotions — these are still different things.

Registration of marriage on the retro Venus is recommended only to those who have it in the natal chart. Weddings played this month run the risk of being short, or even not even reaching the altar.

If, nevertheless, it was decided to get engaged during this period, then plan a celebration for 19 and do not dwell on the lush ceremonial. You can «deceive» Scorpio, using at the festival of scorpion and retro themes.

How to find happiness in love in October - astrologer's advice

For singles dating in October will not bring a long relationship. Moreover, after the exit of the planet from the loop, it may be puzzling — how could you even come together with someone who seemed at first to be a dream of your life?

For broken couples in the retro phase, a return to the former relationship is possible. And here you have to decide — to put the final point or start everything from scratch, when all mistakes are realized.

Particular disharmony will be manifested during the full moon — 24, this day, perhaps, will be the most difficult in the month in terms of tensions between people. But at the end of the week, the Sun will enter into conjunction with Venus and the situation will slowly begin to stabilize.

The best advice would be: women, leave men alone at this time, and men — women. Do not aggravate the relationship, and everything will be fine.

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