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How to quickly fall asleep

How to quickly fall asleepProbably each of us have to wake up at the wrong time that we would like. If you don’t go to bed on time, then the whole next day will be painful, namely: we will walk tired, there will be no desire to do anything.

In order to avoid this situation, you just need to go to bed and fall asleep quickly.

In order to learn how to fall asleep quickly, you need to spend a lot of time and effort, but the result is worth it. This article will discuss the main and most effective ways to quickly fall asleep.

5 ways to fall asleep quickly

Get tired physically. A person who is very physically tired during the day falls asleep very quickly, literally 5 minutes. Therefore, if your work or what you do during the whole day requires you only mental work, you need to find a way to bring in your day physical exercise. This can be a regular trip to the gym, or fitness.

It is very important not to be lazy and give all the best in class. It also helps to throw out all their negative emotions that have accumulated over the day.

We need to come up with a bedtime ritual. It is very hard to fall asleep when there is a huge amount of thoughts in my head, I want to take a walk, watch a movie or do some work.

Many of us think this: why spend such a huge amount of time sleeping, when you can spend it on work or something else useful. But we must understand that sleep is a very important need of our body. The sooner we fall asleep, the faster we will wake up with new forces and do three times as much as we wanted.

Coming up with the ritual of going to sleep is necessary in order to learn how to «deceive» yourself. Begin to perform any specific actions at bedtime: talk on the phone, read a book, watch a TV series, etc.

The ritual you choose should be enjoyable, so that you have the desire to do this and thereby go to sleep. Those. if brushing your teeth and taking a shower of joy do not bring you, then they cannot become a night ritual.

Do not carry work to the house. Very often, people cannot fall asleep because of emotions, problems, and everything else that they have experienced during the day at work.

Therefore, it is very important not to carry work into the house and literally forget about it when leaving work.

Everything connected with work is done exclusively at work, and only come home to relax and rest. Someone to distract from work helps walking, going to the gym, someone himself can turn off the thoughts of work on coming home. What method you choose is completely irrelevant.

The main thing is that after solving this problem, you will calmly and quickly fall asleep, as well as wake up with new powers and ideas.

Daily regime. This item implies the schooling of the organism to certain rules and orders, it partially overlaps with the ritual of going to bed.

If you get used at the same time to go to bed and wake up, then over time the body itself will pull you to sleep, and you will quickly fall asleep. When you will make your mode for the day, it is necessary to take into account all the features of your work or study. You should spend at least 7-8 hours for sleep, so do not think that you will have enough 5 hours of sleep.

There is nothing terrible in the fact that you lack 8 hours to sleep. On the contrary, you will go to bed earlier and fall asleep faster.

Learn to say to yourself: NO! This rule is the last in this list, but it is no less important than all of the above.

The essence of this method is to learn to deny yourself the temptations that can take you away from sleep. For example: long nightly conversations, viewing of serials, coffee at night, etc.

Just the farther you go from sleep, the longer you will fall asleep and the harder it is to wake up.

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