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How to find love in 2013

How to find love in 2013No matter how old we are, we all dream of mutual, real feelings. We dream to meet the very person with whom I would like to live all my life and die in one day!

Why is it impossible to meet love?

Psychologists say that everything depends on us. If we start “attracting” love into our life, then it will not hesitate to respond. And if you constantly think about how your wife carries in his personal life, then only failures will be attracted.

In order to meet love, you need to work well on yourself, or rather, on your thoughts.

So, we begin the work!

1 step. First you need to get rid of the burden of previous relationships. After all, until you close the old door, you will not be able to open a new one.

Yes, this relationship was great, but the following will be even more beautiful! Try to remember all the best that happened in past relationships.

Mentally thank the former love for the time spent and let go.

2 step. Believe in your uniqueness!

You will become interesting, first of all for yourself, then you will interest others.

Find the qualities that attract others. Surely, you have a lot of them!

You can get yourself a piggy bank of memories. Put in a special box pebbles, buttons, beads, etc. Each pebble will mean a pleasant event that happened with your participation.

Where you could show your best. Such a «box of memories» is very useful for getting rid of complexes.

3 step. To marry a prince, you must become a princess! Be sure to watch yourself.

Tidy up hair and manicure, revise your wardrobe. Even in the store, for bread, you need to go with a full parade.

What if it is today, in the bakery you will meet your fate?

4 step. Do not hesitate to tell everyone that you are looking for your love!

Let Cosmos hear you.

5 step. Do not dwell on the search for men. The paradox of life: the less we think about love, the faster it will come to us.

Lead an active lifestyle, attend exhibitions and various events, find a hobby for yourself. Soon you will be so loaded that there is simply no time left for the blues!

6 step. Keep fit. It has long been proven that exercise significantly improves mood.

No wonder it says that movement is life! Enroll in the pool, do more hiking.

If you have enough willpower, start running in the morning. After a couple of weeks, you will notice how your figure has tightened.

A bad mood has evaporated somewhere, and you look at life vigorously and with optimism.

7 step. Do not be categorical! Remember the scene from the movie «Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears»?

Dirty shoes immediately pushed the heroine. If the heroine were categorical and would not accept the invitation, then true love would pass by! Do not hang tags when you first meet a man.

Give him a chance! Try to get to know him better.

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