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Kindergarten — the cause of heart disease, experts say

Kindergarten - the cause of heart disease, experts saySending a child to kindergarten can cause great damage to his health in the future, psychologists say.

British psychologists have issued a warning: if your child spends too much time in the care of other people in the first years of life, this increases the risk of many problems, from cough and cold in the short term to heart disease in the future.

Experts believe that children deprived of the attention of their mothers in the first years of life are in danger. They explain this by the fact that the first years of life are very important for the development of the brain and the organism as a whole, and during this period the influence of the mother cannot be overestimated.

A child left in the care of strangers has a tremendous release of the stress hormone, which affects the developing brain and can seriously undermine the baby’s health.

In an article in The Biologist, British psychologist Eric Sigman, who raised this topic, cites research results that show higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol in children who go to kindergarten.

However, other experts believe that the insufficiently studied: perhaps a high level of the stress hormone is not so destructive, so this topic is waiting for close attention of scientists.

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