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How to learn to live with joy?

How to learn to live with joy?You know, our life becomes dull and joyless! People stop smiling, the lights of joy no longer shine in their eyes.

Even the sun began to shine not so brightly, because the faces of people are gray, concerned. People changed curtains in ryushechka and polka dots for strict blinds and double-glazed windows. Even children have forgotten how to sincerely rejoice, in their seven or eight years they are already serious people with serious faces.

Even funny jokes and tricks of the clown do not cause them sincere laughter and joy, they look at him reproachfully, like a man who laughs during the plague. Even the modern girls, speaking of the upcoming date, do not fascinate with their joyous gleam in their eyes, because it simply does not exist, in the eyes of some worries and anxieties.

And then there is the financial crisis, which many put the question squarely: how to continue to live?

One less cheese

Hard years have fallen not only to our lot. Almost every generation goes through periods of economic upturn and recession.

However, there is a pattern according to which, the higher we rise, the lower we fall.

The more we have, the more terrible we are to remain without it, the more we can lose.

But maybe this is the only opportunity to teach us to appreciate the little that we have and make us stop and stop chasing after material goods?

One friend was very upset that the increase in prices for dairy products led to the fact that she could not afford to buy her six-year-old son five cheeses in chocolate icing daily. Can you imagine what harm a child’s curse in the amount of five pieces can cause to a child’s body? This is not only extra calories and useless fats and carbohydrates.

It is also dyes, stabilizers, starch and preservatives. In a word, a time bomb, you put it in your child five times a day.

Maybe now is the time to think about what we eat and what we do with ourselves and our children, eating certain foods. Not more useful for the growing body of the child will be low-fat cottage cheese with fat-free sour cream, with lingonberry jam and fresh fruit, you can add chocolate cookies.

So there will be an excellent substitute for glazed curd bars — both healthy and tasty.

And instead of the more expensive store cakes and buns, homemade cookies will be suitable, which children will be happy to help their mother bake. Remember how much joy and happiness there was in childhood, when mom started up pies, cake or cookies.

The magic and the sacrament that turns white dust into delicious pastries. This is a real joy, which is not forgotten and forever remains in the soul pleasant memories that you can not buy in the market for any money.


The girls complain that sports clubs have seriously raised the prices of their services, so not everyone can stay beautiful and slim, but only those who can find money for themselves during the crisis. Just think, how did women stay in shape before?

But there were a lot of slim and fit, even more than now. Although there were no fitness clubs or sports centers.

But there were parks where, with the first rays of the sun, there appeared those who wanted to remain young and beautiful.

And there was so much joy in these morning runs, from meeting with these almost native people.

People greeted, communicated, supported each other and understood that life is beautiful because there is this park, there is sun and good weather. And if the weather was not very good, then there was hope that tomorrow it would get better and everything would be fine again.

And there was something extraordinarily beautiful in the fact that early in the morning with your friends you jump into an electric train and drive somewhere far away, closer to the sea, where you can sing songs and gaze at the blue of the sky, lounging on the sand.

The crisis has broken many plans for the summer vacation, because the status does not allow them to rest in hotels lower than four stars, and finances do not allow to rest in hotels with more than three stars. And it turns out that rest seems to be necessary, but there is no place not to drop their dignity.

And for some reason, I remember trips with overnight stays in a tent, when directors and teachers, accountants and workers gathered around the fire. And everyone was good together, no one was afraid of losing the crown, all together praised porridge with stew and savored tea heated at the stake.

And everyone was cheerful and joyful in their own right without any animators and guest stars.

And today, even the presence of ten varieties of cheese and meat in the buffet menu at a hotel near the warm Turkish or Red Egyptian Sea causes despondency and apathy. Is it not time to bring back our joy, exchanging it for all the alleged benefits of civilization?

And again, going back to the sport. If in the summer, spring and autumn you can keep your shape regular jogging in the nearby park, in the winter there is an amazing opportunity to skate and ski, play snowballs and sculpt a snowman.

In short, to have fun and enjoy the fact that it is not worth the money, that nature gives us joy.

Free your world for joy

How often did you manage to meet the dawn? When was the last time you saw the disc of the rising sun, along with nature, dying in anticipation of its first rays? It is these first rays that bring that vigor and energy that allows you to feel wonderful all day long, radiate joy and happiness with every cell of your body and realize that you are able to move mountains.

Of course, after night vigils behind the monitor or at the TV screen, it will not be easy to feel this joy, but if you lie down early, you can catch this moment of the sun awakening.

It is enough to look at the world with different eyes, to believe that walking, active sports and meeting friends in the kitchen are much more pleasant and useful than talking on forums, surfing the Internet aimlessly and watching the dubious quality of TV shows. The world is not so bad and the benefits of civilization are not able to replace the natural joy that comes from understanding that the world is and will be and our task is to see this beauty and teach it to see its children.

Remember how pleasant it is to pick up a heavy phone receiver and, twisting the wire on your finger, listen to the microphone crackle, and noise constantly appears on the line, which means life goes on.

Remember how wonderful we lived without mobile phones, anticipating the whole day the joy that He should call in the evening. And no one checked the cell every minute, whether the call was missed and the SMS did not come.

There was no such anxiety and anxiety that arises today, as soon as He lingers with a call or a message.

With the advent of cell phones, people began to resemble creatures with an implanted chip, with which you can constantly monitor their movements. This possibility strains, a person ceases to be free, you can always “get it”, and if the phone is suddenly turned off or out of reach for other reasons, then scandals, jealousy scenes and the like begin.

The same can be said about the Internet, ICQ and skype. Sometimes you want to return to that old life, free from all this technology and modern technologies, to enjoy peace, tranquility and your own freedom.

Nostalgia about landline phones can be traced in those signals that are installed on mobile phones — an imitation of old city telephone phones that are well preserved in memory. Have you ever wondered why this makes it so warm and cozy even in crowded public transport?

What does it mean to rejoice?

Answering the question that, for him, is joy, each person will rather begin to describe some emotionally colored states, rather than some material values ​​or official achievements. For some, joy is the singing of birds in spring and green buds in the trees. For another, joy is associated with a sortie on nature with barbecue and fishing.

Someone feels joy coming to the kitchen, where the wife in a cozy bathrobe conjures over the stove, and the children talk with joyful glances in their eyes about their little children’s discoveries and secrets. For some, joy is the presence in the life of a loved one, for someone a small house with a garden. Why are we deliberately fenced off from all this monitors, do not allow the songs of birds to be heard by us because of the headphones with modern wild rhythms.

Why do we replace meeting with friends with meaningless sitting in chat rooms and forums? Is not a crisis a lesson for us, an attempt to make it clear what is really joy for us in this life, and what is its artificial substitution?

Maybe this is how they are trying to teach us to appreciate true joy, to show that we have everything that we need, we just need to learn how to properly manage it. After all, joy can cause not only the brilliance of diamonds, but also the brilliance of your favorite eyes in a candle flame.

Are you not afraid of losing him in pursuit of ghostly values?

Think about it, maybe a crisis is given to us so that we can learn again to rejoice and dream, to wait and be happy just because we live.

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