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Life under pressure: slow down and relax!

Life under pressure: slow down and relax!We are so accustomed to the frantic pace of life that we do not notice, as a metropolis, every day, sucks out a lot of energy from us. He needs it for screening, selection, etc. population.

After all, we are just people. Not cyber people.

Not super people. And the most ordinary, with the greatest abilities, about which we never know anything, people living in a gray mass.

Regardless of the fact that we have computers and drugs for acute respiratory infections, we all live exactly according to the laws of nature? The strongest survives. And in order not to drown in this avalanche, we run-run-run in a completely unknown direction.

The main thing is movement, because “movement is life”. All it would be nothing if we were able to properly set the benchmarks themselves.

People who live on a strict schedule and those who are hostages of circumstances, as a rule, all of them, are moving in an unknown direction. And you?

Answer yourself, why do you wake up in the morning, in a hurry, pull on clean underpants, swallow coffee that is still boiling and fly like a battleship Ushakov to work?

What would ensure a bright future?

To whom? Yourself?

To my children? To buy a car?

An apartment? Pay for your studies?

Just live? And then what? Then it will come when all this will no longer please you.

You will achieve this or not, it does not matter, but over time you will realize that happiness is not in this. And to live your life with dignity.

And can you call your morning «picking up» worthy of work?

Not to mention the fact that you, your body, your brain is terribly depleted. That same lord Megapolis lives at the expense of your energy.

And perhaps that is why in the evening you have a headache and you want to get drunk. Maybe that’s why after a couple of such three years, you will have varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

But we will not discuss this topic further. Let’s just think about it.

How often have you experienced a state of emptiness? That state, when it seems to you, inside you, except for the rectum, nothing is left.

When friends and loved ones are no longer encouraging, and not even annoying. They are in the zero position. Or you more precisely.

There are no emotions, no strength, no desires.

There is simply a body that is alive, but feels dead. This is exactly the same, unfortunate case when the fast pace of life, like a pumped mosquito has already fallen off from you, leaving you nothing.

Nothing. You hang in the air.

And cars, apartments, bank accounts, five higher educations do not please you. You feel as if you have met old age, dull and joyless.

Grayness and sadness will remain to you after the state passes «zero».

At such moments, we begin to realize that all our aspirations were empty, and moreover, destructive. In moments of weakness they will not help us.

Everyone will choose what to do next, but for this it is necessary that the “next” comes.

So let us try to help ourselves and our kind.

What we experience is called emotional exhaustion. This is not at all a ridiculous theory, on which, having spat, it is possible to live further. You can live it, but how?

Therefore, in order to get rid of exhaustion, we, as a rule, need to be filled. How to do it? Some run and “fill up” in bars.

Some have drug dealers. I will offer a safer, cheaper and even useful option. You are the very well of inexhaustible energy.

Just by doing your own business you threw in and out, there, as a result, the energy began to circulate poorly, and emotions were completely stuck. A small training will put you on your feet, provided it is executed accurately. Use it every time you feel bad.

You will draw your own bottomless reserves.

So. Fall on the sofa. You can in the chair or on the floor, but not with a running start.

And start traveling. Imagine that you are in a quiet and comfortable place, where you are safe.

There is water, trees. There is something behind your back that you can rely on.

Enjoy this pacification. Inhale more air, it will clean your energy fields. And look, — the path.

What is she like? What is around? Stand on it and go.

Here you are in the forest. You feel a soft carpet of pine needles under your feet, you can smell the forest, the charming singing of birds and insects.

What are the trees here?

Tall or small? And here you see a hut on the lawn.

There is a fence around it. What is he like? High or low?

Is there a gate? You enter the hut.

This is the potter’s house. All the shelves are lined with pots.

Ask the master to make you your personal pot. What is he like? High or low?

Deep or not? What is his bottom? And what neck?

Thank the potter and go back. Here you are again stepping on soft needles and inhaling the intoxicating smell of the forest.

And you reach the waterfall. What is water like that? Transparent, or muddy?

Fill your pot with this water. Did you get a full pot or some water?

Stand there. You can swim, you can just contemplate. Now go back.

You return to the place where you came from. Your potty with you. Now take the water from the pot.

As you wish. You can drink, you can splash. Everything?

Is there any water left in the pot? What do you feel now?

Relax in this place and leaving, open your eyes.

You were at the place where the resource was drawn.

Probably already understood that the energy was the same water. And how much it was, what it was, how much you accepted it and what you felt plays an important role.

It would be nice if the psychotherapist would give you this session. he could interpret your state of mind. But your goal is not to know yourself, but to replenish your energy.

And you completed this task. You took the energy upon yourself, and now it begins to work for you again.

Try not to waste it on trifles, because you now know, it is not infinite. Choose the true goal of your life.

It’s not easy to do. What you really want is abandoned by “adult” things and kept far, far away.

In childhood. Our true desires.

It is only later, we begin to overgrow with rules, conventions, concepts, and forget what we want. And remember that makes a profit. Choose you and live it, too.

But in the event of many years, none of us want to say “I have lived my life for nothing”.

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