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How to find time — 12 tips

How to find time - 12 tipsLack of time — this is the eternal problem of all mankind. This is especially true of women who have to try on several roles at the same time.

In addition, women are less organized, and many simply do not know how or do not want to plan their time.

But as they say, if you don’t try, you don’t know. Nevertheless, it is worth making an action plan and trying to live on it at least a month. Who knows, and suddenly it will turn out, and time will cease to flow away, like water through your fingers.

And maybe even free will appear.

Make a list of things you need to do at home. Distribute evenly by days of the week washing, ironing, cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking and other equally important things that cannot be avoided.

For example, it is not necessary to set washing and ironing for one day if you have not planned anything for another. This will help free up time and avoid fatigue.

It is necessary to clearly define for yourself how much time is wasted. Write down your daily routine literally by the minute.

Feel free to point out such things as watching your favorite movie, playing on a computer, playing with a pet, and so on.

It is not necessary to dissemble, because you write for yourself. Watch for a few days. Perhaps your girlfriend, who, among other things, has time to walk and practice her favorite hobby, is not wasting her time on such “things”.

Eliminating them, and you can free up extra time.

Try to do everything in a timely manner. For example, if you pay for utilities a little earlier, you do not have to stand in line.

And if you take shoes that need repair, to the workshop before the start of the season, you don’t have to waste time looking for other shoes. After all, your favorite shoes were left without shoes, and to go to work in something you need. This also applies to the timely washing of linen.

Indeed, in this case, without clothes you can stay not only you, but also your husband, who will also rush in search of a clean shirt. Distracting, naturally, you.

Do not transfer today’s affairs for tomorrow or even for the day after tomorrow. This may create a blockage for you, which will have to be raked, spending additional time and nerves.

And when you are nervous, you make everything slower. Why create difficulties for yourself when force majeure can arise?

Do not delay unpleasant business. It is better to perform them first. Tedious, bad, hostile — but did and forgot.

If you decide to do them at the very end of the list, then you will subconsciously delay this moment. In this case, beloved affairs also suffer, because you will be engaged in them as long as possible.

As a result, there simply is not enough time for the unloved, and you postpone them for tomorrow. As a result, an emergency, and an emergency from unpleasant things — you can’t think worse!

Attract family members to your household. Write down the responsibilities for each of them. Of course, they will not be delighted with this.

Explain to them that if you divide the load evenly, you can be less tired and spend more time together, devoting it to joint walks or games.

Forget about perfect order. Firstly, it is almost impossible to achieve, and secondly, whether you and your family really need it. For them it is much more important that you smile and spend more time with them, rather than running around with a mop, washing out every speck, and then fell helplessly into bed.

You need to keep a balance between cleanliness in the house and the amount of time spent on its guidance. Of course, the house should be clean, but do not need to bring it to fanaticism.

It is also worth mastering household appliances. It was created not for beauty or prestige, but in order to really make life easier for a modern woman.

In the evening, write down your business the next day, because the memory can fail. It is also best to get ready for work in the evening, so as not to forget something in the morning rush.

Assigning business to your husband or children, do not be lazy to call them and remind them of their promises. This is necessary not because you do not trust them.

Simply, having played, they can forget about your request. Write them small reminder notes and leave them in prominent places.

No need to load yourself to the eyeballs. After all, you’re a man, not a robot.

Leave small breaks between cases. Knowing how much time you spend on this or that business is not difficult to do.

Planning is not only the necessary things, but also leisure.

First, it will help to plan not only time, but also the family budget (after all, money is needed to go to the cinema or the theater). And secondly, how nice to wait for the weekend, knowing that you will go out of town for a picnic or go to visit.

This perspective will greatly facilitate your everyday work.

Planning is not a matter of bore. This is a real way to manage to do everything you need, while leaving time to rest.

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