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How to tune in the fall on vigor and activity

How to tune in the fall on vigor and activityHow so? We try to do everything as it should be, but for some reason, nothing comes of it. It all starts with the fact that we can’t get up in the morning on a wake-up alarm clock, take the wrong notebooks and the necessary documents for study and work, forget what day it was, confused on weekends and working days.

All of the above can be combined in one term — «Holiday syndrome». And you need to get rid of it.

How to do it? It is really hard to get rid of and this will require considerable mental and physical strength, but you will have to try hard to achieve the best result.

In principle, it is believed that after the rest we gain enough strength to continue our work and study, we should look refreshed and ready to work. But all this does not count if you do not want to return to your place of work or study from rest. Most often this happens because there is a negative attitude in my head: “Here, again, this institute is stupid, the lectures are early in the morning, then the library …”, “… how can you not hang around at work from 9 am to 5 pm”.

But in reality, in order to quickly tune in to the working wave, thoughts should only be positive. You can recall the rest.

Change the plus to the negative, and you get a terrific result. For example: «I will work well and next summer I can afford a wonderful vacation.»

Just do not need to say that after the rest you are not ready for the lessons, homework and questions of teachers. After all, every day of rest, undoubtedly, was spent in calculating the income and expenses of the personal budget saved on summer sales.

If you rested abroad, then you must have trained your knowledge of the language of the country where you visited and may want to improve your knowledge. And it is better to learn another one, as the guy did, with whom an interesting case happened at the entrance to one of the German clubs: the club manager had been trying to explain something in German for a long time, but the guy did not understand.

The guy tried to understand using international sign language, but was very surprised, because he could not understand about striptease or theft he was warned.

In fact, the manager offered everything to just take off his outerwear and put it in the wardrobe …

And of course, what a vacation without the history of the country in which you are. It is very important to know the history of at least the most important thing.

For example, if you do not know what the Sistine Chapel is, famous historical works, popular historical buildings and architecture, it can be very inconvenient. Instead of enjoying the architecture, you will read the guides.

From all this we can conclude that you are well prepared for new academic days, it remains only to believe in yourself.

Yes, the rest is over, but do not be discouraged. Think about what you could not realize on this vacation and try to achieve this next year.

For example, if you wanted to drive a car to different places in Europe, but you didn’t succeed because you don’t know how to drive, then you should learn the rights so that you don’t have such a problem by the next holiday.

And yet the fastest way to reorganize in a working way is to come to your favorite job.

Best of all, if the work will be loved, which you will have time to miss during the rest. If you do not have such a job, then it makes sense to find it in order to enjoy it all the time, and not just during the holidays.

If you love work, then strive for professional achievements. You, at least a little, but rest!

Slender tanned figure, of course, do not want to hide behind office clothes. But in another way, in any case, will not work. So, it is worth going to the boutique and get a couple of new things to improve the mood and profitable underline figure.

Moreover, white office clothes can best highlight your new tan. Change your image, and you will certainly be satisfied with the updated look!

Start going to the gym. That’s where you can really show your slim figure with a tan, wearing small sports shorts, tight-fitting bright top, without disturbing the propriety set up in the hall.

Remember, such a figure you did not get as a gift — this is the result of the fact that you attended various excursions on vacation, where you most likely had to move a lot.

Well, without a doubt, the rest could not go without dancing all night long and swimming in the sea.

Now you have to maintain your strong figure.

Although everything was possible and vice versa. Perhaps, in the days of rest, you did not pay attention to your blurred figure, enjoying delicious dishes every day, and quite a bit moved.

In this case, it is really worth doing yourself and improving your body shape.

The main thing — do not forget to enjoy every day, and then you will certainly be fine.

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