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How to learn to think about the good?

How to learn to think about the good?Butterflies always fluttered in your soul, and now there is black and black from feelings and inexplicable anxiety? Do not lose heart and master the art of driving away bad thoughts

In each person’s life, sooner or later there comes a period when he is literally pursued by heavy thoughts. Before lashing out on antidepressants. you need to try to get out of this state yourself.

If you get down to business right away, success is guaranteed! The main thing is not to despair and not cultivate your negative emotions and fears.

Let’s try to figure out for yourself. First of all, answer the question: what are you thinking now?

Around one gloomy faces!

We think and feel. Looking around women in transport, in a store or on the street, you do not find a single pleasant face!

Around only evil, intense physiognomy. In the eyes of passersby, you see only suspicion and aggressiveness.

What does this mean? The feeling that there are only some unpleasant faces around is a reason to sound the alarm! This is a dangerous symptom that indicates your inner displeasure with yourself. Surrounding is a kind of blank sheet on which you project the emotions that reign in your own soul.

Therefore, the best way to “ennoble” those around you is to please yourself first of all.

What to do? First of all, you need to realize the need to do something with yourself. You do not have to change your lifestyle or throw everything and go to the ends of the earth.

Enough to make yourself something nice. For example, a manicure. It is necessary to devote at least a few minutes a day only to yourself.

But it should be such minutes, after which again you will want to admire your reflection! By the way, a good manicure can cheer up in transport, when instead of the gloomy faces of the passengers you will look at your well-groomed hands.

Nobody loves me!

Your subscriber is “out of the access zone”. You are overwhelmed by universal solitude.

To talk not only with anyone, but not about anything — not to complain, really?

What does this mean? This condition is familiar to many.

On such days, even your own reflection looks at you from the mirror with hostility and gloom. All this means only one thing: you closed (most likely, intentionally) from the whole world, hid in your sink.

This process is akin to a record that has a jarring sound. — the same tedious, annoying and endless. Something constantly happens around, but there are no windows in your sink — and life passes by!

What to do? Get out of the sink, immediately!

Even such a measure as a call to the service of psychological assistance, is able to save the situation. And you can also go to the place where you are exactly loved and always waiting — to your mother, grandmother or beloved friend, who has a tender cat living at home.

If you do not have girlfriends with cats, get the animal yourself.

Life has failed, setbacks haunt me.

We think and feel. The next day I want to delete from the calendar, it was in vain. None of the previously planned is not done, the weight falls out of the hands.

The mood is overcast. However, like yesterday.

It seems that someone has jinxed you. No, more than that — all your detractors have gathered and jinxed you in bulk.

Because so much trouble for one person is a bust!

What does this mean? Such feelings indicate: the share of success in your life today is significantly less than the proportion of failures.

Therefore, you just need to urgently experience some small success, to win a personal victory. And best of all, if it happens in a new area for you.

What to do? Go to the shooting range or to the amusement park — there you can defeat fear, check your accuracy, and compete in agility. Go there in good company, so that your every success is accompanied by the enthusiastic roar of the support team.

If the shooting range is contraindicated for you — try your hand at Kew. This is a game in which participants seek to score the most points by firing laser weapons at special marks on their opponents’ vests. The battle takes place in a darkened maze.

At the end of the game you get a printout with the statistics of their hits in the goal. A lot of emotions and an objective reason to be proud of yourself! Who complained about bad luck?

Everything has changed!

I can not do anything, I want to lie down and die.

We think and feel. After some sad event, your life has lost its meaning, any body movement seems to be erroneous, and thoughts — empty.

The easiest thing in this situation is to do nothing, to fall into a kind of lethargy, which you do. I do not want to get out of bed. The phone is disconnected, the TV and the radio are covered with dust.

Your only desire is to close all the locks and never leave the house again.

What does this mean? Such thoughts and actions are a dangerous symptom!

As soon as the experience begins to «lay» you on the sofa — sound the alarm. Of course, such a state will not pass.

What to do? Contact a specialist.

If you really experience the feelings described above, only a doctor will help you. Dealing with depression is a prerogative of the psychiatrist.

A good half of the visits to this doctor are complaints of heavy thoughts and lethargy. To ask for help is to demonstrate your mental health. So do not be afraid to pass for the «psycho», taking a turn in the office of a psychiatrist.

In addition, there are a lot of private doctors who you can contact confidentially. Of course, it’s not worth every time you feel sad, rush to the doctor.

Well, if your bad thoughts belong to the first three categories — you can do fine and without help. The main thing is to firmly say to yourself: «This must be stopped!».

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