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Taking Lives: An Informed Story About What Our Spiritual Game Has Ended With My Friend

Taking Lives: An Informed Story About What Our Spiritual Game Has Ended With My Friend

Although they say that it is a sin, but in his youth very few people think about sins, but it’s interesting the same. So, my friend Anya and I, while studying at the university, were also interested in similar issues, even bought various books, the Internet was not there yet.

And once, at a book collapse, an old erased book came across to us, in which we read about how to evoke the spirit of the Black Lady. What kind of Black Lady is this — I can not tell you.

But, as I remember, it was necessary to take a sheet of clean white paper, draw an open door on it, and then a ladder.

At night, when no strangers were in the room, it was necessary to light a candle, put it in front of this drawing and carefully look at it, say three times: “Black lady, go down”.

As soon as it seemed to you that someone was going down the stairs, it was necessary to quickly make a wish, and then sketch the door with a pencil, which should lie for this purpose at hand.

This was very important, because the author warned that if suddenly you do not have time to destroy the door, the Black Lady will fall through it into our world and will take away other people’s lives.

Very much Anya and I liked this way of fulfilling our desires, and we decided to try it for sure. Well, since then we lived together in one room in a dormitory, it was easy to do.

And one evening, when all the neighbors had already gone to bed, we tightly curtained the windows, prepared a drawing with a door, behind which a staircase could be seen, all, as expected, lit a candle, laid a pencil next to it and uttered a cherished spell.

Immediately after this, it seemed to us that a cold breeze passed through the room. However, it may have seemed to us, but Anya and I decided that this was a sign that the Black Lady was already close.

And no matter how scary we were, we managed to blurt out our desires, and I already took a pencil to quickly destroy the drawing, when someone from drunken students literally broke into our room — as it turned out, we forgot to lock our own door. Of course, it distracted me, and while I was thinking what was the matter, I managed to paint over the drawing only after a couple of minutes.

Then we both decided that nothing terrible had happened, and that the Lady had not yet had time to finally descend the stairs in that time and penetrate into our world.

In general, everything calmed down, we put out the candle and went to bed.

The next day was as usual. True, in the evening, when we returned from classes, we learned the sad news: an old waiter, who had worked in a hostel for many years, and which everyone knew very well, suddenly died during the day.

Right on the line of duty — on duty.

However, she really had a lot of years, so there was nothing surprising in her death. But, of course, it was not too pleasant.

In any case, I did not in any way relate this to our adventures of yesterday.

But Anya may have thought about it, because during dinner she suddenly told me that she was somehow creepy. And what seems like someone is constantly watching her, she feels a burning, unpleasant look on her.

Taking Lives: An Informed Story About What Our Spiritual Game Has Ended With My Friend

Under the influence of these unpleasant events, we could not sleep at night for a long time, even after we turned off the lights and went to bed. I twisted and turned from side to side for a long time and heard that Anya was not sleeping either.

Dozed off only in the morning, and almost immediately were awakened by some noise — someone shouted loudly in the corridor and on the street.

It turns out that one of the neighbors in the hostel, who lived above the floor, got drunk on that night and fell out of the window.

They even said that he was abandoned by a girl, and that he did it consciously.

I knew this guy well, and, to be honest, I could not believe that he could commit suicide — he was too cheerful and cheerful. Yes, and in addiction to drinking, too, like, no one noticed.

Although, of course, due to unhappy love anything can happen.

But after this, for the first time, I thought about the fact that all this may be connected with our mystical experiment. As it turned out, similar thoughts also sneaked into her head, anyway, she asked me a question — am I sure that we managed to close the door in time?

And suddenly — no?

Both of us became terribly scared. And we have already begun to wait for the next victim.

But for about ten days nothing happened, only Anya continued to complain that someone was watching her all the time. Yes, and I, too, from time to time, felt on myself someone’s heavy look.

However, it could be my imagination too.

But when the girl from the room next door came under a car and died in the hospital, we realized that this could not continue any longer, and that something had to be done. Besides, it is possible that the next victims could be precisely us and Anya.

In general, this weekend I went to the Moscow region, to my grandmother, I decided to ask her for advice. She really took my story very seriously. And she said that we do not even know what we have done.

And that a guest from another world should be urgently sent back.

To do this, exactly at 12 o’clock in the night, one had to light a candle, stand in front of two mirrors so that a corridor formed of them, and read a special plot. Exactly at 12 o’clock in the night, Anya and I stood in front of the mirror corridor and read the plot.

Despite the summer, the room was very cold, as if an icy wind was walking along it. Having said the last words of the conspiracy, I, as my grandmother told me, immediately blew out the candle, we covered the mirror with a dark cloth and carried it to the trash.

But that was not all. It was necessary to make sure that our ritual was successful, and that the Black Lady really left our world.

Therefore, when we returned to the room, I, shaking with fear, called her and asked her to prove herself if she was still there. But the room was warm and quiet, the cold wind disappeared somewhere, the curtains on the windows did not move.

After this night, Anya and I lost the feeling that someone was watching us. And more, as I recall, no one died in the hostel. But I am only tormented by the question of what happened to the mirror that we carried in the garbage?

The next day he was not there. And what if it caught the eye of someone and took it away?

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