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How to learn not to fall into the trap of a hopeless relationship?

How to learn not to fall into the trap of a hopeless relationship?Sometimes there are women and clever and beautiful women and mistresses are excellent, and at work successful, but for some reason alone. Periodically, fatal men meet on their life paths, but all of them are either married or they are simply not interested in serious relationships at all.

Such women worry, sigh, complain to their friends about the fate of the villain, disagree with these unfortunate gentlemen, and vowed that such novels never repeat themselves and for nothing. But after some time, the woman’s eyes begin to shine mysteriously, and now she tells her friends about the next fatal man.

Many ladies who find themselves in such situations often complain that decent and decent men are already busy, that they simply do not have enough happiness in life (not everyone can get married successfully!), And even talk about the crown celibacy. But, of course, the matter here is not at all in mystical rituals, or foreign marital unions, all this has nothing to do with it.

The point is themselves, according to psychologists, there are three main reasons.

1. Fear of being abandoned. Often, such fear appears in women after an unsuccessful love experience.

The unfortunate romance has long been in the past, but other relationships stop at a certain stage and have no continuation. In each new elect there are some flaws, and it seems not suitable enough. In the subconscious, the warning sounds: “Watch out, you can be thrown out again”.

And in order not to suffer much because of the break in relations, it is better to have, to say the least, “low value” partner. After all, he is not a suitable pair.

2. Very low self-esteem. For various reasons, some women can not adequately assess themselves.

And naturally they consider that living with an intelligent, likeable and well-earned man who will love and appreciate them is not worthy. When at least some seedy male representative draws attention to them, they are immensely happy and then forgive their loved ones scandals, betrayals, insults and other strange and even immoral behavior.

3. Fear of being alone.

Prejudices like the fact that if you do not get married before the age of twenty-five, you will remain an old maid, or no one needs an old maid, or a woman’s age is short, all this pushes smart and interesting women to get married as soon as possible.

Psychologists believe that such persistent desire is noticed by men and scares most of them.

After some time, the girl is ready to accept the courtship of anyone who turns her attention to her, and not waste time searching for a person with whom she would be really nice and comfortable.

To break this vicious circle, you need to admit, first of all, to yourself that such a problem really exists, and you choose not the kind of relationship that you really dream of. Popular wisdom says: “Looking at our fears in the face, we get rid of them” . Try to answer some questions as honestly as possible: “Who is the initiator of your novels?”, “How do they usually start?”, “What do you dislike about them?” “What unites your fans?” . There will be many answers, but do not try to figure it out and analyze them right away. It is better to constantly return to these thoughts and feelings, until you understand in which direction you need to move.

And be sure to engage in improving their own self-esteem.

If you want to treat yourself with respect, stop doing what you do not like. Do not communicate with people who bring only negative into your life.

Choose those men with whom you like to communicate, pay attention to your appearance, find something to your liking — this will help to restore emotional balance.

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