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Mysterious salvation: the real life story of the salvation of the drowning soul of a girl in love

Mysterious salvation: the real life story of the salvation of the drowning soul of a girl in love

I saw my future husband for the first time in our office. I remember that day very clearly.

One of my work colleagues called me into the corridor to discuss a question. At this time, our chief engineer was passing by with some stranger to me. For some reason, he immediately attracted my attention, and I had a strange feeling that I had known him for a long time.

Although committed exactly saw him for the first time. They greeted us, and when they left, my colleague told me that this was the head of our branch located in another city. It turns out that he had already visited our office several times, but for some reason I had never seen him before.

His name was Andrei, as the same all-knowing colleague told me.

However, I had a lot of work, and I did not attach much importance to this meeting, especially since the stranger did not pay any attention to me, as it seemed to me. Obviously, this was the case, because when he later came to our room, he did not even look in my direction. The next day he was gone — obviously, he left for himself.

But for some reason I could not forget him, he seemed so familiar and familiar to me. I was afraid even to admit to myself that I missed him, his eyes, the smile, but for some reason I was sure that we would definitely meet again.

Sometimes I scolded myself — so what, really? What kind of love at first sight, behave like a teenage girl, and it’s at my age?

So gradually, several months passed and a rather hot summer came. Once, on Sunday, I was at home, there was nothing special to do, and therefore I decided to lie down on the sofa to rest.

Somehow imperceptibly for myself, I fell asleep and had a strange dream.

I dreamed that I was somewhere on the shore of the reservoir in a big and cheerful company. It is strange that in reality I did not know any of these people, however, in a dream I was well acquainted with them and, apparently, for a long time.

Anyway, I felt it. Everyone was having fun and laughing around, but I was seized by incomprehensible and inexplicable anxiety.

I was looking through Andrew’s eyes — I knew that he was also here, but could not find him at all.

And suddenly I saw him. He was almost in the middle of the lake, but he did not swim, but was drowning — I saw him desperately beating his hands on the water.

Disappears under the waves and again emerges.

I rushed to the others — pointed at Andrei, asked to help him — but no one paid attention to me, moreover, they looked at him and continued to laugh. I tried to scream, but for some reason I could not, then I tried to grab the guy who was next to me by the shoulder — and also could not do it.

He slipped away from me like a stream of air.

I knew in a dream that Andrei was my husband — and I could not do anything to save him. Nothing? But I also know how to swim.

In the dream, I remembered that I was swimming very well, so, as I was in clothes, I only pulled my sneakers on the way, I rushed into the water, swam quite quickly to Andrew and dragged him to the shore. She pulled out — and fell down powerless on the coastal grass.

My heart was jubilant — I saved him.

And at that moment I woke up.

Surprisingly, at the first moment it seemed to me that I really had just emerged from the water.

But then I realized that the T-shirt on me was wet from my own sweat — it was really very hot, as I said. I again experienced those emotions that overwhelmed me in a dream, as if I still felt the weight of Andrei, whom I dragged from the water.

Even my muscles ached from the strain. But now, for some reason, I knew for sure that Andrei would definitely become my husband, moreover, he was already in his past life.

Hence, such an incomprehensible erupted sense of recognition.

However, I didn’t talk about this to anyone — I could be considered abnormal. To be honest, I myself seemed so at times when I tried to explain what was happening with the help of a rational approach. He was absent.

And then there was another oddity.

Remember, I said I threw sneakers from my feet in a dream? When I gathered for a walk and decided to wear them, I could not find them anywhere.

Usually, they were in the shoe closet, but now they were not there. I rummaged through the whole house — they just disappeared.

They are gone, sunk into the water, if you want.

I can not say that it upset me greatly — rather, I regarded them as missing as another confirmation that my dream did not happen.

A few days later, my chief called me and offered to go on a business trip to the very branch that Andrei was in charge of. Another employee had to go, but she suddenly became ill, I had to replace her.

Of course, I gladly agreed. Why, there — I was just happy. Finally, I can see him again and meet him.

My forebodings were completely justified. Andrei himself took me to the branch, we finished the necessary work, and then we had dinner together at a local restaurant.

It seems to me that he had the same feeling that I had, because we spent all the few days that I was in this city together, and when I returned to my place, we continued to call and correspond constantly.

In general, in order not to drag out for a long time, I want to say at once that after a short time I transferred to Andrey’s office, moved to him, and we really got married.

I was the happiest woman in the world, and I remain so to this day.

But that is not all.

Mysterious salvation: the real life story of the salvation of the drowning soul of a girl in love

The following summer, we went on a small vacation — took a ticket to a country pension. Driving a car near a large lake, I asked my husband to stop — something seemed familiar to me here.

Of course — this is the lake I saw in my dream. That was it — it smacked into my memory well.

To tell the truth, Andrew stayed here with great reluctance. Together we went to the lake, and on the way he told me that he almost drowned here last summer. This was the cause of his bad mood.

As it turned out, he rested here with a group of friends, went swimming, and when he began to sink, for some reason no one paid attention to it. Nobody noticed.

Everyone was having fun on the beach, and at that time he was sinking and had already said goodbye to life. In fact, Andrei swims well, perhaps also because of this, none of his friends were worried.

But, as sometimes happens, he was suddenly seized by a cramp.

I asked how he managed to escape.

He replied that he himself did not remember exactly how he came out. Simply, for some time his mind clouded, and when he came to himself, he was already on the shore.

He then decided that he managed to get out on his own, thanks to his trained body. What is called — on autopilot.

In any case, he did not find another explanation, for him it was a mystery.

I just smiled and squeezed his hand. Of course, I will not tell him anything.

By the way, I never found my sneakers.

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