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How to learn to be happy — 8 tips

How to learn to be happy - 8 tips“You want to be happy — be it!” So ​​simple. And it’s not about money, not about hard work.

You just need to learn how to enjoy the current moment. How?

Just a different look at life, at their behavior.

Break free from the past.

Not so long ago, psychologists have established that more than half of the thoughts of women are occupied with fantasies about what did not happen to them in the past, but could have happened. “Now, if I’m then …”, “If he hadn’t …” Regretting what did not happen, we, indulging in our weakness, spend our strength in vain. We will not return the past, but we may miss the present.

Throw these thoughts out of your head and enjoy today.

Do not hold the present, long ago become the past.

One of my friends just recently shared her thoughts that her boyfriend doesn’t suit her at all, because he doesn’t plan to get married, doesn’t expect a serious relationship, and generally considers “free” relations as the norm. He told her about it many times, and he himself gave her the right to choose to continue the relationship or part, but she still meets with him, because «she cannot live without him.»

How often do we try to keep in a stable situation situations and relations on which we have “put up a cross” at heart for a long time? We spend on this force, time, spiritual energy.

If this girl had met true love, she would surely regret the wasted time.

The same situations occur at work. Every day we go to work, which often does not bring satisfaction. Ugly collective, shrew, boss, salary-penny, career does not «shine.»

We are completely disappointed in our work, we would gladly leave it, but where to go? We must begin to act.

After all, just think: at work, we spend half of our lives.

In our life there should be no boredom. Because there are hundreds of different activities — from knitting and embroidery to photography.

Why so many people can find it for themselves to their liking? The answer is simple: look bad. You do not like anything, can not even imagine what might be of interest?

Please: go to some hobby portal, ask what people “live” with, what they like.

Be sure to find something interesting.

Your hobby will be an excellent discharge after working days.

Simplify routine tasks

Every day we have to perform routine work, unpleasant and tedious things. Women complain about endless household chores, students — at frequent sessions. Do not “load” yourself with unpleasant thoughts in anticipation of such activities.

For example: “again this essay”. We will understand in detail.

Go to the library, pick up 3-4 books, scan the necessary pages, at home, run through the eyes on the text, select the most suitable lines, introduction and, of course, the conclusion, scan again and recognize the text. Done!

Maximum 3-4 hours of work.

It is very convenient to detect on the clock, for example, 20 or 30 minutes and do something that you don’t want, but you really need. Sweep, read the outline, wash the dishes.

The first step is the hardest — when you see that things are progressing, it will be easy for you to complete it.

Outside the box

Quite often things do not give us pleasure because the methods of their implementation are boring.

To correct this situation, arrange, for example, competition with yourself.

Do not want to work at the weekend? Calculate how much income this job will bring you, think about what you will buy with this money.

Already agree to work? Then go ahead!

Our brain can always help us to deceive ourselves, bad habits, our laziness — we need only connect the imagination.

Very often we are influenced by others. If the surrounding colleagues declare in one voice that it is impossible to work after dinner, especially on Friday, that you need to think about the coming weekend, do not listen to them!

Finish work today, and then at the weekend you will be able to devote yourself to rest as much as possible, rather than “hammering” your head with thoughts and experiences on how to start Monday morning.

We always remember with such pleasure the years of students. And it’s not just that it was easy and carefree.

There was no monotony: every day something new, lectures, laboratory, projects, seminars. Every day something was learned new, all days were different.

In today’s adult life, our responsibilities are limited: work is the same, household chores do not end.

Even regular get-togethers with friends acquire a tint of monotony. Apparently, this is why so many adults can be found at various courses.

The interest in learning something new always lives in us, even after graduation. You always want to learn something, discover something new.

Moreover, now you can get much more pleasure from it, because you study “for” yourself, and not for a good grade in a diploma.

Don’t sit still

Each of us needs to periodically «change the scenery.» The best way is to go on a trip. Undoubtedly, the best option — abroad, to see how and how people live thousands of kilometers away from you.

There is hardly any more exciting ride. However, even if you can not afford neither Turkey, nor native Sochi and Crimea, go for a weekend just to one of the neighboring cities.

You can always find what to see and where to go. Make up your mind!

The trip will refresh your feelings, emotions, calm.

When you arrive home, you will simply look at your affairs and problems with different eyes.

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